Pet and House Sitter Needed! Opportunity for a a peaceful interlude in South Williamstown from July 13-30.

Posted Sunday June 17 by Kaatje White

Looking for a pet sitter who could live in the south Williamstown house with porches, firefly meadows, river, two llamas and cat. We are 1 minute walk to Store at Five Corners. Two llamas need grain and water once a day, one cat needs food, water, snuggles and litter box occasionally changed. Also flower and plant watering.Can pay $200 stipend plus you enjoy this place. If you have experience with dogs, and time to give her walks, you can take care of sweet Scout as well for another $100. (Otherwise she goes to a friend’s)
Interested: Call Julia at 413-458-0159 and leave your name and number. Will need a car or bike to get around.