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HOUR 1: Jones, Marino, Oates, Partridge

Question: What is the name of the general who's always pursuing "The Hulk"?
Answer: (Head of the Hulk-Buster Unit) General Thunderbolt Ross.
Song: Bumble Boogie by Bee Bumble and the Stingers

Question: Who were the youngest men ever to:a) Play in the majors? b) Manage a major league team? c) Win a league batting title? (THREE POINT PLAY)
Answer: a) Joe Nuxhall, Reds, 15 yrs, b) Lou Boudreau, Indians, 23 yrs, c) Al Kaline, Tigers, 21 yrs.
Song: At The Hop by Danny and the Juniors

Question: What was the name of Gomer Pyle's girlfriend?
Answer: Lou Ann Pouvey
Song: Those Oldies But Goodies by Little Caesar and the Romans

Question: What is Casey Kasem's patented last line for every edition of his American Top 40?
Answer: Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.
Song: Sunny by Bobby Hebb

Question: Sing the "Car 54" song.
Answer: There's a hold-up in the Bronx, Brooklyn's broken out in fights, There's a traffic jam in Harlem that's backed up to Jackson Heights, There's a class that's short a child, Krushchev's due at Idlewild, Car 54, Where Are You?
Song: I Am A Rock by Simon and Garfunkel

Question: Name the swimmer disqualified in the 1972 Olympics for using asthma medicine?
Answer: Rick DeMont
Song: Johnny Get Angry by Joannie Sommers

Question: According to the final lines of "The St. Valentine's Day Massacre," how did Al Capone die?
Answer: "His mind gone, his body ravaged with syphilis."
Song: Girl Watcher by O'Kaysions

Question: What was Gidget's boyfriend's name?
Answer: Moondoggie
Song: Bend Me, Shape Me by American Breed

Question: Name the 4 prime time shows in which Dennis Weaver starred. (One point for 3, 2 points for all 4.) THREE-POINT PLAY
Answer: Gentle Ben; Gunsmoke; Kentucky Jones; McCloud
Song: What's New Pussycat? by Tom Jones

Question: What was the name of Johnny Storm's college roommate?
Answer: Wyatt Wingfoot
Song: I Got Rhythm by Happenings

Question: From "Kelley's Heroes," why do Oddball's tanks go faster in reverse than forward?
Answer: Because he likes to think he can get out of trouble faster than he can get into it.
Song: Five O'Clock World by Vogues

Question: What did the Gillette blue parrot Sharpy always ask?
Answer: "How're ya fixed for blades?"
Song: Bang Bang by Cher

Question: Name the 19-year-old center who led the 1968 U.S. Olympic basketball team in scoring, despite never having played a game of NCAA basketball prior to the Olympics?
Answer: Spencer Haywood
Song: I Think We're Alone Now by Tommy James and the Shondells

Question: Complete this Three Stooges song-- "She was bred in Ole Kentucky...."
Answer: "...but she's just a crumb up here."
Song: Sealed With A Kiss by Brian Hyland

Question: from "On The Beach," how was the Morse code signal from Seattle being transmitted?
Answer: A window-shade ring around the neck of a Coke bottle; when the wind blew, a signal was sent as the connection was made.
Song: Wolverton Mountain by Claude King

HOUR 2: Baldwin, Dunn, Marchese, Ryan, Falk

Question: In "The Bells of St. Mary's," what did Bing Crosby tell Ingrid Bergman to do if she ever needed him?
Answer: Dial O for O'Malley.
Song: I'm The Girl From Wolverton Mountain by Joanne Campbell

Question: What does Bill Cosby recommend you do, when the chicken-heart gets too close?
Answer: Smear Jell-O all over the floor and light the sofa on fire.
Song: Summer Song by Chad and Jeremy

Question: Sing the "Bat Masterson" theme.
Answer: "Back when the west was very young/ There lived a man named Masterson/ etc."
Song: World Without Love by Peter and Gordon

Question: From "Bye Bye Birdie," sing "We Love You Conrad."
Song: Reveille Rock by Johnny and the Hurricanes

Question: Williams' own Bob Odell once won the Maxwell Cup, which is awarded to the outstanding college football player of the year. What we want to know is, who finished second to him in the balloting?
Answer: Doc Blanchard.
Song: A Rose and a Baby Ruth by George Hamilton

Question: When "Satch" of the "Bowery Boys" acquired his singing voice, he sung in Louie's Bowery Palace. What was his billing?
Answer: As "The Bowery Thrush."
Song: Johnny Angel by Shelley Fabares

Question: Identify the following passage (audio clip follows).
Answer: George C. Scott, in the final passage from "Patton."
Song: My Dad by Paul Peterson

Question: Who used to emcee the Chunky commercials?
Answer: Arnold Stang.
Song: No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In by The T-Bones

Question: Name the five men Carl Hubbell struck out in succession in that famous All-Star Game?
Answer: Ruth, Gehrig, Foxx, Simmons, Cronin.
Song: Tears On My Pillow by Little Anthony and the Imperials

Question: In "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," in what castle did the virgin maidens live?
Answer: The Castle Anthrax.
Song: Heat Wave by Martha and the Vandellas

Question: From "Dr. Strangelove," why didn't the Russians reveal their Doomsday Machine as soon as they completed it?
Answer: They wanted to wait until Dmitri Kissoff's birthday.
Song: Cara Mia by Jay and the Americans

(Question 11 appears to have been deleted from the contest.)

Question: Name the wild horse that Spin and Marty were trying to capture?
Answer: Dynamite
Song: I Know A Place by Petula Clark

Question: Crystal, of the Inhumans, had a rather large pet bulldog. What was its name?
Answer: Lockjaw.
Song: Only Love Can Break A Heart by Gene Pitney

Question: What do William Shatner and Darren McGavin have in common?
Answer: They both Captained an "Enterprise"-- Shatner on "Star Trek," and McGavin on "Riverboat."
Song: Little Old Lady from Pasadena by Jan and Dean

Question: Everyone remembers the imp from the 5th dimension that used to bug Superman, Mr. Mxyzptlk. What we want to know is the name of the imp that always bugged Batman.
Answer: Bat-Mite.
Song: Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs

HOUR 3: Cramer, Hale, Moran, Spencer

Question: What are the specialties of "Hogan's Heroes"?
Answer: Lebeau-- chef; Carter-- explosives; Newkirk-- locksmith; Kinchlow-- radio.
Song: Save The Last Dance For Me by Drifters

Question: What is Constantine's last name?
Answer: Anagnos.
Song: Get A Job by Silhouettes

Question: Who used to ask viewers to sing around the campfire and join the Campfire Girls?
Answer: Patrice Munsel.
Song: Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie by Jay and the Techniques

Question: Name the first black athlete to carry the U.S. flag in Olympic ceremonies.
Answer: Rafer Johnson (Rome, 1960).
Song: That's Life by Frank Sinatra

Question: On TV, Lt. Gerard was looking for someone. What we want to know is, who was that SOMEONE looking for?
Answer: Dr. Richard Kimble was looking for the one-armed man.
Song: San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie

#6 Question: What does SHIELD stand for?
Answer: Supreme Headquarters International Espionage Law-Enforcement Division
Song: Surfin' Bird by The Trashmen

Question: From "The Summer of '42," why does Hermie advise Dorothy (Jennifer O'Neill) to take her station wagon, instead of carrying her groceries by hand?
Answer: "You could get a hernia."
Song: Because by The Dave Clark Five

Question: Oakland defensive back Jack Tatum set a record in 1972 by returning a recovered fumble 104 yards. Whose record did she break?
Answer: George Halas (98 yards-- Nov. 4, 1923).
Song: Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets

Question: From the game of Life, what can you do with a green Revenge Card?
Answer: Get $100,000 from the player of your choice, or set him back 10 years.
Song: Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin

Question: Who played Sgt. Bilko's gambling cook Rupert Ritzig, on "You'll Never Get Rich"?
Answer: Joe E. Ross.
Song: I'm Telling You Now by Freddie and the Dreamers

Question: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants included the Toad, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. What well-known supervillain led this group?
Answer: Magneto.
Song: I'll Never Find Another You by Seekers

Question: Listen carefully, for we want you to name the only star to move successfully from silent pictures to talkies, without ever uttering a word?
Answer: Rin Tin Tin.
Song: Leader of the Pack by Shangri-Las

Question: What did Walter Brennan always say on "The Guns of Will Sonnet"?
Answer: "No brag, just fact."
Song: Leader of the Laundromat by Detergents

Question: The Iron Horse, Lou Gehrig, set a major league record by playing in 2130 consecutive games, but we want to know who holds the National League record of 1117?
Answer: Billy Williams.
Song: Knight in Rusty Armour by Petula Clark

Question: Everyone who's ever seen "The Godfather (Part 1)" remembers the horse's head. What we want to know is the name of that $600,000 horse.
Answer: Khartoum.
Song: Ringo by Lorne Greene

HOUR 4: Jones, Marino, Oates, Partridge

Question: From "Peanuts," when Snoopy went to the World Arm-Wrestling Championship in Petaluma, California, he was disqualified. Why?
Answer: He didn't have a thumb.
Song: 19th Nervous Breakdown by Rolling Stones

Question: What was the name of the submarine in "Fantastic Voyage"?
Answer: Proteus
Song: You Were On My Mind by We Five

Question: What catcher holds the putout record of 61 for a World Series?
Answer: Tim McCarver (St. Louis, 1968, catching Bob Gibson.)
Song: Only The Lonely by Roy Orbison

Question: What was the name of "The Millionaire"?
Answer: John Beresford Tipton.
Song: The Happy Organ by Dave "Baby" Cortez

Question: According to advertisements for "The Last House On The Left," what should you keep telling yourself?
Answer: It's only a movie.
Song: One Hundred Pounds of Clay by Gene McDaniels

Question: (Chris Satullo Memorial Q) For "Ball Four" fans, whom was Jim Bouton traded to Houston for?
Answer: Dooley Womack

Question: Name the captain on "Supercar."
Answer: Capt. Troy Tempest.
Song: The Happening by The Supremes

Question: Who is Mr. Walker, or "the ghost who walks"?
Answer: The Phantom
Song: The Big Hurt by Miss Toni Fisher

Question: What three styles did model cars always come in?
Answer: Stock, Racing, Custom.
Song: Poetry in Motion by Jonny Tillotson

Question: Sing the Ballantine Ale song.
Answer: Who is the Ale Man? He could be you-- The Man with the thirst for the manlier brew Three out of four men, every time, choose the coolest, clearest-tasting ale, Ballantine.
Song: Red Rubber Ball by The Cyrkle

Question: What were the two audience-participation games on Art Linkletter's "House Party"?
Answer: "What's In The House?" and "30 Seconds."

Question: Who committed the following famous sports gaffes? (THREE-POINT PLAY)
a) Threw up in the outfield in '73 World Series
b) Fell down when first introduced in Moscow during Team Canada-Russia series.
c) Called a fair catch on Amherst's 1/2-yard line in 1975 Williams-Amherst game.
Answer: a) Cleon Jones, b) Phil Esposito, c) Bryant Christ
Song: Surfin' USA by Beach Boys

Question: From "A Night at the Opera," what was Rudolpho's father's great contribution-invention to Italian eating?
Answer: He was the first man to stuff spaghetti with bicarbonate of soda (so it could both cause and cure indigestion at the same time).
Song: Love Potion #9 by Searchers

Question: According to Hemo the Magnificent, what are the two most important words to consider in understanding human life?
Answer: "Sea water."
Song: Kicks by Paul Revere and the Raiders

Question: What does felix the Cat say at the end of every cartoon?
Answer: "Right-ee-o!"
Song: Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis

HOUR 5: Baldwin, Dunn, Marchese, Ryan, Falk

Question: In the 1970 pro basketball draft, when Maravich, Mount and Murphy were available, who went first?
Answer: Rudy Tomjanovich of Michigan, to the San Diego Rockets.
Song: Suspicion by Terry Stafford

Question: From "McClintock," what does John Wayne always do with his hat when he gets home?
Answer: Throws it up onto the weathervane.
Song: The Horse by Cliff Nobles & Co.

Question: From "Leave It To Beaver," what did teh banner over Wally's bed say?
Answer: M (for Mayfield).
Song: Love Me With All Your Heart by Ray Charles

Question: (Keith Parker Memorial Q) You all remember the Singleman Affair in "The Graduate," and possibly even the names of the first two ladies on the receiving line-- Mrs. Singleman and her mother, Mrs. DeWitt. What we want to know is what the two actresses who played these ladies had in common, other than "The Graduate"?
Answer: Alice Ghostly (Mrs. Kravitz) and Marion Lorne (Aunt Clare) of "Bewitched."
Song: The Night Has 1,000 Eyes by Bobby Vee

Question: Dooley Wilson (Sam in "Casablanca") made the song "As Time Goes By" famous. But he also sang two other songs. What were they?
Answer: "Knock On Wood" and "It Had To Be You."
Song: Introduction of Frank Sinatra by Howard Cosell

Question: Nme the four hit singles to emerge from the album "Hair," and who did them? One point for 3, two points for all 4. (THREE-POINT PLAY)
Answer: "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In"-- 5th Dimension
"Easy To Be Hard"-- Three Dog Night
"Hair"-- Cowsills
"Good Morning Starshine"-- Oliver
Song: Pipeline by Chantays

Question: In the most one-sided game of all time, the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins for the 1940 NFL championship by a score of 73-0. If not for a referee's decision, the final score might have been 75-0. What was that decision, and why did he make it?
Answer: Not to let the Bears kick their last 2 PAT's, because 9 footballs had already been lost into the stands, and they only had the one in play left.
Song: See You In September by The Happenings

Question: Who was "Crusader Rabbit"s mortal enemy?
Answer: Dudley Nightshade
Song: Does your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight? B: Lonnie Donegan

Question: According to the song sung by Stubby Kaye and Nat "King" Cole, where did the movie "Cat Ballou" occur?
Answer: Wolf City, Wyoming, 1894.
Song: Rhythm of the Rain by Cascades

Question: Sing the Fluffernutter song.
Song: Raindrops by Dee Clark

Question: From "The Whirleybirds," what were the two stars' first names?
Answer: Chuck and P.T.
Song: Lightning Strikes by Lou Christie

Question: Captain America wasn't one of the original Avengers-- in fact, he didn't appear until issue #4. Where was he until then?
Answer: He was frozen in an iceberg (since World War 2-- they found him floating in the Arctic and defrosted him).
Song: Baby The Rain Must Fall by Glen Yarbrough

Question: What was Tarzan's title?
Answer: Lord Greystoke
Song: It's Raining by Peter, Paul and Mary

Question: Who was the only player to hit a home run in his first two major league at-bats? (He was an 8-time All-Star.)
Answer: Bert Campaneris
Song: The Rain, The Park, and Other Things by Cowsills

Question: On "I Spy," what were the ostensible professions of Robert Culp and Bill Cosby (Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott)?
Answer: Tennis pro, and his trainer.
Song: It's Now Or Never by Elvis Presley

HOUR 6: Attridg, Wellington, McKay, Hardy, Herwitz

Question: From "It Happened One Night," what did Claudette Colbert call the blanket that Clark Gable always hung between them at night?
Answer: The Wall of Jericho
Song: Ode To Billy Joe by Bobby Gentry

Question: What name did Winnie the Pooh live under in the forest?
Answer: Sanders
Song: Big Bad John by Jimmy Dean

Question: What was the name of "Ben Casey"s supervisor, and who played him?
Answer: Dr. Zorba (Sam Jaffe)
Song: I Can't Help Myself by Four Tops

Question: Who was "George of the Jungle" married to?
Answer: Bella and Ursula
Song: Windy by The Association

Question: What was the name of the Wilkes' plantation, in "Gone With the Wind"?
Answer: Twelve Oaks.
Song: Walk, Don't Run by Ventures

Question: Name the only two men to have won the tennis "grand slam" (U.S., Australian and French Opens, and Wimbledon).
Answer: Don Budge, Rod Laver.
Song: He's So Fine by Chiffons

Question: Once in history, the Rose Bowl wasn't played in Pasadena. Where was it played, and why?
Answer: Durham, NC (Oregon 20, Duke 16), due to fears of Japanese invasion, in 1942.
Song: Something Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra

Question: What was the name of the gun that shot eight different types of ammunition?
Answer: Johnny Eagle.
Song: Wooly Bully by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs

Question: What did Congo Bill do to change into "Congorilla"?
Answer: Rubbed his ring.
Song: Come See About Me by Supremes

Question: Name the three grandsons of Bold Ruler to win the Kentucky Derby.
Answer: Cannonade, Foolish Pleasure, Bold Forbes
Song: Turn! Turn! Turn! by The Byrds

Question: Name Top Cat's gang. 1 point for three, 2 points for all five. (THREE-POINT PLAY)
Answer: Bennie the Ball; Brain; Chooch; Fancy Fancy; Spook.
Song: My Guy by Mary Wells

Question: From "Charlie," what was the passage he punctuated to prove that he had become intelligent?
Answer: "That that is, is. That that is not, is not. Is that it? It is."
Song: El Paso by Marty Robbins

Question: What is the name of "Blondie"s mailman?
Answer: Mr. Beasley.
Song: Go Away, Little Girl by Steve Lawrence

Question: Who was the chimp on "Daktari"?
Answer: Judy
Song: We Can Work It Out by Beatles

Question: Who was the only man to play in all of the following: the World Series, the All-Star Game, the Rose Bowl, and the East-West Shrine Game?
Answer: Jackie Jensen (who quit baseball because of a fear of flying).
Song: Everybody Loves Somebody by Dean Martin

HOUR 7: Catchall

Question: What killed "King Kong"?
Answer: "It wasn't the airplanes that got him. T'was beauty killed the beast."
Song: On Broadway by Drifters

Question: Define "meathead" as Archie Bunker would.
Answer: "Dead from the neck up."
Song: Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron by Royal Guardsmen

Question: Where did the planet Krypton imprison its arch-criminals?
Answer: The Phantom Zone.
Song: We'll Sing In The Sunshine by Gale Garnett

Question: What record holds the record for the longest continuous time at the top of the charts, and who sang it?
Answer: "Mack The Knife" by Bobby Darin (16 weeks) (*1997 INTERRUPTION-- Actually, this is not correct-- "Mack The Knife" was #1 for nine of its 22 weeks on the Top 40 charts. Just four records in the 1955-1976 era were #1 for as many as 10 weeks, with Elvis Presley's double-sided "Don't Be Cruel/ Hound Dog" hitting eleven. The pre-1955 record is held by Francis Craig's "Near You," which spent 17 weeks atop the charts. Since a new formula was instituted, it is much more common in the 1990's to see lengthy runs in the #1 position, with quite a few songs topping Elvis' record.)
Song: The Lion Sleeps Tonight by The Tokens

Question: What pro quarterback was intercepted more times in his career than any other?
Answer: George Blanda (Bears, Houston, Oakland).
Song: Greenfields by The Brothers Four

Question: What was the code name of the secret force with which General James Matoon Scott was planning to overthrow President Jordan Lyman, in "Seven Days in May"?
Song: I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher

Question: In "A Charlie Brown Christmas," what about Pigpen shocks Charlie Brown?
Answer: That he is capable of raising a cloud of dust in a snowstorm.
Song: Hang On Sloopy by The McCoys

Question: Who won the first Superstars competition?
Answer: Bob Seagren.
Song: I Hear A Symphony by The Supremes

Question: Who sponsored the 20th and 21st centuries?
Answer: 20th-- Prudential; 21st--Union Carbide.
Song: Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom) by Perry Como

Question: What was the name of Rowan and Martin's first film?
Answer: "The Maltese Bippy."
Song: Take Good Care of My Baby by Bobby Vee

Question: "The Dick van Dyke Christmas Show" featured a musical show within a show. Rob, Laura, Buddy and Sally all played in it-- what we want to know is, what instrument each played?
Answer: Rob-- trombone; Laura-- piccolo; Buddy-- tuba; Sally-- trumpet.
Song: 1, 2, 3 by Len Barry

Question: What do the Ryder, Walker, and Curtis Cups all have in common?
Answer: They all go to the winner of U.S. vs. Great Britain golf tournaments: Ryder-- male pro; Walker-- male amateur; Curtis-- female amateur.
Song: What Is Love? by The Playmates

Question: Name the five areas of Disneyland. One point for 3, 2 points for all five. (THREE-POINT PLAY)
Answer: Adventureland; Fantasyland; Tomorrowland; Frontierland; Main Street, USA.
Song: When A Man Loves A Woman by Percy Sledge

Question: What is the quotation that appears on the screen in the newreel about the life of "Citizen Kane"?
Answer: "In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree."
Song: Puff The Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary

Question: Everyone knows that the Lone Ranger rides Silver. What we want to know is the name of Tonto's horse.
Answer: Scout.
Song: Come Back When You Grow Up by Bobby Vee

HOUR 8: Attridg, Wellington, McKay, Hardy, Herwitz

Question: Sing the "King Leonardo" song.
Song: Woman, Woman by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap

Question: From "1,000 Clowns," what's the doll's name, and what's special about it?
Answer: Bubbles; luminescent boobs.
Song: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying by Gerry and the Pacemakers

Question: Name the only college basketball team to win both the NIT and the NCAA in the same year.
Answer: CCNY, 1950.
Song: Wishin' and Hopin' by Dusty Springfield

Question: How did Superboy travel ahead and back in time?
Answer: Flew around the earth clockwise to go into future; flew counterclockwise-- past.
Song: Walk Away Renee by The Left Banke

Question: What song do "Sleeper" and "Bananas" have in common?
Answer: "Rebels are we, born to be free, just like the fish in the sea!"
Song: Telstar by The Tornadoes

Question: What are the four things that Bullwinkle pulls out of his hat at the start of every show? One point for 3, 2 points for all four. (THREE-POINT PLAY)
Answer: Lion, tiger, rhino, Rocky the squirrel.
Song: Time Won't Let Me by Outsiders

Question: From Bennett Cerf's Book of Laughs, what is the name of the little kid?
Answer: Marvin.
Song: World of Our Own by Seekers

Question: In "Casablanca," what does Rick reply when asked his nationality by the Gestapo officer?
Answer: "I'm a drunk."
Song: She'd Rather Be With Me by Turtles

Question: From "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour," what was the name of the segment featuring the spaced-out hippy girl with long black hair?
Answer: "Have a little tea with Goldie."
Song: Angel of the Morning by Merrilee Rush

Question: From "Dr. Doolittle," what were the following animals called: parrot, monkey, duck, pig, and dog? One point for 3, 2 points for all five. (THREE-POINT PLAY)
Answer: Parrot-- polynesia; monkey-- chichi; duck-- dab dab; pig-- gub gub; dog-- gip
Song: How Can I Be Sure? by Young Rascals

Question: From "Monkey Business," who did Harpo, Chico, and Groucho say they were when they went through customs, and what did they do to prove it?
Answer: Maurice Chevalier; each sang "If The Nightingale Could Sing Like You...."
Song: Listen People by Herman's Hermits

Question: What was the name of the original Batwoman?
Answer: Kathy Kane
Song: Black Is Black by Los Bravos

Question: Who put 8 great tomatoes in that little bitty can?
Answer: Contadena.
Song: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye by Casinos

Question: Name McHale's Navy's South Seas island base, and its Italian base town.
Answer: Taratupa; Volta Fiore.
Song: Lady Godiva by Peter and Gordon

Question: Who is the only other member of the "30-30 Club" (30 HRs and 30 stolen bases in a yaer) besides Bobby Bonds?
Answer: Tommy Harper, Seattle.
Song: Girl From Ipanema by Stan Getz and Astrud Gilberto