Log Lunch Directing Postition

Posted Wednesday May 1 by Dorothy Lewis

Log Lunch is a weekly, student-run vegetarian lunch focusing on showcasing local produce and farmers, sponsored by CES. We are currently looking for students to direct the kitchen operations of Log Lunch for '19-'20 school year! For the coming year, we have split the directing responsibilities into 2 positions.
Email with any additional questions!
Particularly important qualities in the Log Lunch Director are a strong cooking background, creativity, effective management of an industrial kitchen, organizational and leadership skills, and the ability to manage a team of 10+ students cooking, shopping, and cleaning. Responsibilities include hiring staff, planning the menu, ordering from farms, cooking, and directing preparation of the meal.
This is a paid position! The job pays $13/hour.
All Positions
4-8 hours at beginning of semester
• Hire staff to fill shifts
• Create schedule based on staff schedules
• Coordinate Blood Borne Pathogen training with Dining Services
• Communicate with Sarah Gardner, DeeDee, and Ramunto’s staff
• Communicate each week to make sure planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and lunch all go smoothly

Material and Menu Manager
Hours Per Week: 2-3
Pay Rate: $13/Hour

• Contact farms to see what produce is available (Completed by Sunday of each week)
• Plan menu based off of available produce from farms, adjust recipes to serve 120 people (This should be completed by Tuesday of each week)
o Main point-person for this position, but can hire a student to collaborate on menu planning/share responsibilities
• After the menu is complete, contact farms to order produce and contact dining services to order bulk foods (Completed by Tuesday of each week)
• Compile shopping lists from completed recipes and send shopping lists to shoppers (Completed by Wednesday of each week)
• Oversee food line operations Friday at 12 (answer people’s questions about food, etc.)
• Take inventory

Cook Coordinator
Hours Per Week: 6
Pay Rate: $13/Hour

• Supervise cooking 7AM - 1PM Fridays
• Delegate tasks in kitchen
• Plan timing of cooking so that food is on the line by 12pm!
• Oversee start of the cleaning process (~12:30)
• Take inventory
• *Possibility of helping with menu design if it fits into your schedule, or can hire an additional student staff member to work with Menu Maker