Lost + Found

Summary Posted by Date Posted
found Pink Speaker Karen Ware March 16, 2017
Lost green L.L. Bean parka Peter A. Lugthart March 13, 2017
found Sport watch in Lasell Karen Ware March 13, 2017
Found--Organic Chemistry Book Christine M. Pash March 03, 2017
Lost purple hydroflask waterbottle Bryan Bailey February 23, 2017
Found silver hoop earring Karen Ware February 23, 2017
found necklace in Women's public locker room Karen Ware February 22, 2017
Lost- Black Maxx Gear Backpack Ian A. Shen February 21, 2017
found teardrop earring in Upper Lasell Karen Ware February 14, 2017
found copper necklace - in Lasell Karen Ware February 14, 2017
found ring in upper Lasell Karen Ware February 14, 2017
found FitBit watch Karen Ware February 13, 2017
found silver necklace Karen Ware February 10, 2017
found Pink watch Karen Ware February 10, 2017
Lost North Face jacket and phone Dante K. Hirata-Epstein February 05, 2017
Found: Mission Hall Money Dylanger S. Pittman January 29, 2017
Lost car keys Emma P. McAvoy January 28, 2017
Lost Gold Bangle/Bracelet with Black Center Ashley E. Arnold January 28, 2017
FOUND: s/m silver "hoop" earring—hammered/irregular shape Sophia E. Schmidt January 28, 2017
Found Warby Parker Rx glasses - In Lasell Karen Ware January 27, 2017
Found wallet (empty) in Lasell Bleachers Karen Ware January 27, 2017
Lost Kate Spade Wallet Alyssa C. Ritchie January 26, 2017
found silver necklace Ladies Public Locker Room Karen Ware January 17, 2017
lots of clothing, sweatshirts etc left in Lasell on the bleachers Karen Ware January 16, 2017
Found sports watch in Towne Field House Karen Ware January 16, 2017
Lost Hunter Green Timberland Backpack Aglaia A. Ho January 13, 2017
Lost Olive Green Black Leather backpack/ 5 buttons all over Tyrone D. Scafe Jr. January 11, 2017
Lost: black moncler jacket and brown alligator wallet Alexandra M. Lovaas January 09, 2017
Lost ring with diamond-shaped arrangement of stones on front Liliana J. Bierer January 08, 2017
Lost black coat (fur hood) w/ car key inside Rachel E. Brissette January 08, 2017