New FRENCH Courses (Fall 2018)!

Posted Wednesday August 8 by Brian Martin

Amazing New FRENCH Courses for Fall 2018!

The French Program is delighted to announce 2 new faculty members and 2 new wonderful courses for Fall 2018! FRENCH 215: “The French Adventure” and FRENCH 305: “Spaces & Places of Contemporary France.” Read on for more info!


RLFR 215: The French Adventure: Word, Sound, and Image in the Digital Age

The French Adventure examines celebrated French literary texts (from the Middle Ages to Modernity) that draw on the theme of adventure, putting them into dialogue with their graphic novel and filmic adaptations (from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries). This course seeks to explore the phenomena of word (written or spoken), image (still or moving), and sound, as well as their interactions in today’s environment of multimedia and digital immersion. Why have we seen an explosion of graphic novels and films depicting French literary classics in recent decades? How can these visual and audiovisual renderings enhance our appreciation for and understanding of written texts, and what aspects of the written word remain untranslatable to the world of the image? To address these questions, we will study a series of literary texts that depict historical moments from the late Middle Ages, to Absolute Monarchy, to the Belle Époque. From our visual vantage point of the twenty-first century, we will gain familiarity with the defining figures and events that these texts represent, from the fifteenth to the twentieth centuries. At the same time, we will interrogate the French-language graphic novel adaptations of each text, as well as portions of American-made filmic representations to consider questions of patrimoine, visual culture, and (trans)national identity. Conducted in French.

Mondays & Thursdays 1:10-2:25PM

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RLFR 305: Where We Are & Where We Go: Spaces & Places of Contemporary France

How do people in France give meaning to the spaces they inhabit or move through? What does it mean to be from “here” or “there”? Through contemporary French literature and cultural analysis, we will explore these questions in the urban landscapes of major French cities, including Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes, and Angoulême. We will focus on literary representations of the home, the street, the park, the grocery store, and the train, and discuss the ways videos, press articles, photographs, and websites depict neighborhoods, festivals, and street theater. We will also examine a variety of theories that will help us conceptualize urban space and interpret these literary and cultural texts on city life in contemporary France. Readings to include texts by Annie Ernaux, Patrick Modiano, Leïla Sebbar, Didier van Cauwelaert, Yasmina Reza, Jean Rolin, Marie Darrieussecq, and Xavier Houssin. Conducted in French.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:55-11:10AM

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