Lost + Found

Summary Posted by Date Posted
Found e-watch Enrique Peacock-L��pez June 20, 2016
Lost: Blue rain jacket Ashwin Narayan June 19, 2016
Lost a black sunglass case Young Sun Lee June 02, 2016
LOST: Bach cup Kang-Yee J. Chyou May 18, 2016
Lost: Neon yellow nalgene Anna R. E. Ryba May 15, 2016
LOST: Black Motorola G Smartphone Michael Ding May 12, 2016
Found Soul by Ludacris Headphones Karen Ware May 12, 2016
LOST - Bose Mini Soundlink John M. Coyne May 11, 2016
Found - white round stud earring in Bio 102 lab Morley Audrey Werner May 10, 2016
Found Black Fitbit (not the one previously posted) Karen Ware May 09, 2016
MacBook Pro, Mid-2010, Harry Potter decal Ivan Marrero May 08, 2016
Lost Black/Grey Rain Coat with belongings Robert B. Rowledge May 07, 2016
Found Blue Fit Bit Corey A. Michon May 06, 2016
LOST: Black FitBit Flex Mackenzie S. Snyder May 05, 2016
LOST: Ziplock bag of pencils, pens, scissor and colored pencils Mia C. Smith May 05, 2016
LOST: Old mac charger with faded smiley face stickers Mia C. Smith May 05, 2016
found necklace Karen Ware May 03, 2016
Nalgene with lots of stickers Celeste A. Pepitone-Nahas May 02, 2016
LOST: Silver and Black Beats earbuds Roberta B. Miller May 02, 2016
Lost Hegel notebook Katherine E. Preston April 29, 2016
FOUND: Silver key necklace with Shema and Viahavta engraving Tomer Golan April 27, 2016
Lost: Iphone 5 w/ white case Elijah T. Eaton April 24, 2016
Lost: Key ring Wei Li April 22, 2016
LOST- Physics Giancoli Textbook Samantha Avila April 21, 2016
Lost: Blue ipod mini Alexandra J. Griffin April 21, 2016
Lost: Two textbooks from Schow carrel Irene Lim April 20, 2016
found Necklace in Team Room 2 Karen Ware April 20, 2016
Lost: Glasses Joyce A. Huang April 20, 2016
Found: Glasses! Taylor C. Knoble April 18, 2016
Found Garmin Heart Rate Monitor in Lasell Karen Ware April 15, 2016