Study French at Williams!

Posted Wednesday April 24 by Brian Martin

Study French at Williams Next Year!

Just imagine: This time next year, you could be preparing for the summer in Paris, or even a semester or year abroad in France, Switzerland, Morocco, Senegal, or Martinique! Regardless of your major or experience, consider studying French at Williams next year, in French 101 or one of our 16 dynamic courses, at every level!

Whether you love French-speaking pop music (like Belgium's Stromae or Quebec's Coeur de pirate), or enjoy French film (and the latest titles from the Cannes Film Festival), or are fascinated by French and European politics, consider beginning or continuing your French studies at Williams next year!

For beginners, French 101 is a fun and dynamic course that helps you gain rapid proficiency in French while learning about a variety of French-speaking cultures around the world, from Europe and Africa, to North America and the Caribbean. Through interactive games, activities, videos, film, and music, you will learn about the world's 285 million French speakers and prepare to meet some of them when you travel, study, or work abroad during your summers, college semesters, or future professional life.

For those who’ve already studied French, we offer language courses at every level, from beginning (French 101 & 102), to intermediate (French 103 & 104), and advanced (French 105 & 106, and 108), as well as fascinating advanced seminars in French and Francophone literature, film, and culture, including 3 courses next Fall on “Queens, Crusaders, Cannibals” (French 208), “Scientific Selves” (French 210), and the “Nineteenth-Century French Novel” (French 412).

In recent years, several Williams grants and fellowships (such as the Wilmers Language Fellowship, Friedberg Travel Fellowship, and Alumni Sponsored Internship Program) have provided funding for many of our French students to continue their studies abroad in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, or pursue independent research projects in Paris and the French Caribbean. And each year, up to a dozen Williams students study abroad for a semester or year in Paris, Grenoble, and Aix-en-Provence in France, as well as in Switzerland, Morocco, and Senegal.

No matter what your major, studying French now opens up fabulous possibilities for exciting future study and travel abroad, as well as numerous future professional opportunities (from education, to diplomacy, journalism, business, law, and medicine). We have many alums who are now using their French in careers as teachers, business leaders, doctors, scientists, journalists, lawyers, and diplomats.

Many students who’ve taken foreign language courses speak positively about this as one of the best experiences of their college careers. And many alums speak about how happy they are to have taken the time to learn a new language during their undergraduate years (before the later demands of graduate school, work, and professional life) and the amazing travel, study abroad, graduate studies, and international careers that their proficiency in foreign languages made possible.

For a full description of French 101 and all of our French courses, consult the course catalog and don’t hesitate to email the professors with questions or to simply say Bonjour!

Brian Martin
Professor of French and Comparative Literature
Williams College