Summer Internship & Research Grants: Working for the Environment...see CES summer funding and internship postings

Posted Tuesday February 26 by Sarah Gardner

The Center for Environmental Studies provides summer funding ($440/week) for students to work in unpaid environmental internships and research positions. If you are interested in working in environmental sciences, activism, renewable energy, climate, agriculture, land management, enviro education, outreach, research, environmental health, environmental justice, urban planning, GIS, community organizing, ecology, or any related field this summer, check out the CES Summer Grants Website. *Dozens of internship postings (many from Williams alumni seeking Williams students); *Many local and Berkshire internships (students eligible for campus summer housing); * sign up for the internship listserve and see postings on,;* apply for summer funding for any unpaid environmental internship (or research position) that you find.

FIRST DEADLINE: MARCH 15 (you must have a position in order to apply for funding)

More info: