Brand new Beatssolo 3 Wireless Headphones

Posted Saturday August 10 by Suiyi Tang

Paresky too loud? Library too quiet? Turn to these Beats, for quality studying or leisurely enjoyment anywhere.
These headphones are fantastic--I've got an older version myself and can testify to their effectiveness. Whether you're looking for high sound quality or some durable silencing, these headphones are a must have. To top, they're sleek and look great around your head (trust me, I already know).

MAKE: Top-o'-the line Beatssolo 3 Wireless Headphones (now with 40 hours of battery life)
COLOR: Navy Blue
CONDITION: Brand new, in-box, wrapper still on
PURCHASE LOCATION: Apple Store on North Michigan, Chicago
SELLING REASON: I've no need for this brand new pair that I recently got at the Apple Store, as part of a bundle package.
PRICE: For a bargain of $215 (lower than tax price), these can be yours! No shipping fee, get them next day.*

Contact me if interested--I have photos!

*I'm down to negotiate--send your best offer to