Lost + Found

Summary Posted by Date Posted
Lost: Sony Over-Ear Headphones Austin H. Vo February 06, 2018
Lost: Saucony Shoes w/ Box in Amazon Packaging Austin H. Vo February 05, 2018
Lost: Zilkha Center Class of 2021 Water Bottle Andrew B. Rule February 02, 2018
Lost: Ring with a small turqoise stone Dayana Manrique February 02, 2018
lost: black portable charger Sara V. Hetherington February 01, 2018
found small women's watch in upper Lasell fitness center Karen Ware January 31, 2018
Found Honda key Chandler pool locker room Karen Ware January 22, 2018
Found-Two very large hoop earrings Samuel A. Jocas I January 16, 2018
Found: Keys by St. John's Clara S. Beery January 15, 2018
Apple Air Pods Spencer M. Lee-Rey January 13, 2018
Orange REI thermos Alexandra J. Griffin January 12, 2018
Lost BMW car keys Crystal P. McIntosh December 08, 2017
lost red scarf Sarah M. Fleming November 28, 2017
Lost golf clubs John M. Coyne November 28, 2017
Lost: blue and orange Patagonia hat Emmie Hine November 27, 2017
LOST: Black notebook (math/stat notes) Austin H. Vo November 24, 2017
LOST: Audi Key Fob (black) Heidi P. Halvorsen November 21, 2017
[Lost] Multicolor Jetstream Pen (Blue, Black, Red) David J. Lee November 20, 2017
Found necklace on Chandler bleachers after the Basketball games Karen Ware November 20, 2017
Found Timex Sport Watch on Lasell gym bleachers Karen Ware November 20, 2017
FOUND Black Quilted Northface Isabella K. Wang November 19, 2017
LOST Black Northface Isabella K. Wang November 19, 2017
Lost GMC car key attached to brown hair tie Payton L. Spencer November 16, 2017
to the student who lost your black puffy jacket in Lasell the other day....I have it! Karen Ware November 15, 2017
Lost Yorkie Dog Connor Dunn November 09, 2017
DIGNITY Lila M. Anderson November 06, 2017
found contact lenses in Women's public locker room Karen Ware November 06, 2017
Found cross necklace in Lasell Karen Ware November 03, 2017
Found interlocking rings Karen Ware October 31, 2017
did you lose your buffalo? I found him!!! Karen Ware October 30, 2017