Spring Amphibian in Hopkins Forest -- Saturday, April 14th 10:00-noon!

Posted Monday April 9 by Andrew Jones

Saturday 10:00-noon – join Professor Tom Tyning of Berkshire Community College in an outing to find and identify some of the prominent amphibians of the Berkshires. This time of year, most frogs and salamanders become active, with many migrating to local ponds to lay eggs. Typical among them are spotted salamanders, eastern newts, wood frogs, green frogs, spring peepers, as well as upland and stream dwelling species such as the red-backed, two-lined and dusky salamanders. The program is free and open to anyone and starts in the Rosenburg Center. Participants should dress appropriately for cool and damp conditions; waterproof footwear is suggested. A van to the event will leave from Paresky (Park Street) at 9:50.