Summary Posted by Date Posted
Lessons From Ferguson: A community's response to race and racism Carrie Greene April 30, 2015
TONIGHT: lecture on trans women of color activisms Katherine G. Flanagan April 30, 2015
SWAG: Sexual Wellness Advocacy @ Greylock training to teach consent to local middle and high school students Paula N. Mejia April 30, 2015
Storytime this Sunday: Joseph Baca '15! Alison G. C. Smith April 29, 2015
Art Department MASTER COLLOQUIUM this Thursday 4-5pm Banyi Huang April 28, 2015
Contemplative Prayer/Meditation Becky Crane April 28, 2015
Jamie Horowitz, Pres. of Fox Sports National Networks, Speaking 4/30 7:00 PM Paresky "Why Amherst is Better Than Williams..." Dick Quinn April 28, 2015
ARTIST LECTURE with Patrick Dougherty Banyi Huang April 28, 2015
Join the Williams Cosplay Club! Tiffany Y. Sun April 28, 2015
Women’s Groups and Social Movements in Turkey Carrie Greene April 27, 2015
Psych Study: Win one of three $25 Tunnel City gift cards Isabella L. Salmi April 27, 2015
Win a $25 Tunnel City gift card! Katharine W. Costantini April 26, 2015
Congratulations Fulbright Winners! Lynn Chick April 24, 2015
Last special EarthWeek meal is Driscoll's breakfast Friday! Brent A. Wasser April 24, 2015
Welcome back Iman Lipumba '14 Lynn Chick April 23, 2015
Alumni Sponsored Internship Program Application Workshop-Final Workshop Thursday, April 23rd at 12:30 p.m. in the Mears Lewis R Dawn Dellea April 23, 2015
Local pulled pork sandwiches in Whitmans' on Thursday Brent A. Wasser April 22, 2015
2015 Alumni Sponsored Internship Program Application Workshop Schedule-Final Week Tonight 4/21 at 7:00 p.m. in the Mears Lewis Dawn Dellea April 21, 2015
Win a $25 Hot Tomatoes gift card :D !!!!! Charles J. Levin April 21, 2015
Invitation to engage with Eve Ensler Carrie Greene April 21, 2015
Volunteer for the Humane Race! Julia B. Matejcek April 21, 2015
All-campus 150-mile dinner Wednesday! Brent A. Wasser April 21, 2015
WEDNESDAY 4/22: Varsity Athletics and Williams: How Good is the Fit? A Lecture by Professor Alan White Didier A. Jean-Michel April 20, 2015
Amphibian Program in Hopkins Forest, this Saturday! Andrew Jones April 20, 2015
Henrietta Lacks: Ethics at the Intersection of Health Care and Biomedical Science Carrie Greene April 20, 2015
Summer Sublet on Spring St. Gregory S. Johnson April 20, 2015
What does East Africa, Portugal and Brazil share in common? Zatio N. Kone April 20, 2015
Still looking for off-campus housing? Willis C. Kuelthau April 20, 2015
Don't like math? Bad at math? Samantha N. Petti April 19, 2015
Win a $25 Tunnel City gift card! Katharine W. Costantini April 19, 2015