Lost + Found

Summary Posted by Date Posted
Found: Blue American Eagle Long-sleeve Shirt (Men's Large) Joshua F. Teruneh May 21, 2019
Lost ELC Nikon camera + camera bag Soha Sanchorawala May 16, 2019
Lost prescription glasses Jessica H. Kim May 15, 2019
GPEN Andres E. Villasmil Ocando May 13, 2019
Lost prescription glasses + yoga mat Jianing Tu May 09, 2019
FOUND: Glasses in Wege Deborah Morandi May 08, 2019
Lost ring Emily C. Sun May 07, 2019
Found silver ring in Hollander basement restroom Lucy J. Green May 06, 2019
Found in Lasell men's large silver ring with scrolls on the outside. Karen Ware April 30, 2019
Found 2 tiny religious charms in lower Lasell Karen Ware April 15, 2019
Lost Kitchen Knife and Frying Pan Samuel Lang April 10, 2019
Lost: iPhone charger Wendy R. Hernandez March 14, 2019
found key Jane E. Tekin March 10, 2019
Lost medium LL bean black parka at hundred days Josie M. Maynard March 03, 2019
Lost navy blue “Fat Goose” brand jacket at the 66 House on Hoxsey Coleston Smith February 16, 2019
found ring on the floor of Lower Lasell Karen Ware February 06, 2019
Found 2 fitbits in Lasell Karen Ware January 24, 2019
TONS of clothes - left on the bleachers of Lasell.... Karen Ware January 23, 2019
Found silver necklace with initial in the Women's Public Swim Locker room Karen Ware January 23, 2019
Lost Sawyer Rental Camera Gavin Li January 17, 2019
Found prescription eye glasses in Men's lockerroom. Karen Ware December 11, 2018
Found - men's watch in Lasell Karen Ware November 28, 2018
Swapped LL Bean jackets Ian M. Pultz-Earle November 12, 2018
Lost Columbia Thin Jacket Kevin Garcia Rios November 12, 2018
Lost Watch Isaac N. Weissman November 05, 2018
Found large silver cross necklace in Lower Lasell Karen Ware October 30, 2018
Found - pair of silver spiral earrings Karen Ware October 09, 2018
Lost big navy blue jacket Wael M. Baalbaki October 07, 2018
Found necklace outside the entrance to Lasell Karen Ware October 05, 2018
found watch in the men's public locker room Karen Ware October 05, 2018