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Williams Cycling Team 2015-16 Official Kit

Dear Williams Alums,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the 2015-16 Williams Cycling Team Official Kit. The kit is manufactured by Hincapie Sportswear, suppliers to Team BMC and to many other collegiate cycling teams; Hincapie provides great gear with a high level of technical innovation, utility, and comfort. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the kit is that it has been completely redesigned this year. The team decided that it was time to refresh our look and one of our current members, Matt Davies (’17), worked with Hincapie to make these new kits a reality.

The Kit
This year, we are offering a wide range of items, prices are listed below (shipping included) and pictures are attached:
Velocity short-sleeve jersey ($100.00)
Velocity long-sleeve jersey ($110.00)
Velocity bib-shorts ($100.00)
Skin suit ($275.00)
Arm warmers ($40.00)
Leg warmers ($50.00)
Socks ($10.00)
Cap ($12.00)

We are offering the both short-sleeve and long-sleeve jerseys, as well as the bib-shorts, in both men’s and women’s sizes (XXS to XXXL). All other items are unisex sizes. You can find out more information on the details of all of these items on the Hincapie website, but I am also happy to answer any questions you have.

If you would like to order any of these items, please email Matt Davies ( with quantities, styles, and sizes of the items you wish to purchase. The deadline for the order is Friday, October 16th. Please send payment, in full, to:
Rachel O’Sullivan​ (​
1410 Paresky
Williams College
Williamstown, MA 01267

With the check made out to: Williams College Cycling Team

Please include complete contact information (name, address, e-mail, and phone number) with both the e-mail and the check. This will help us ensure that every order reaches the right address!

We hope to get the orders out to you before we go on break in December, but please remember that we are at the mercy of our vendor in terms of production dates. We will provide regular updates on our website (

The proceeds from this clothing sale will help the Cycling Team keep the cost of the kit down for current students and help the team supplement the funds that are provided to us by College Council.

Thank you,

Rachel O’Sullivan ‘17
Co-Captain, Williams College Cycling Team

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The Clothing Order Has Arrived!

Just posting to let everyone know that the clothing order has arrived! We will be shipping out orders within the week. If you have any questions about your order, let me know! (

Training update: February 2015

As promised, here is the schedule for our current workout block. Feel free to switch around days if you need to!

Monday: Rest day. Spin sooper dooper easily, do some easy cross-training, or take the day off if you’re feeling beat-up.

Tuesday: 6×10 Tempo Intervals. Do six, ten minute intervals at ~80-90% max heart rate with 5 minutes of rest between each interval. Keep your cadence around 90, and feel free to get up out of the saddle every now and then. These intervals should not be that difficult, so are a great time to work on technique. Be sure to keep your upper body as relaxed and motionless as possible, maintain an even pedal stroke, and keep your head up and eyes looking forward.

Wednesday:1×1’s. Do a long warmup with a few short, hard efforts. Then do 6 sets of: 1 minute on at VO2 (HR at about 90-95% of max. This is not an all out sprint, but definitely hard. 1 minute rest (keep spinning!) After 20 minutes at aerobic pace, repeat the 6 sets.

Thursday: Rest Day.

Friday: 6×10’s. (Repeat Tuesday)

Saturday: Tabata Intervals. Take a good, long warm-up (at least 15 min, high cadence, with several harder efforts thrown in to get the big muscles in your legs nice and loose)
-One set of Tabatas/sprints will be comprised of: 20 seconds sprinting, 10 seconds resting. Repeat 8 times for a total of 4min. To be clear, these are zone 5, SMSP, balls-out SPRINTS. If you are monitoring HR, you should be at about 105% of your max HR.
-Complete 6 sets of these sprint intervals for a total of 48 sprints. Take a 3min rest between sets.
A few tips for these intervals. These will feel very easy at first and then get hard quickly. Look to maintain a constant power output in the sprint and alternate between seated and out-of-the-saddle sprints. More importantly, remember that this workout has two purposes. One is to squeeze every drop of power from our legs. More important, at least in my humble opinion, is to improve our pedaling form in a high-output situation. Focus on keeping your upper body stable and your arms your arms relaxed. Keep your pedals strokes round and keep your ankles loose. Use your core to stabilize you and prevent any “side-to-side” rocking on the trainer.

Sunday: LSD. 1.5-2 hours of aerobic riding (i.e. the perfect time to watch a movie!). note: this is not a rest day, so don’t just spin mindlessly. You should be working (just not very hard).

I know it’s feeling like the winter will never end and we’ll be riding inside forever, but it won’t be long before we can take to the roads again! Even this much snow has to melt eventually!

Clothing Order 2014

Attention all members, alums, parents, and all around fans of Williams Cycling. The clothing order process for this year is finally underway! Click over to the “clothing” page on the left to see renderings of the artwork and a list of pricing!

We ask that we receive all orders and payment by December 15th.


Congrats to Erik Levinsohn ’12 and Ceci Davis-Hayes ’11, who rode to excellent results in today’s season opener at Stevens Institute of Technology. Erik lit up the Men’s A field with an explosive ride and a 1st place finish, riding to the line a minute and a half ahead of the peloton. In the Women’s A field, Ceci held the wheel of perennial heavyweight Lenore Pipes (Cornell) to finish 2nd. As a team we are incredibly proud of our friends and former classmates, and we can’t wait to ride with them (or, more likely, behind them) during our upcoming ECCC races.

Socks delayed

Unfortunately, there will be a slight delay with our sock order. Hincapie did an initial production run and found that the yellow highlights in the sock caused substantial discoloration in the body of the sock. Since a half black/half grey-ish sock looked fairly silly, we have asked the company to do a new production run. This is expected to take 2-3 weeks.

Obviously, we are not happy about this situation and have expressed our dissatisfaction to Hincapie. Please be patient with us as we work to rectify the situation.

The Clothing is Coming…

Exciting news from Hincapie Sportswear – our clothing order has shipped from Bogota, Colombia and should arrive in Williamstown shortly after the boxes are released by U.S. Customs (for some reason they always check these shipments very thoroughly…)

Technique Drills 1/6-12

Four technique drills to combat boredom on the indoor trainer. These will help build form by exploring the extreme ends of the pedaling regime.

UNO — Muscle Tension:
Slow cadence (50-60 rpm), pushed back in the saddle or hovering just above. Use a large gear and high resistance (can be done outdoors on a gradual hill). Concentrate on keeping your whole body tensed and immobile, turning the legs in perfect smooth circles. The sound from the trainer should be as even as possible, minimize the dead spots. Hands in the drops or on the hoods. Hold for 2 minutes.

DOS — High Spin:
High to maximum cadence (120+ rpm), right below your bouncing threshold. Concentrate on a smooth, complete pedal stroke, keeping your arms and shoulders very relaxed and your hips loose and fluid. Hands on the tops or hoods. This works great using music where you can “double time” the beat, like during the chorus. Hold for ~30 seconds.

TRES — Power Starts:
Start from a stop or very low cadence, and build to 110 rpm or higher, a maximum sprint-type output. Think speed, not force. Start in a medium-high gear and click up at least twice during the 30-60 second interval. Concentrate on a round pedaling motion and smoothly getting on top of the gear, like a flywheel or electric motor. Stay in the saddle. Hands in the drops or hooks.

QUATRO — One-leg drills:
Unclip one foot and spin at a comfortable cadence for 30 seconds. Work on maintaining a smooth, circular pedaling motion.

These drills will pay off when you get tired on the road by keeping your pedal stroke smooth and efficient. Your competition will be pedaling squares and you will be spinning elegance.

2013 Clothing order info posted

Check out the clothing tab for information about this year’s clothing order! Mockups of all the items are coming soon…


We will open up our 2013 team clothing order as soon as we get details straightened out with our friends at Hincapie Sportswear. Our stylish black/purple/gold design will be back this year and we’ll follow the same order process as last year (see the “Clothing” tab for details). We expect to offer the standard velocity short-sleeve jersey and bibshorts (M)/shorts (W), as well as a wind vest, long-sleeve jersey, arm and leg warmers, and hats. If you’re looking for something that’s not on that list, please e-mail us ASAP and we’ll add it to the list.

**Stay tuned for sample photos and price lists** and e-mail with questions or suggestions.