Lost + Found

Summary Posted by Date Posted
Lost light blue hydroflask Sophia G. Haase October 20, 2019
Lost Icewear Headband Rafay Kazmi October 16, 2019
Found silver band ring Karen Ware October 10, 2019
Lost Student ID Aylen C. Park September 30, 2019
Dark gray pencil case Aylen C. Park September 30, 2019
Lost Blue AirPods case Aylen C. Park September 30, 2019
Lost red Swiss Army knife Amanda S. Wager September 29, 2019
Lost prescription glasses! White sides, black around the lenses. Lenses transition in the light Alexandra R. Pear September 25, 2019
Lost grey pocket divider John M. Coyne September 25, 2019
Lost Silver Heart Nicklace Amy G. Martinez September 23, 2019
Lost: black folder with assorted papers inside Nick Harrington September 22, 2019
Lost: Shure Earphones (Red and White) Yunjin Park September 21, 2019
Lost in Perry! Small pearl earring with gold backing! Alexandra H. Isley September 16, 2019
Lost: Silver ring covered in green triangles with letter S inscribed in it Caroline E. Dignard September 11, 2019
Lost: Small wrist watch (black strap + gold dial) Shaheen Currimjee September 10, 2019
Lost: Black pencil case embroidered with yellow flowers Hannah I. Stillman September 09, 2019
Lost : Blue Jacket Thet Thinzar Tun September 09, 2019
headphones in black round case w/ a "dill with it" pouch Wendy R. Hernandez September 09, 2019
Found: Blue American Eagle Long-sleeve Shirt (Men's Large) Joshua F. Teruneh May 21, 2019
Lost ELC Nikon camera + camera bag Soha Sanchorawala May 16, 2019
Lost prescription glasses Jessica H. Kim May 15, 2019
GPEN Andres E. Villasmil Ocando May 13, 2019
Lost prescription glasses + yoga mat Jianing Tu May 09, 2019
FOUND: Glasses in Wege Deborah Morandi May 08, 2019
Lost ring Emily C. Sun May 07, 2019
Found silver ring in Hollander basement restroom Lucy J. Green May 06, 2019
Found in Lasell men's large silver ring with scrolls on the outside. Karen Ware April 30, 2019
Found 2 tiny religious charms in lower Lasell Karen Ware April 15, 2019
Lost Kitchen Knife and Frying Pan Samuel Lang April 10, 2019
Lost: iPhone charger Wendy R. Hernandez March 14, 2019