REMINDER - 2018 Junior Advisor Selection Committee Info Session and Self Nominations

Posted Thursday October 12 by Theresa M. LePicier



October 12, 2017

Dear Williams College Student:
We would like to remind you of your invitation to apply to the 2018 Junior Advisor Selection Committee. One important feature of the JA system is that JAs are selected by a committee of their peers. The JA Selection Committee consists of approximately 25 students from the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes put together by the Junior Advisor Advisory Board, a group of current and former JAs. The goal of the committee is to select the best possible JA team to create a positive entry environment for the class of 2022.
As you may or may not be aware, the Selection Committee this year will be a Winter Study course (PSYC 14). This is meant to significantly reduce the amount of stress that is normally associated with the committee. By making this a course with class times during normal Winter Study hours, we hope the process becomes much easier and more productive.
Considering the above, we would also like to invite you to an information session on Monday, October 16th at 8:00 pm in Hopkins 002. We will be answering any general questions about the course and the application process in general. To gauge and examine public opinion on the Selection Committee’s switch from the spring to Winter Study, this meeting will also serve as a forum for students to share their opinions on the matter. We want to make the Selection Committee as stress-free and desirable as possible, and your feedback will be instrumental in achieving these ends. We hope this provides an opportunity for a variety of voices to be heard, and for changes to be made to this vital institution.
To gain enrollment in the course, we require the self-nomination. The application will be due on Wednesday, October 18th, and all students will be notified of their acceptance or rejection from the class by Friday, October 20th. This is meant to give ample time to those who were not selected to explore their other Winter Study options without penalty.
The nomination should include (but is not limited to):
1. Your commitments during Winter Study.
2. Reason(s) why you wish to serve on the Committee. Feel free to include your own entry experience.
3. Any activities in which you are/have been involved at Williams.

Note: Please do NOT include your name in your application; your unix will be used to identify you after all applications have been read to ensure unbiased selection.

Your self-nomination should be roughly 1 paragraph.
Please keep the following in mind when applying:
· Confidentiality is key for this process to be successful. Your self-nomination is confidential. Do not share your intentions to be on this committee with anyone. You will be asked to read and sign a confidentiality agreement if selected to the Committee.
· The Selection Committee does require a significant amount of time. This year, we will meet every weekday during Winter Study to meet the deadline for decisions for the JAs to the Class of 2022 by early February.
· Sophomores who want to apply to be a JA need not apply for the Selection Committee.
There is no ideal Selection Committee member just as there is no ideal JA. All views, opinions, convictions, and experiences are desired and welcomed. We encourage all upperclassmen to seriously consider applying to serve on the Committee.
The hours are long, the rewards are great. This is an excellent opportunity for you to give back to the Williams community and be involved in the JA system without actually being a JA. Regardless of your entry experience, good or not, we want and need your perspective in the selection process. You will positively affect the lives of future first-year students of the Class of 2022 while getting to know many different people. Those of us who participated on last year’s Selection Committee feel that it was one of the most valuable and rewarding things we have done at Williams. If you have any questions regarding the Committee, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.
Brian Benitez and Darla Torres, JAAB Co-Presidents
Ben Metrikin, Emmy Maluf, Sumun Iyer, Brad Clark, Claudia Forrester, Chetan Patel– JAAB Members
Jad Hamdon and Jesse Facey, JA Co-Presidents