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Evil Dwarves and Firendly Giants

The Loathsome Dwarves

  1. Par Lagerkvist, the winner of the 1951 Nobel Prize for Literature, wrote a novel entitled "The Dwarf" in which the narrator, a dwarf in the court of an Italian Renaissance prince, wrestles and kills a rival dwarf to become the sole jester in the court. Name the poor dwarf who is killed.

  2. Name the midget assistant to the crazed Nazi, in the martial arts classic, "Kill or Be Killed."

  3. Give us the FULL NAME of Agent James West's (Robert Conrad) lilliputian genius nemesis on "The Wild, Wild West."

  4. Wee little "Fantasy Island" star Herve Villechaize played an annoying midget in the James Bond film "The Man with the Golden Gun." What was the character's name?

  5. Name the nasty little fellow who refuses to grow between the ages of three and twenty years in "The Tin Drum," the novel by Gunter Grasse or the film by Volker Schlondorff.

  6. Danny DeVito played the unsavory pygmy dispatcher Louie DePalma on "Taxi." Give us the ad slogan of Louie's attorney.

  7. Captain Marvel's undersized arch-nemesis Dr. Sivana had four children. Name them.

  8. Who played Dr. Shrinker's henchman on the Saturday morning TV show of the same name?

  9. In the film "Foul Play," Goldie Hawn is warned to "Beware of the Dwarf." What is the name of the character of whom she should be wary?

  10. At the end of the "Twilight Zone" episode "Three O'Clock," the evil character undergoes a radical reduction in size. Who played him?

  11. One of the many unsavory characters in "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" is actually two people, one big and one small. By what name are they collectively known?

  12. Name the Nicolas Roeg film in which Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie are haunted by a disfigured, red-hooded dwarf while vacationing in Venice.

  13. Name Underdog's not-too-tall arch-enemy.

  14. Give the FULL NAMES of Rocky and Bullwinkle's antagonists: both the characters and the actors who did the voices. (Both the shrimpy shmendrick and his tall, voluptuous partner.)

  15. In the 1931 Fritz Lang classic thriller "M," a German-speaking Peter Lorre played an undersized psychopath who is compelled to strangle little girls. What is the character's name?
Friendly Giants

  1. Who is the voice of the Jolly Green Giant?

  2. On "Mission: Impossible," occasional muscle was provided by the very large agent Willie Armitage. Who played Willie?

  3. In "Gulliver's Travels," what Brobdinagian giantess protects Gulliver, and makes him her plaything?

  4. Who played "The Addams Family"s enormous and courteous butler, Lurch?

  5. American folklore giant Paul Bunyan was the subject of a Benjamin Britten opera. Who was the librettist?

  6. What is the name of the friendly behemoth whom the main character befriends in "Labyrinth"?

  7. Whose presence once caused the gigantic superhero The Thing to return to the human form of Ben Grimm?

  8. In what year did Abraham Lincoln grow his beard?

  9. What parent corporation manufactures Mr. Clean, that hairless giant who cuts through grease?

France has produced both the nasty, puny emperor Napoleon, and the good-guy statuesque President Charles de Gaulle.

  1. What Olympic event did Napoleon's government invent (apocryphally, Napoleon invented it himself)? Briefly explian why he/they did it.

  2. Americans know de Gaulle almost exclusively as statesman, but he was a prolific writer. What were the title and subject of his first published book?

The Princess Bride
"The Princess Bride" is one of those rare and stunning works that contains BOTH an evil dwarf and a kindly, gentle giant.

  1. Name the undersized slave driver who lorded over his hired swordsman and giant. In the movie, the part was played by a trick-shot-shortened Wallace Shawn.

  2. Name the kindly titan over whom Wallace Shawn lorded. The part was played by Andre the Giant.