Color Commentator on Men's Lacrosse Home Games Webcasts

Posted Friday February 17 by Dick Quinn

Williams College
Sports Information
2017 Spring Job Opportunity

Men’s Lacrosse Color Commentator on Webcasts of Home Games (not including Spring Break)

There is no better job on the Williams campus than Eph Sports Information. Seriously, you get paid to watch the Ephs win!! Minimum pay is $10.75/hr.

Prior experience is always a plus as is playing the sport you will cover. Reliability and commitment to task are even more important. We are willing to train those candidates with a strong interest in sports to cover an Eph sport. Once you commit to covering an Eph team you are expected to cover that team for its entire season. You will attend home events, but rarely if ever will you travel to an Eph contest off campus.

To learn more about Sports Info jobs go here:

To apply send an email today to Sports Information Director, Dick Quinn – -- listing your qualifications and experience.

Video Color Commentators
18 Eph sports are broadcast each year over the Internet as live video webcasts, which means 100-150 live events annually. Three years ago we did 161 webcasts.

We pair a student color commentator with a broadcaster supplied by our video company, Northeast Sports Network (NSN). You will not appear on the screen in a webcast, but you will be heard. You may, however, end up as a Tweet and on Facebook or Instagram at some point.

Strong familiarity of the sport to be webcast is vital as is an outgoing personality, so you can bring the contest to life. Sports we have broadcast over the years include: field hockey, football, volleyball, men's/women's soccer, men's/women's basketball, men's/women's ice hockey, men's/women's swimming & diving, wrestling, baseball, softball, men’s and women’s track & field, and men's/women's lacrosse.

It is most helpful to be familiar with the sport for which you are compiling the stats, but we will train those who are unfamiliar, but committed to the task.