Lost + Found

Summary Posted by Date Posted
LOST: Ziplock bag of pencils, pens, scissor and colored pencils Mia C. Smith May 05, 2016
LOST: Old mac charger with faded smiley face stickers Mia C. Smith May 05, 2016
found necklace Karen Ware May 03, 2016
Nalgene with lots of stickers Celeste A. Pepitone-Nahas May 02, 2016
LOST: Silver and Black Beats earbuds Roberta B. Miller May 02, 2016
Lost Hegel notebook Katherine E. Preston April 29, 2016
FOUND: Silver key necklace with Shema and Viahavta engraving Tomer Golan April 27, 2016
Lost: Iphone 5 w/ white case Elijah T. Eaton April 24, 2016
Lost: Key ring Wei Li April 22, 2016
LOST- Physics Giancoli Textbook Samantha Avila April 21, 2016
Lost: Blue ipod mini Alexandra J. Griffin April 21, 2016
Lost: Two textbooks from Schow carrel Irene Lim April 20, 2016
found Necklace in Team Room 2 Karen Ware April 20, 2016
Lost: Glasses Joyce A. Huang April 20, 2016
Found: Glasses! Taylor C. Knoble April 18, 2016
Found Garmin Heart Rate Monitor in Lasell Karen Ware April 15, 2016
Lost: grey shirt size M in brooks Jianing Tu April 14, 2016
found earring in Women's Public Lockerroom Karen Ware April 14, 2016
LOST: Black Northface 550 no hood keys in pocket Brooke A. Bovier April 12, 2016
LOST: Black JA raincoat with Williams cow on the front and JA written on the sleeve Sara L. Lehman April 11, 2016
LOST: Black North Face hoodless jacket with red ribbon tied Brooke A. Bovier April 10, 2016
Lost: Olive, grey cowl scarves (2) Sophia E. Schmidt April 09, 2016
Found Men's watch in the Treadmills - Upper Lasell Karen Ware April 08, 2016
found earring in the entrance to lower Lasell Karen Ware April 07, 2016
Brown headphones case (Sennheiser) missing in Sawyer Peter T.W. Cihon April 05, 2016
found silver ring in Upper Lasell Karen Ware April 05, 2016
Reward: Lost sunglasses in brown leather case Katherine E. Preston April 03, 2016
Found IHG Hotel Card Nana Ama O. Ofori Atta April 01, 2016
FOUND mac charger in Sawyer Gregory J. H. Kehne March 17, 2016
found jewelry in fitness center Karen Ware March 14, 2016