Summer Internships with the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives

Posted Wednesday February 8 by Herbert P. Smith

Thank you for your interest in working in the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives this summer!

Summer interns in the Zilkha Center have the opportunity to focus on sustainability projects that impact our campus community. The Zilkha Center is hiring interns with specific job descriptions, but interns are encouraged to also explore their own sustainability interests. Applicants are welcome to propose projects that augment or extend the job descriptions outlined below.

The summer work is largely independent. Interns will generally meet once a week with a Zilkha Center staff person. In addition, weekly meetings will bring everyone together to share experiences and discuss specific themes in sustainability. We will also share a meal once a week prepared by interns and often featuring produce from the campus gardens or local farms.

There will be opportunities throughout the summer to take part in each others’ work. For example, students working in the campus gardens may need the help of the group once in awhile and a student working on sustainable food work may collaborate with one of the communications interns. Interns will all be asked to periodically contribute to the Zilkha Center social media efforts and with giving tours of the Environmental Center. A spirit of sharing and collaboration makes the summer experience intellectually and socially rewarding.

Summer internships officially last 10 weeks, but not all students have that much time available due to family plans or other circumstances. For this reason, students have the opportunity to take take as much as two weeks off with approval prior to the start of the summer.

This summer we will be hiring:
- Summer Garden Team (two positions)
- Artist-in-Residence
- Sustainable Writing Intern
- Sustainable Graphic Design, Animation, and Video Intern
- Local and Sustainable Food Intern
- Or submit your own idea

For more information and to apply:

Applications are due February 22nd