Selling guitar amp: Line 6 Spider Jam — $275

Posted Monday May 28 by Elijah C. Meckler

I'm leaving Williamstown and unfortunately this bad boy can't come with me. The Spider Jam has a 12-inch speaker complete with customizable sounds and tons of presets. Great for beginners experimenting with sounds, and when equipped with a Line 6 shortboard, superb for live performances. It can additionally play pre-recorded drum tracks or custom-recorded loops so you can jam out with yourself, which is super useful for practicing improvisation. Has ports for an instrument cable, a microphone (and separate volume channels for the two!), and 1/4 & 1/8 inch aux jacks. If you want the signal processing without distressing the neighbors, there is an 1/4 inch aux out channel you can feed into headphones. Built-in tuner as well. Weighs around 30 pounds.

- Amp models: Two amp models for each category: Clear, Twang, Blues, Crunch, Metal, Insane (12 models)
- Drive
- Bass, mid, and treble
- Channel volume
- Combo dial for flange, chorus, phaser, or tremolo
- Combo dial for delay, tape echo, or sweep echo
- Reverb
- Master volume
- Can save custom tones and access them later!

The recorder/playback:
- Drum tracks come preloaded
- Can save numerous custom loops recorded from your guitar/microphone/whatever

- More info on the Line 6 website!

Would be mint aside from a couple scuffs on one of the side walls. Email me at if you're interested.