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Realm: Monty Python
Question: You enter a bookstore and attempt to purchase a book. You inquire after "Thirty Days in the Samarken Desert with the Duchess of Kent" by A.E.J. Eliot, OBE; "David Coperfield" (with one p); "Grate Expectations" (that's g-r-a-t-e); "A Christmas Karol" (with a K); and "A Sale of Two Titties," all by Edmund Wells, as well as "Rarnaby Budge" by Charles Dikkens (Dikkens with two k's, the well-known Dutch author). None of these are, for some inexplicable reason, available. Temporarily stymied, you then hit upon one of your favorite adventure series, concerning Captain Gladys Stoat-Pamphlet, and her intrepid spaniel, Stig. You are looking specifically for Volume 8, which chronicles their adventures amongst--- whom?
Song: "MacArthur Park," by Richard Harris (long and painful)

Realm: Current Events
Question: What was Nicholas Daniloff delivering to his friend Misha when he was arrested for spying?
Answer: Two Stephen King novels ("Carrie" and "The Dead Zone").
Song: "Secret Agent Man," by Johnny Rivers

Realm: Comic Strips
Question: Where was Garfield (the cat) born?
Answer: In the kitchen at Mama Leone's.
Song: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (inst.)," by Hugo Montenegro

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: Name four objects that can be found in the Williams College seal.
Answer: A globe; a telescope; a parchment; an olive branch; the sun's rays; and an ink bottle with quill pen.
Song: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," by Laurie London

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: "Rocky" Movies
Question: From the first (and only good) "Rocky" movie, we all know that the name of Rocky's dog was Butkus. What we want to know is, what, according to Adrian, did Butkus eat?
Answer: "Little turtles."
Song: "Shakin' All Over," by the Guess Who

Realm: Sports
Question: Who was the only major league player to have a hit with two different teams on the same day?
Answer: Joel Youngblood (with the Mets in the afternoon; Montreal in the evening.)
Song: "Get Together," by the Youngbloods

Realm: Religion-- Well, Sort Of
Question: Complete the following chant: "Pie, Jesu Domine. Dona eis requiem...."
Answer: "Clump!"
Song: "Hooked on a Feeling," by Blue Swede

Realm: Sci-Fi
Question: Briefly put, what was the source of Billy Pilgrim's problems?
Answer: "Billy Pilgrim was unstuck in time."
Song: "Get Me To The World On Time," by the Electric Prunes

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "This Is Spinal Tap," the bass player gets stopped at an airport metal detector. Why?
Answer: He has a cucumber wrapped in tin foil stuffed down his pants.
Song: "You Shook Me All Night Long," by AC/DC

Realm: Comics
Subrealm: The Marvel Universe
Question: Who are three people, aside from Tony Stark, who have worn the costume of IRON MAN?
Answer: James "Rhody" Rhodes; "Happy" Hogan; Kenneth O'Brien; Michael O'Brien; and Krang.
Song: "25 Miles," by Edwin Starr

Realm: TV
Subrealm: Music
Question: "The Wonderful World of Disney" had a most memorable theme song. It was, in fact, a composite of seven Disney songs. Name them, please. One point for 4, two points for all 7.
Answer: "Chim Chim Cher-ee"; "Whistle While You Work"; "It's A Small World"; "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah"; "Davy Crockett"; "Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo"; and "When You Wish Upon A Star."
Song: "White Punks On Dope," by the Tubes

Realm: Truly Miscellaneous
Question: What three adjectives describe your operator on an Englander Bus?
Answer: "Safe, Reliable, and Courteous."
Song: "The Train Kept A-Rollin'," by the Yardbirds (real short)

Realm: TV
Question: He did his first talk show on NBC on October 1, 1962, on the same day and in the same studio that Johnny Carson did his first "Tonight Show." Who was he?
Answer: Merv Griffin.
Song: "You're Gonna Miss Me," by the 13th Floor Elevators (tough)

Realm: TV
Question: Who wrote the theme song for "Wheel of Fortune"?
Answer: Merv Griffin.
Song: "Little Girl," by the Syndicate of Sound

Realm: TV
Question: Who was the first guest host on "Saturday Night Live"?
Answer: George Carlin.
Song: "I Wanna Testify," by the Parliaments

Realm: Movies
Question: Who was the elevator murderer in "The Man with Two Brains"?
Answer: Merv Griffin. (Hum "Twilight Zone" theme while reading this.)
Song: "Subterranean Homesick Blues," by Bob Dylan

Realm: Literature
Subrealm: All Right, "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
Question: What are the rules for Brackian Ultra-Cricket?
Answer: Stand around, hit someone for no apparent reason, and then run away.
Song: "Outa Space (inst.)," by Billy Preston (*SKIPS badly)

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: Williamsiana
Question: What film was shot on our campus during the 1979-80 school year, and who were billed as its stars?
Answer: "A Change of Seasons," starring Shirley Maclaine, Anthony Hopkins, and Bo Derek as the typical, stunning Williams woman. (And RAF as the typical, stunned Williams man.)
Song: "A Little Bit O'Soul," by the Music Explosion

Realm: Sports
Question: Who in the NBA won both the Rookie, and the Coach of the Year awards?
Answer: Tommy Heinsohn.
Song: "Lies," by the Knickerbockers

Realm: TV
Question: In what town did Rob and Laura Petrie live?
Answer: New Rochelle, NY.
Song: "Love Rollercoaster," by the Ohio Players

Realm: Advertising
Question: What are the flavors in Tropical Fruit Life Savers?
Answer: Tangerine, coconut, banana, pineapple, and of course, mango.
Song: "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie," by Jay and the Techniques

Realm: Movies
Question: According to the film "Hannah and Her Sisters," what would Jesus do, if he came down to Earth and saw what was being done in his name?
Answer: He would never stop throwing up.
Song: "Gimme Little Sign," by Brenton Wood

Realm: Geography
Question: What four American states are actually Commonwealths?
Answer: Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky.
Song: "Arizona," by Mark Lindsay

Realm: Extremely Miscellaneous
Question: How did the following people avoid war service: 1) David Stockman; 2) Clark Kent; and 3) Doug and Dimsdale Pirahna?
Answer: Stockman-- Harvard Divinity; Kent-- read the eye chart in the next room by accident; Pirahna Bros.-- too mentally unstable and violent, "even for national service."
Song: "Time Has Come Today," by the Chambers Brothers

Realm: Sports
Question: What pro tennis player's name translates as "tall trees near the still water"?
Answer: Yvonne Goolagong.
Song: "Expressway to Your Heart," by the Soul Survivors

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: "Casablanca"
Question: Who was Herman Hupfeldt?
Answer: He wrote "As Time Goes By."
Song: "Incense and Peppermints," by the Strawberry Alarm Clock

Realm: Music
Question: What do the following cities have in common: New York, L.A., Washington (DC), San Antonio, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Cleveland, Detroit, and Hollywood?
Answer: They are all cities mentioned in the national version of Huey Lewis and the News' "Heart of Rock and Roll."
Song: "Life During Wartime," by the Talking Heads

Realm: Sports
Question: Who was the last person to sink a basket in the old Carmichael Gym, on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus?
Answer: Jim (James Anthony) Valvano, the NC State coach.
Song: "Basketball Jones featuring Tyrone Shoelaces," by Cheech and Chong

Realm: Guess
Question: You are Dr. Peter Venkman, scientist. All hell is literally breaking loose in NYC. You have been summoned to the Mayor's office because the total psychokinetic activity in the metropolitan area is threatening to reach Biblical proportions. (If the normal activity were comparable to an ordinary Twinkie, this would be comparable to a Twinkie 35 feet long, weighing 600 pounds.) Breaking through the chaos and mutual accusations flying around the office, the Mayor pointedly asks you, "Is this true?" What do you reply?
Answer: "Yes, it's true. This man has no dick."
Song: "Wild Weekend (inst.)," by the Rockin' Rebels

Realm: Botany
Question: What is the oldest living organism (10,000-20,000 years old)?
Answer: The creosote bush.
Song: "Friday on My Mind," by the Easybeats

Realm: Comic Strips
Question: How was Duke/ "Legume" identified by Zonker over the telephone?
Answer: By his tattoo. ("That's the most disgusting, vile...." "That's HIM!")
Song: "Lydia, the Tattooed Lady," by Groucho Marx

Realm: Literature
Question: According to Hercule Poirot, who are the three people to whom a woman should never lie?
Answer: Her Father Confessor, her hairdresser, and her private detective.
Song: "Somebody's Been Sleeping," by 100 Proof Aged in Soul

Realm: Movies
Question: In "The Sting," what are the names and aliases of the characters played by Robert Redford and Paul Newman?
Answer: Redford-- Johnny Hooker, alias Kelly; Newman-- Henry Gondorf, alias Shaw.
Song: "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Spanish)," by the Police

Realm: Music
Question: Who has the most Top 40 hits without any #1's?
Answer: James Brown.
Song: "When My Dreamboat Comes Home," by Fats Domino
(NOTE: James Brown had 44 Top 40 records, with "I Got You (I Feel Good)" getting the closest to the top, at #3. By the way, a tip o'the cap to Giant Pygmies' cruel cunning in choosing "When My Dreamboat Comes Home" as the matching song. Fats Domino does in fact have the SECOND-most Top 40 tunes without a single #1; "Dreamboat" was one of his 37 songs to end up somewhere between #2 and #38 .)

Realm: TV
Question: What, in the first episode of "Mr. Ed," does Mr. Ed give as the reason he talks only to Wilbur?
Answer: "I don't like skeptics."
Song: "The Horse (inst.)," by Cliff Nobles & Co.

Realm: Sports
Subrealm: Literature
Question: From Jim Bouton's (Bow-ton's) "Ball Four," who led the beaver-shooting expeditions on the roof of the Shoreham Hotel, in Washington D.C.?
Answer: Mickey Mantle.
Song: "We've Got To Get It On Again," by the Addrisi Brothers

Realm: TV
Question: What are the first names of that rollicking polka duo, the Shmenge Brothers?
Answer: Yosh and Stan.
Song: "Peppermint Twist," by Joey Dee and the Starliters

Realm: Music
Question: On whose farm was Woodstock held?
Answer: Max Yasgur's.
Song: "Mary Had A Little Lamb," by Wings

Realm: TV
Subrealm: Music
Question: What is the title of the new theme song for NBC News?
Answer: "The Mission," by John Williams.
Song: "TV Party," by Black Flag

Realm: Sports
Question: There are only two individuals who have hit home runs in major league baseball both as a teenager, and as a forty-year-old. Name them.
Answer: Ty Cobb, and Rusty Staub.
Song: "Walk Away Renee," by the Left Banke (the original)

Realm: Movies
Question: According to "Revenge of the Nerds," what was the dirtiest thing ever said on TV?
Answer: "Ward, I think you were a little hard on the Beaver last night."
Song: "Pillow Talk," by Sylvia (the evening's first heavy-breathing song)

Realm: TV
Question: Who was the first guest on CBS's "Face the Nation" (in 1954)?
Answer: Joe McCarthy.
Song: "Harry Truman," by Chicago

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Who are the only two people in the world who have been given special passes to the NY Stock Exchange?
Answer: President Reagan, and Deng Xaio Ping.
Song: "For the Love of Money," by the O'Jays

Realm: Comic Books
Subrealm: DC
Question: In the classic comic book DC Super Special "Superman vs. Muhammed Ali," drawn by the truly classic Neil Adams, who wins, and why?
Answer: Ali, of course. The fight takes place under a red sun, which, as we should all know by now, reduces Superman's strength to its "normal" human value. Ali then beats Superman to a bloody pulp.
Song: "I, 2, 3 Red Light," by the 1910 Fruitgum Company (short)

Realm: Movies
Question: From the film "Stand By Me," who would be the victor in a struggle between Superman and Mighty Mouse, and why?
Answer: Superman, of course. Because "he's a real guy-- Mighty Mouse is just a cartoon!"
Song: "Bang A Gong (Get It On)," by T. Rex

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: Who was the first President at Williams?
Answer: Ebeneezer Fitch.
Song: "Kissing My Love," by Bill Withers

Realm: Sports
Question: There are seven state capitals included in the names of major sports league franchises. What are they? For 1 point, name four, for two points, name all seven.
Answer: Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Hartford, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Sacramento.
Song: "The Love I Lost," by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes

Realm: Comedy
Subrealm: "The Muppet Show"
Question: Name the crew of the ship "Swinetrek" on "Pigs In Space."
Answer: Captain Link Hogthrob; First Mate (Miss) Piggy; and Dr. Strangepork.
Song: "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right," by Luther Ingram

Realm: "The Love Boat" Note: We were going to do an Hour Bonus on "The Love Boat," but after carefully weighing its relative value, we decided it was too truly trivial for an Hour Bonus. In order to placate the purists, however, we will ask this one question. Consider it the "Love Boat Three-Minute Bonus," if you insist.
Question: What is the name of the bar tended by Isaac Washington, on board the Pacific Princess?
Answer: "The Pirate's Cove."
Song: "Love's Theme," by the Love Unlimited Orchestra

Realm: Movies
Question: According to the end credits of "Ruthless People," who are the "best pitcher" and "best utility infielder"?
Answer: Dwight Gooden, and Felix Mantilla.
Song: "Girl Watcher," by the O'Kaysions

Realm: TV
Question: Who does the voice of Shaggy on "Scooby-Doo"?
Answer: Casey Kasem.
Song: "Music To Watch Girls By," by the Bob Crewe Generation

Realm: Sports
Question: Who is Michael Sergio?
Answer: The parachutist in Game Six of this year's World Series (in Shea Stadium).
Song: "Spirit in the Sky," by Norman Greenbaum

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: "Star Wars"
Question: What was Darth Vader's real name?
Answer: Anakin Skywalker.
Song: "Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)," by the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus (real tough)

Realm: Food
Question: On Ben & Jerry's ice cream, there is a prominent notice that they "use no fillers or artificial ingredients of any kind," followed by an asterisk. The asterisk points out below that there are two exceptions to this "all-natural" claim. What are these ingredients?
Answer: Heath Bars, and Oreo cookies.
Song: "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy," by the Ohio Express

Realm: TV
Subrealm: "The Twilight Zone"
Question: Which two actors had the most starring roles in the original "Zone" series?
Answer: Burgess Meredith and Jack Klugman (4 shows each).
Song: "I Wish I Could Fly Like Superman," by the Kinks

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: Bond
Question: Who wrote the screenplay for "You Only Live Twice"?
Answer: Roald Dahl.
Song: "Casino Royale," by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

Realm: TV
Question: What were the full names of the villains on "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"?
Answer: Boris Badenov, and Natasha Fatale (or Nogoodnik).
Song: "Take A Letter, Maria," by R.B. Greaves

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: Beatles
Question: From "Yellow Submarine," what seas did our heroes journey through, on their way to Pepperland?
Answer: The Seas of Monsters, Time, Holes, and Green.
Song: "It's All Too Much," by the Beatles

Realm: Sports
Question: The Hiroshima Corp. baseball team lost this year's Japanese World Series. What was unusual about the team?
Answer: It was the only all-Japanese (no American players) pro ball team in Japan.
Song: "Turning Japanese," by the Vapors

Realm: TV
Subrealm: Movies
Question: What was unusual about the one and only time Elvis Costello was on "Saturday Night Live"? And for a second point, how is this question linked to the music?
Answer: He stopped in the middle of a song ("Zero Zero"), and launched into another song ("Radio Radio") which no one had ever heard before, causing the cameramen to panic. Elvis Costello was the replacement music act for the Sex Pistols, who had to cancel when they could not get visas to perform.
Song: "God Save The Queen," by the Sex Pistols

(NOTE: Apparently, in the days leading up to the telecast, Elvis received patronizing and dismissive treatment from the "SNL" cast and crew. His attitude was, "Hey, screw YOU-- over in England, I'M the star, and you guys are all nothing." He decided to emulate a performer he'd seen pull the same song-switching stunt on English TV years before, as a measure of revenge.)

Realm: Sci-Fi
Question: What do the following people have in common: Cpl. Theodore Bronson, Ernest Gibbons, Capt. Aaron Sheffield, Lazarus Long, and Dr. Lafe Hubert?
Answer: They are all Woodrow Wilson Smith, the senior of the extremely long-lived Howard family.
Song: "No Matter What," by Badfinger

Realm: Sports
Question: What major league baseball player served as a guest commentator for this season's opening night of ABC's "Monday Night Football"?
Answer: Bo Jackson (KC Royals).
Song: "I Want You Back," by Graham Parker and the Rumour

Realm: Monty Python
Question: What, exactly, is the sound of John Denver being strangled?
Answer: "You came on my pillow--- AUUGH!"
Song: "Love Is All Around," by Husker Du (short, and a tough group)

Realm: TV
Question: Had Frank Burns not been a surgeon, according to the Judge Advocate, what would his assignment have been?
Answer: Pastry chef.
Song: "Whatcha See is Whatcha Get," by the Dramatics

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: "Diner"
Question: What is the topic of the quiz that Eddie gives to his fiancee (which she must pass before he will marry her)?
Answer: The Baltimore Colts.
Song: "Ain't Got No Home," by Clarence "Frogman" Henry

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: What do Isaac Asimov, Archibald Cox, and Elie Wiesel currently all have in common?
Answer: They are all professors at Boston University.
Song: "Dirty Water," by the Standells

Realm: TV
Question: What was Johnny Carson's network television premiere?
Answer: Hosting "Buy Your Vacation," a game show.
Song: "Talk Talk," by the Music Machine

Realm: Miscellaneous
Subrealm: Greek Mythology
Question: What are the five rivers of Hades? Name 3 for one point, all five for two points.
Answer: Styx; Acheron; Lethe; Kokytus; and Phlegethon.
Song: "My Funny Valentine (inst.)," by Miles Davis

Realm: Self-Serving Monty Python Questions
Question: In the beginning credits of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," who has signed the printed statement?
Answer: Richard Nixon.
Song: "More, More, More," by the Andrea True Connection

Realm: Williamsiana
Subrealm: Sports
Question: We all know that Williams hasn't beaten Amherst in football for a long time. What we want to know is, when was the last year Williams beat Amherst, and what was the score?
Answer: 1980, score 10-3.
Song: "Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'," by Crazy Elephant

Realm: TV
Question: Where can genies (Jeannies) go, to get legal separation from their masters?
Answer: Reno, Persia.
Song: "Viva Las Vegas," by the Dead Kennedys

Realm: Movies
Question: Recite the membership oath for the Delta Tau Chi house.
Answer: "I, state your name, do hereby pledge allegiance to the Frat, with liberty and fraternity for all, Amen." (Must get "state your name.")
Song: "Rainy Day Women #12 & #35," by Bob Dylan

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: From looking at the inside of the Hopkins Observatory/Planetarium with the lights on, it is obvious that the building is not in its original position. Why?
Answer: The silhouettes of the mountains inside the dome do not match up with their current positions outside.
Song: "Emma," by Hot Chocolate

Realm: Miscellaneous
Subrealm: Junior High School Math
Question: What is the significance of the number 71,077,345?
Answer: If you punch it into a calculator and turn the display upside-down, it spells "ShELL OIL." (Remember seventh grade?)
Song: "Cold Turkey," by the Plastic Ono Band

Realm: Comics
Subrealm: Marvel
Question: What Marvel comics hero has gone the longest without a costume modification?
Answer: Thor, who has gone "centuries" without an alteration.
Song: "Why Can't We Live Together?" by Timmy Thomas

Realm: Another Self-Serving Monty Python Question
Question: What is being a Protestant all about?
Answer: "I can wear whatever I like on my John Thomas."
Song: "Go All The Way," by the Raspberries

Realm: Advertising
Question: What is the fifth food group, and what are its two members?
Answer: Spam; Less-salt Spam, and "classic" Spam.
Song: "Star," by Stealer's Wheel

Realm: Sci-Fi
Subrealm: Larry Niven's "Known Space" Series
Question: What was Louis Gridley Wu best known for?
Answer: He was the only living human to have made first contact with an alien race.
Song: "Joy (inst.)," by Apollo 100

Realm: Sports
Question: Only three times in NFL history has a pair of backs on the same team gained 1,000 yards rushing. Name the backs and the years. One point for 4 names and 2 years, and two points for all the names and years.
Answer: Kevin Mack and Ernest Byner, '85 Browns; Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier, '76 Steelers; and Larry Czonka and Mercury Morris, '72 Dolphins.
Song: "A Song of Joy," by Miguel Rios (based on Ludwig van's 9th)

Realm: Miscellaneous
Subrealm: Theater/ Williamsiana
Question: What do "Spencer for Hire" and the Williams Downstage have in common?
Answer: Downstage has a plaque which dedicates it to Lynn McCormick, a Williams alumna who now appears on "Spencer."
Song: "Back When My Hair Was Short," by Gunhill Road (tough)

Realm: Advertising
Question: What three options does Giuseppe give for his photo, on the new "Mama Celeste" frozen pizza box?
Answer: 1-- "Happy like I think of a GREAT crust," or 2-- "serious, like, yes, I think of a great crust," or 3-- "bigger!"
Song: "Time is Tight (inst.)," by Booker T. and the MGs

Realm: Music
Question: In what original Beatles songs do these places occur: 1) Black Hills, SD; 2) Los Angeles; 3) Tucson; and 4) Miami Beach?
Answer: 1) "Rocky Racoon"; 2) "Blue Jay Way"; 3) "Get Back"; 4) "Back in the USSR."
Song: "Hush," by Deep Purple

Realm: TV
Subrealm: "Sesame Street"
Question: Who is the host of "Monsterpiece Theater"?
Answer: Cookie Monster, as "Alistair Cookie" (must get "Alistair").
Song: "Pictures of Matchstick Men," by the Status Quo

Realm: Politics
Question: Who was the only head of state ever to have been a citizen of both the USSR and USA?
Answer: Golda Meier (Prime Minister of Israel).
Song: "Jerusalem," by Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: What is the official and most widely spoken language in Iceland?
Answer: Icelandic.
Song: "Waterloo," by ABBA

Realm: Movies
Question: What were the full names of the five Golden Ticket winners, in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"?
Answer: Augustus Gloop; Veruka Salt; Violet Beauregard; Mike TeeVee; and Charlie Bucket.
Song: "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off," by Ella Fitzgerald

Realm: Williamsiana
Subrealm: The Will Gillespie Memorial Self-Imposed Trivia Question
Question: Who was the only twentieth-century Williams salutatorian to speak at graduation in place of the valedictorian?
Answer: Will Gillespie '85, who started his speech, in fact, by stating that he was "now the answer to a trivia question."
Song: "I'm the Greatest," by Ringo Starr

Realm: Music
Question: Who wrote "Rocket 88," the song most people consider to be the first in rock and roll?
Answer: Ike Turner.
Song: "Proud Mary," by Ike and Tina Turner
(SOMEWHAT ESOTERIC NOTE: While trying to locate the "origin point" of rock and roll is a futile quest, March 1951, when "Rocket 88" was recorded, is surely a good resting spot. The single was the first hit record recorded at Memphis' legendary Sun Studios (site of the first sessions of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, and others). It was the first #1 record on the R&B charts on the Chess label (for 5 weeks). It was covered by a hillbilly artist named Bill Haley, a career shift that would spawn the first HUGE rock and roll record, "Rock Around the Clock," three years later. It also heavily influenced the song "Good Golly, Miss Molly." But there are musical antecedents to "Rocket 88," too, so who knows if it was the "first" rock song? Ike Turner will tell you it is; but then, Ike said he didn't beat Tina any more than any other man beats his wife. However, Ike Turner was not the songwriter; Jackie Brenston (the singer) was. Ike was the bandleader and piano player, and had a great deal to do with the sound.)

Realm: Sci-Fi
Subrealm: Moorcock
Question: We all know that Elric of Melnibone wielded the dreaded black runesword named Stormbringer. What was the name of Stormbringer's twin sword?
Answer: Mournblade.
Song: "Green Tambourine," by the Lemon Pipers

Realm: Sports
Question: The year is 1980. The United States has just defeated the USSR in Olympic Hockey. The question is, who has scored the winning goal?
Answer: Mike Eruzione.
Song: "I Think We're Alone Now," by Tommy James and the Shondells

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: The 1979 Nobel Prize for Medicine went to two men who held neither doctorates nor MD's. One never even went to college. What did they do to get the prize?
Answer: They invented the CAT scan device. (They were Allen Cormack and Godfrey Horsfeld.)
Song: "Machine Gun," by the Commodores

Realm: Geography
Question: There are only two countries which each border three oceans. Name those two countries.
Answer: The USA and Canada.
Song: "American Woman," by the Guess Who

Realm: Movies
Question: According to the sheriff in "The Night of the Living Dead," what's wrong with the zombies?
Answer: "They're dead, they're all messed up."
Song: "I Put a Spell on You," by Screamin' Jay Hawkins

Realm: Comics
Subrealm: "Bloom County"
Question: What band did Milo get to play for the Bloom County Elementary School dance?
Answer: The Rolling Stones.
Song: "Pictures of Lily," by the Who

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Who is the only person to have a New York City public school named after him/her, while still alive?
Answer: Eugene T. Maleska, still quite alive and the crossword editor of the NY Times.
Song: "Be Thankful For What You Got," by William DeVaughn

Realm: Advertising
Question: Who was Boss Moss' Left-Hand Man?
Answer: Ham-Hose (from the "Freakies").
Song: "Some Kind of Wonderful," by Grand Funk Railroad

(NOTE: Question #96 was the next-to-last of the Winter 1986 contest, with Giant Pygmies jumping ahead and asking #101 also as faux-Q #97. However, since there was a tie between "We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes" and "All the Sugar, Twice the Caffeine," five of the following questions were asked in a tiebreaker scenario around 8:30 AM. The five attached songs had nothing to do with the tiebreaker, and were not played.)

Realm: TV
Question: What was the first name of "Chief" on "Get Smart"?
Answer: Thaddeus.
Song: "Walk Away Renee," by the Four Tops (the remake)

Realm: Sports
Question: Since 1969, which baseball manager has won the most division titles?
Answer: Billy Martin.
Song: "Tubular Bells (inst.)," by Mike Oldfield

Realm: Geography
Question: What are Africa's only three countries ruled by monarchies?
Answer: Morocco, Lesotho, and Swaziland.
Song: "Soul Makossa," by Manu Dibango

Realm: History
Question: We're all alums. The youngest of us was born in 1963. That means we grew up in the late 1960's, and we may easily remember a few things that you may not, like the Mr. Ed question. As another example, can you name for us the four highest-grossing films of the 1960's?
Answer: "The Sound of Music"; "Dr. Zhivago"; "The Graduate"; and "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."
Song: "Venus in Furs," by the Velvet Underground (tough)

Realm: Advertising
Question: Who said the following: "Smoking kills. If you're killed, you've lost a very important part of your life"?
Answer: Brooke Shields (wotta woman).
Song: "Smokin' in the Boys' Room," by Brownsville Station


Realm: Sports
Question: What is the only Olympic event in which males and females compete head-to-head?
Answer: The equestrian events.
Song: "Harper Valley P.T.A.," by Jeannie C. Riley

Realm: Literature
Question: Who was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Answer: Sinclair Lewis.
Song: "Come Together," by Aerosmith

Realm: Miscellaneous
Subrealm: Pre-Med Insanity
Question: What was the first operation to actually and predictably cure an otherwise fatal medical disorder?
Answer: The appendectomy.
Song: "Black Betty," by Ram Jam

Realm: Sci-Fi
Subrealm: Asimov
Question: Hari Seldon of Trantor was a scientist whose greatest contribution to the human race was in one specific discipline. What was that discipline?
Answer: Psycho-history.
Song: "Soulful Strut (inst.)," by Young-Holt Unlimited

Realm: Movies
Subrealm: "Casablanca"
Question: What drink does Major Strasser order for Ilsa and Victor Laszlo at Rick's?
Answer: Champagne cocktails.
Song: "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time," by the Delfonics

Realm: Sports
Question: What was the last team Vince Lombardi coached?
Answer: The Washington Redskins.
Song: "Bitchin' Camaro," by the Dead Milkmen

Realm: Advertising
Question: Please identify the companies which use the following slogan
Song: 1) A car you can believe in; 2) Ideas at work; 3) Your car knows; 4) Just slightly ahead of our time.
Answer: 1) Volvo; 2) Black & Decker; 3) Amoco; 4) Panasonic.
Song: "Girl of My Dreams," by Bram Tchaikovsky

Realm: TV
Question: On what TV show did the following characters appear: Col. Klink, the Green Hornet and Kato, Lurch, and Jose Jimenez (Hee-men-ez)?
Answer: "Batman" (in the little windows at the end).
Song: "Batman Theme," by the Jam (real short)
(NOTE: The characters appeared in those segments where Batman and Robin were climbing up the sides of Gotham City buildings on their Bat-ropes, when someone would open a window and do shtick with them. These vignettes would generally appear in the middles of episodes, though. "Little windows at the end" sounds more like "Laugh-In." Anyway, the Green Hornet and Kato were in two full episodes, not just window cameos.)

Realm: Cartoons
Question: According to him, how is Foghorn Leghorn able to look so well after numerous pluckings, explosions, and so forth?
Answer: He keeps his "feathers numbered, for just such an emergency, I say emergency, son!"
Song: "Do You Know What I Mean," by Lee Michaels

Realm: Sports
Question: In the last six seasons of major league baseball, only two players have hit twenty home runs every year. Name the players.
Answer: Mike Schmidt, Darrell Evans.
Song: "Venus," by the Shocking Blue

Realm: TV
Question: Why was the Rev. Jim Ignatowski thrown out of Harvard?
Answer: He wrote a term paper in crayon, because typewriters didn't allow enough personal expression and creativity.
Song: "China Girl," by Iggy Pop

Realm: Music
Question: In this era of musical concerts, we've seen Live Aid, Farm Aid, and one called "Account #904." What was the cause which "Account #904" benefitted?
Answer: The victims of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Song: "Lobachevsky," by Tom Lehrer

Realm: Geography
Question: What's the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere?
Answer: Haiti.
Song: "People Are Strange," by the Doors

Realm: Comics
Subrealm: Marvel
Question: What do the costumes of the following heroes have in common: the Fantastic Four, the Wasp, the New X-Men, and the New Mutants?
Answer: The costumes are made from "unstable molecules," as invented by Dr. Reed Richards.
Song: "Ballroom Blitz," by the Sweet

Realm: Sci-Fi
Subrealm: LeGuin
Question: In the Earthsea trilogy, he who was called Sparrowhawk had to cross the "wall of stones" separating Earthsea from the Dry Land. What was special about Dry Land?
Answer: It was the land of the dead.
Song: "Psychotic Reaction," by the Cramps ("The Only Voodoo Shockabilly Band That Matters")

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: According to the Williams by-laws of 1795, for what 3 offenses was one charged the maximum fine of 10 shillings?
Answer: Cursing, fornication, and the singing of obscene songs.
Song: "Beat On The Brat (With a Baseball Bat)," by the Ramones

Realm: Sports
Question: What major league baseball player had the highest salary in 1986?
Answer: George Foster ($2 million).
Song: "Summertime Blues," by Blue Cheer

Realm: Literature
Question: In the book "The Wizard of Oz," what is the real name of the Tin Woodsman?
Answer: Nick Chopper.
Song: "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead," by the Fifth Estate

Realm: Movies
Question: From the film "Surf II," what was the name of the evil Cola which transformed people into mindless punks?
Answer: Buzz Cola.
Song: "Public Image," by Public Image Limited (unbelievably obscure)

This is the end.