Hedge fund and CS internship with Williams alum!

Posted Friday November 18 by Yuanchu Dang

David Kane `88, a portfolio manager at Hutchin Hill Capital, has 6 to 8 internship openings for this coming summer (2017) in Boston. The internships are paid and last for 12 weeks, with some flexibility about start and end dates. If you are interested in quantitative portfolio management (and have solid programming skills) please contact him at Please include a resume and information on your programing background, especially in R. Feel free to contact current students who have worked for David, including Eugene Cho `17, Yuanchu Dang `17, Anthoney Tsou `17, Andy Yao `17, Miller Zhu `17, Fan Zhang `17, Arjun Kakkar `18 , Ryan Kwon `18, Tanner Love `18, Ziqi Lu `18, Maddy McFarland `18, Daishiro Nishida `18, Skylar Smith `18, Karan Tibrewal `18, Austin Vo `18, Yiheng Zhang `18 and Zafer Cesur `19. David has been hiring Williams interns for over a decade and has published several articles with them, including: (pp. 10--13) (pp. 36--41)

This is a good internship for someone with programming skills interested in learning about finance. Previous Williams interns include Andrew Leeser `05, Daniel Gerlanc `06, Kyle Campbell `08, Aaron Schwartz `09, Arjun Ravi Narayan `10, Andrew Liu `11, David Phillips `11, Ville Satopaa `11, Hai Zhou `11, Yang Lu `14, Heidi Chen `14, Vu Le `14, Michael Flynn `15 and Kanishka Malik `16.