Dual computer monitor setup $300

Posted Sunday January 14 by Benton N. Leary

Picture of setup:

Turn your laptop into a "full workstation" through just one USB connection. Watch movies on one screen while working on another, or utilize split screens to have 4 different windows open at once (nice for writing a paper with multiple references open).

Product notes:
- Monitor stand allows monitors to pivoted to either landscape or portrait mode.
- USB hub is capable of handling just about everything. I ran 2 monitors, speakers, keyboard, a phone tether, and 3 external hard drives through it at the same time.

Retail price: $600.
My Price: $300.

2x Dell 24" monitor (
1x table-edge stand (
1x Anker 14-port USB 3.0 hub (
2x HDMI-to-USB adapter (

Note: I do not have the original pedestal monitor stands. Also, a few of the LED indicators on the USB hub are dislocated (no effect on functionality).