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Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: What were the names of Edgar Bergen's two male dummies?
Answer: Charlie McCarthy, and Mortimer Snerd.
Song: "She's Not There," by the Zombies

Realm: TV
Question: At the beginning of every show, Captain Kangaroo entered his house while the theme music was playing. What did he specifically do to stop the music?
Answer: Capt. Kangaroo carried his keys on a large ring. To stop the music, he hung the key ring on a nail.
Song: "Leader of the Pack," by the Shangri-La's

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "A Thousand Clowns," what was the national holiday, according to Murray Burns?
Answer: Irving R. Feldman's birthday.
Song: "Tossin' and Turnin'," by Bobby Lewis

Realm: Sports
Question: Who hit the New York Mets' first home run?
Answer: Gil Hodges.
Song: "She Cried," by Jay and the Americans

Realm: Advertising
Question: Aside from "His Master's Voice," we would like to know the motto of R.C.A.
Answer: "The most trusted name in electronics."
Song: "Witch Doctor," by David Seville

Realm: Comics
Question: You all remember Harvey Comics' "Stumbo the Giant." What was the name of the featured town, and who was its constable?
Answer: Tinytown, and Officer O'Floodle.
Song: "I Only Have Eyes For You," by the Flamingos

Realm: TV
Question: In the TV show "Flipper," Porter Ricks was the game warden of a certain marine park. What was the name of that park?
Answer: Coral Key Park.
Song: "Lightning Strikes," by Lou Christie

Realm: Movies
Question: In the Beatles movie "Yellow Submarine," what is the full name of the Nowhere Man?
Answer: Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.
Song: "Rebel Rouser," by the redoubtable Duane Eddy

Realm: Cartoons
Question: What was the name of the "minute and a half man," and who was his dog?
Answer: Hector Heathcoat, and his dog Winston.
Song: "With A Girl Like You," by the Troggs

Realm: Sports
Question: In the 1960 Summer Olympics, the decathelon was won by Rafer Johnson. We would like to know who the silver medalist was, and what the two athletes had in common besides the decathelon.
Answer: C.K. Yang; they went to school together (UCLA).
Song: "Tears On My Pillow," by Little Anthony and the Imperials

Realm: Advertising
Question: Who is Europe's greatest living stunt driver?
Answer: Remi Julien.
Song: "Shake, Rattle and Roll," by Bill Haley and His Comets

Realm: Movies
Question: What do George Gipp and Grover Cleveland Alexander have in common?
Answer: They were both portrayed by Ronald Reagan. (George Gipp-- "Knute Rockne, All American"; Grover Cleveland Alexander-- "The Winning Team")
Song: "Where The Boys Are," by Connie Francis

Realm: TV
Question: Who was the driver of Supercar?
Answer: Mike Mercury.
Song: "Silence Is Golden," by the Tremeloes

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "Damn Yankees," what was the sultry Lola, before she sold her soul to Applegate?
Answer: The ugliest girl in Providence, Rhode Island.
Song: "If You Wanna Be Happy," by Jimmy Soul

Realm: Comics
Question: What are the names of the generals in the comics "Sad Sack" and "Beetle Bailey"?
Answer: "Sad Sack"-- General Rockjaw; "Beetle Bailey"-- General Halftrack.
Song: "Short Fat Fanny," by Larry Williams

Realm: Children's Books
Question: What kind of animal were the following character
Song: Horton, Ping, and Curious George?
Answer: Horton-- elephant; Ping-- duck; Curious George-- monkey.
Song: "Baby I Love You," by the Ronettes

Realm: Sports
Question: What team have both Bob Gibson and Ferguson Jenkins played for?
Answer: The Harlem Globetrotters.
Song: "Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)," by Barry Mann

Realm: Advertising
Question: You all remember the General Mills cereal "Twinkles," which featured "the story book package" starring Twinkles the elephant and his magic trunk. What were the names of the monkey and parrot which also appeared?
Answer: Wilber the monkey; Sanford the parrot.
Song: "Don't You Just Know It," by Huey "Piano" Smith and the Clowns

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "The Great Race," starring Tony Curtis as "the great Leslie," and Jack Lemmon as Professor Fate, what were the names of their two cars?
Answer: The Leslie Special, and the Hannibal Eight.
Song: "Hey Paula," by Paul and Paula

Realm: TV
Question: In "Fury," starring Peter Graves, what was the name of the ranch?
Answer: The Broken Wheel Ranch.
Song: "Little Star," by the Elegants

Realm: Sports
Question: Who are the only two pitchers to have hurled no-hitters in both leagues? That is, who are the only two hurlers to have pitched no-hitters in both leagues?
Answer: Cy Young, and Jim Bunning.
Song: "Smokey Joe's Cafe," by the Robins

Realm: Cartoons
Question: Who is Donald Duck's inventor friend?
Answer: Gyro Gearloose.
Song: "So Much In Love," by the Tymes

Realm: Advertising
Question: Well, since we haven't had a singalong yet, and realize that you golden-throated warblers are itching for a ditty, here it is. Sing the old Schlitz jingle that began with, "Let's get together....."
Answer: For the answer to the singalong, we now take you to the Schlitz Brewery in Milwaukee and the World, where the Bomo-Cups are at this moment wetting their whistles. (Singalong) "Let's get together with a glass of Schlitz, A friendly glass of Schlitz. Brewed with pride and just a kiss of the hops, To put real gusto into every drop. So let's get together with a glass of Schlitz, A friendly glass of Schlitz. Real gusto in a great, light beer-- Schlitz! (The beer that made Milwaukee famous, simply because it tastes so good!)"
Song: "Bits and Pieces," by the Dave Clark Five

Realm: Movies
Question: Who won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay in 1937?
Answer: George Bernard Shaw ("Pygmalion").
Song: "Blueberry Hill," by Fats Domino

Realm: Comics
Question: From DC Comics, the only female member of the Metal Men is Tina, who is constructed out of platinum. What specifically was wrong with Tina, which caused her to act more like a girl than a robot? We want the specific malfunction.
Answer: She has a faulty responsometer.
Song: "Liar, Liar," by the Castaways

Realm: TV
Question: What was the name of Roy Rogers' and Dale Evans' singing group?
Answer: The Sons of the Pioneers.
Song: "Goodbye Cruel World," by James Darren

Realm: Sports
Question: What three football teams from the All-America Conference joined the NFL when the AAC folded in 1950?
Answer: The Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Colts, and San Francisco 49ers.
Song: "Since I Don't Have You," by the Skyliners

Realm: Movies
Question: For what reason did the jury acquit Edward G. Robinson in the movie, "The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse"?
Answer: He claimed that he was sane during the murder-- but insanity was his only possible defense. Therefore, the jury decided that since he did NOT claim insanity, he MUST be insane.
Song: "Tequila," by the Champs

Realm: This is our Lady Bird Johnson "Keep America Beautiful" Question.
Question: Most of us have, at one time or another, taken Route 2 into Boston. Along the way, a billboard announces your passage through charming Leominster, Mass. How does the billboard describe Leominster? (Phrase or motto.)
Answer: "The Pioneer Plastic City."
Song: "My Zelda," by Alan Sherman

Realm: Comics
Question: From Dick Tracy," what was the main export commodity from Moon Valley?
Answer: Giant escargot (snails).
Song: "Chapel of Love," by the Dixie Cups

Realm: Sports
Question: What pro golfer always carried peanut butter sandwiches in his golf bag?
Answer: Al Geiberger.
Song: "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman," by Whistling Jack Smith

Realm: Advertising
Question: What is the slogan of Hallmark greeting cards?
Answer: "When you care enough to send the very best."
Song: "Save The Last Dance For Me," by the Drifters

Realm: TV
Question: What were the names of the two immense dogs on "The Soupy Sales Show"?
Answer: White Fang, and Black Tooth.
Song: "Raindrops," by Dee Clark

Realm: Radio
Question: Name four out of the six residents of the "Allen's Alley" radio show.
Answer: Senator Claghorne; Titus Moody; Mrs. Nussbaum; Ajax Cassidy; Socrates Mulligan; and Falstaff Openshaw.
Song: "It Hurts To Be In Love," by Gene Pitney

Realm: Movies
Question: What were Lee Marvin's two roles in "Cat Ballou"?
Answer: Kid Shaleen, and Tim Strawn.
Song: "Red Rubber Ball," by the Cyrkle

Realm: Cartoons
Question: The "George of the Jungle" show featured a cartoon about an all-American race car driver named Tom Slick. What was the name of Tom Slick's car?
Answer: The Thunderbolt Greaseslapper.
Song: "Sh-Boom," by the Crew Cuts

Realm: TV
Question: On the original "Dick Van Dyke Show," what was the name of the army camp where Rob Petrie was based?
Answer: Camp Crowder (Missouri).
Song: "The Ballad of the Green Berets," by SSgt. Barry Sadler

Realm: Comics
Question: Who were Supergirl's Kryptonian parents?
Answer: Zor-El and Allura.
Song: "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart," by the Coasters

Realm: Advertising
Question: In "Boy's Life," who was the college newspaper reporter featured in the ads for the Bell System?
Answer: Chip Martin, College Reporter.
Song: "A Walk in the Black Forest," by Horst Jankowski

Realm: Sports
Question: Who are the only three professional football players to both rush and pass for more than one hundred yards in a single game?
Answer: Tobin Rote; Virgil Carter; Bobby Douglass.
Song: "Little Darlin'," by the Diamonds

Realm: Movies
Question: What was the last line of "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein," and what actor says it?
Answer: "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm the Invisible Man"; spoken by Vincent Price (offscreen).
Song: "I Love How You Love Me," by the Paris Sisters

Realm: Cartoons
Question: What did Deputy Dawg always say at the beginning of the show, after having been introduced by Muskie Muskrat and Vincent van Gopher?
Answer: "What to say I do not know, so let's get o-o-o-on with the show!"
Song: "(You're My) Soul and Inspiration," by the Righteous Brothers

Realm: TV
Question: In "The Addams Family," what was the name of Morticia's plant?
Answer: Cleopatra.
Song: "Sweet Talkin' Guy," by the Chiffons

Realm: Children's Books
Question: Everybody knows that the Hardy Boys live in Bayport. Do you know what bay Bayport is on?
Answer: Barmet Bay.
Song: "Rag Doll," by the Four Seasons

Realm: Comic Strips
Question: In the comic strip "Brenda Starr," what is Brenda's "darling"s name, and what unusual thing does he need to stay healthy?
Answer: Basil St. John; he needed the essence of black orchids.
Song: "The Great Pretender," by the Platters

Realm: Advertising Subrealm: Children's Toys
Question: According to its advertising, what four specific things can one do with Silly Putty?
Answer: 1) Stretch; 2) Break; 3) Bounce; 4) Pick up Comics.
Song: "Mr. Sandman," by the Chordettes

Realm: Movies
Question: What actors played the three marooned astronauts in the movie, "Marooned"?
Answer: Richard Crenna; Gene Hackman; and James Franciscus.
Song: "A Thousand Stars," by Kathy Young and the Innocents

Realm: Movies Again
Question: In the movie "Viva Max!", a small band of Mexican soldiers took over the Alamo under the leadership of Peter Ustinov. They established a password and reply for entering and leaving the fort. What were the password and reply?
Answer: Password: John Wayne. Reply: Richard Widmark.
Song: "Be True To Your School," by the Beach Boys

Realm: TV
Question: In the television show "Nanny and the Professor," what was Nanny's full character name?
Answer: Phoebe Figalilly.
Song: "Experiment in Terror," by Henry Mancini

Realm: Sports
Question: Whom did Henry Aaron replace in the Milwaukee Braves outfield?
Answer: Bobby Thomson.
Song: "Her Mustache," by Mike Russo (accept MAD Magazine, or Alfred E. Neuman.)

Realm: Comics
Question: In "Archie" comics, what was Jughead Jones' real first name, and what was the name of their super-intelligent friend?
Answer: Forsythe P. Jones, and Dilton Doily.
Song: "Linda," by Jan and Dean

Realm: Advertising
Question: What was the motto of Chef Boy-Ar-Dee products in the 1960's?
Answer: "A meal in a minute with a chef's touch in it."
Song: "Laurie," by Ricky Lee

Realm: Cartoons
Question: In the cartoon show "Johnny Quest," what were the names of: a) Johnny's dog; b) His Indian friend; and c) his father's assistant?
Answer: a) Bandit; b) Hadji; c) Race Bannon.
Song: "The Twist," by Chubby Checker

Realm: Movies
Question: In "The Graduate," what television show is Mrs. Robinson watching, the first time Ben comes to pick up Elaine?
Answer: "The Newlywed Game."
Song: "Hello Mary Lou," by Ricky Nelson

Realm: Sports
Question: Who was the last second baseman to lead the National League in batting?
Answer: Jackie Robinson (1949, with an average of .342).
Song: "Personality," by Lloyd Price

Realm: TV
Question: We have all become accustomed to watching myriads of made-for-TV movies over the past several years. But what was the FIRST movie especially made for television?
Answer: "Fame is the Name of the Game."
Song: "Out of Limits," by the Marketts

Question: A little bit of Billsville trivial lore right now: what is the actual NAME of the A & W Root Beer Drive-In right here in Williamstown?
Answer: Papa Charlie's.
Song: "Peggy Sue," by Buddy Holly and the Crickets

Realm: Comics
Question: In DC Comics, Linda Lee (Supergirl) Danvers had a best friend throughout high school and college. What was her name, and who was her brother?
Answer: Lena Thorul; her brother was none other than the nefarious criminal mastermind Lex Luthor. (Lena's power was ESP, and she was unaware of her relationship to the evil genius.)
Song: "It's Over," by Roy Orbison

Realm: Advertising
Question: Other than milk of magnesia, what are the three main types of laxatives?
Answer: Stimulants, lubricants, and bulk-types.
Song: "Pretty Little Angel Eyes," by Curtis Lee

Realm: Movies
Question: And now, fans, it's time for that traditional question from the all-time megatonnage leader, "Casablanca." We would like to know the name of Rick's cafe in Paris, where he and Ilsa spent such happy hours before the Germans spoiled the fun.
Answer: La Belle Aurore.
Song: "Telstar," by the Tornadoes (of course).

Realm: Sports
Question: Who are the only three men to have gained one hundred yards rushing (or more) in a Superbowl Game?
Answer: Matt Snell (121 yds., 30 att.); and Tom Matte (116 yds., 11 att.), both from Superbowl III; and Larry Czonka (112 yds., 15 att.), in Superbowl VII.
Song: "When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Along," by April Mae and the Blue Skies

Realm: Games
Question: What is the most popular game in France?
Answer: Monopoly.
Song: "Easier Said Than Done," by the Essex

Realm: Cartoons
Question: To whom did Tennessee Tuxedo go for technical guidance and assistance whenever evil threatened?
Answer: Phineas J. Whoopee (and his three-dimensional blackboard).
Song: "Blue Velvet," by Bobby Vinton

Realm: TV
Question: How did Andy Williams end his show every week?
Answer: (Sung) "May each day in the week be a good day, May the Lord always watch over you....... Goodnight, everybody!"
Song: "Finger Poppin' Time," by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters

Realm: Comics
Question: Remember Herbie, that disgusting little slob who dreamed his way through adventure after adventure sucking on a lollipop? Well, we would like to know his last name.
Answer: Popnecker.
Song: "Midnight in Moscow," by Kenny Ball and his Orchestra

Realm: Movies
Question: In "From Russia With Love," James Bond and Kerim Bey assassinate a Russian agent as he attempt sto flee his apartment via a concealed escape-panel. An advertisement for what movie concealed this panel?
Answer: "Call Me Bwana," with Bob Hope and Anita Ekberg.
Song: "Saturday Night at the Movies," by the Drifters

Realm: TV
Question: Who played TIMMY'S (not Jeff's) first mother on "Lassie"?
Answer: Cloris Leachman.
Song: "A Lover's Concerto," by the Toys

Realm: Sports
Question: Who are the only two quarterbacks who have passed for two 400-yard games in a single season?
Answer: George Blanda-- 1961 (Hou. vs. Buffalo, NY-- 404, 418); Joe Namath-- 1972 (NY vs. Balt., Oak-- 496, 403).
Song: "Love Me Tender," by Elvis Presley

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Alright, Stetson Library fans wherever you are, another great Williams College trivia question. What five names appear on the south face of Stetson, over the door?
Answer: Homer, Goethe, Moliere, Cervantes, Franklin.
Song: "Lies," by the Knickerbockers

Realm: Toys
Question: What substance did one need to create "Creepy Crawlers"?
Answer: Plastigoop.
Song: "Chantilly Lace," by the Big Bopper

Realm: Movies
Question: What is the first line of "The Godfather"?
Answer: "I believe in America." (Spoken by Amerigo Bonasera, the undertaker, to Marlon Brando.)
Song: "Book of Love," by the Monotones

Realm: Movies
Question: What is the last line of "Don Juan" (starring Errol Flynn)?
Answer: "There's a little Don Juan in every man, and since I AM Don Juan, there must be more of it in me."
Song: "Perfidia," by the Ventures

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Remember those halycon days of LBJ? And that light-hearted photograph of Lyndon playfully picking his beagle up by the ears? Well, as we all know, LBJ had not one, but TWO beagles. What were their names? (Hint: Their initials were NOT "LBJ.")
Answer: Him and Her.
Song: "Your Auntie Grizelda," by the Monkees


Realm: TV
Question: Obviously, Dr. Richard Kimble was "The Fugitive." But where did it all start? That is, where was his hometown?
Answer: Stafford, Indiana.
Song: "Venus," by Frankie Avalon

Realm: Sports
Question: What was the longest-standing record in professional football, broken in 1972, and who held it?
Answer: George Halas' 98-yard return of Jim Thorpe's fumble in 1923. (Broken by Jack Tatum with 104 yards.)
Song: "Soldier Boy," by the Shirelles

Realm: Cartoons
Question: According to the Walt Disney cartoon, who was Pecos Bill's girlfriend?
Answer: Sluefoot Sue. (His horse was Widowmaker.)
Song: "Little Town Flirt," by Del Shannon

Realm: Advertising
Question: What is "America's greatest family newspaper"?
Answer: Grit.
Song: "Deep Purple," by Nino Tempo and April Stevens

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "The Odd Couple," a scene tales place in a broadcasting booth of a baseball stadium. Felix makes Oscar miss seeing a triple play. Who hit into the triple play?
Answer: Bill Mazeroski.
Song: "Kewpie Doll," by Perry Como

Realm: TV
Question: In "The Dobie Gillis" show, with what words did Maynard G. Krebs introduce himself?
Answer: "You rang."
Song: "Eddie My Love," by the Teen Queens

Realm: Comics
Question: In "Not Brand Ecch" comics, most of the great Marvel superheroes are parodied. What are the parody names for the following three Marvel character
Song: Thor, Hulk, and Captain America?
Answer: The Mighty Sore; The Incredible Bulk; and Charlie America (respectively).
Song: "The Ten Commandments of Love," by Harvey and the Moonglows

Realm: Sports
Question: 1961 was a big year for the Yankees, breaking two of Babe Ruth's long-standing records. Everybody knows of Roger Maris' 61 home runs. But what World Series record of the Babe's was broken, and who broke it?
Answer: Consecutive scoreless innings pitched; broken by Whitey Ford. (Total serie
Song: Babe had 29 2/3; Whitey had 33 2/3.)
Song: "I Will Follow Him," by Little Peggy March

Realm: TV
Question: In the TV show "Hogan's Heroes," the inmates of Stalag 13 were in constant radio communication with the Allied Command, and a submarine. What code names were used to describe London, the sub, and the heroes themselves?
Answer: Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Goldilocks.
Song: "I Hear Trumpets Blow," by the Tokens

Realm: Movies
Question: What was the character name of Matt Helm's adversary?
Answer: Lovey Kravezit (played by Beverly Adams).
Song: "Maybelline," by Chuck Berry

Realm: Advertising
Question: What is the secret ingredient in Di-Gel?
Answer: Symethicone.
Song: "Blue Moon," by the Marcels

Realm: Cartoons
Question: What song was Warner Brothers character Foghorn Leghorn always singing or humming?
Answer: "The Camptown Races." (DO-DAH, DO-DAH)
Song: "Oh Pretty Woman," by Roy Orbison

Realm: Comics
Question: What was the name of the street gang that was continually pestering Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four?
Answer: The Yancey Street Gang.
Song: "The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget," by the Raindrops

Realm: Sports
Question: Who is the only National Leaguer to hit two grand slammers in a single game?
Answer: Tony Cloninger, the Atlanta Braves pitcher. (July 3, 1966 against the Giants.)
Song: "I'm In Love," by Wilson Pickett

Realm: TV
Question: What did Bullwinkle enter into the annual Frostbite Falls Flotilla Festival?
Answer: The ruby yacht of Omar Khayyam.
Song: "Hey Little Cobra," by the Rip Chords

Realm: Movies
Question: At the beginning of "The President's Analyst," Godfrey Cambridge is pushing a clothes rack through Harlem. He was also wearing a sweatshirt. What was written on the sweatshirt?
Answer: "Dizzy Gillespie for President."
Song: "He's A Rebel," by the Crystals

Realm: Williamsiana
Question: Posted in Stetson Library, outside the Reference Room, is a newspaper account of the first intercollegiate baseball game. Strangely enough, the two contestants in this game were Williams and Amherst. What was the final score of the game?
Answer: 73-32; won by Amherst.
Song: "Laugh, Laugh," by the Beau Brummels

Realm: Cartoons
Question: Who were the cat and the mouse featured on "Heckle and Jeckle"?
Answer: Percival and Little Roquefort.
Song: "Why Do Fools Fall in Love?," by Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers

Realm: Movies
Question: What is the last line of "The Cincinnati Kid"?
Answer: "You just ain't ready for me yet."
Song: "Those Oldies But Goodies (Reminds Me of You)," by Little Caesar and the Romans

Realm: Sports
Question: For a player with over 300 attempts, who has the highest lifetime punting average?
Answer: Slingin' Sammy Baugh.
Song: "Rhythm of the Rain," by the Cascades

Realm: TV
Question: What was the character name of the Cartwrights' manservant, on "Bonanza"?
Answer: Hop Sing.
Song: "Heart and Soul," by the Cleftones

Realm: Comics
Question: In "Little Lulu," who did Little Lulu always encounter in her imaginary storytelling adventures?
Answer: Witch Hazel, and Little Itch.
Song: "Baby the Rain Must Fall," by (gag) Glenn Yarborough

Realm: Advertising
Question: Who was the voice of the Dow Bathroom Cleaner's Scrubbing Bubble?
Answer: Jack E. Leonard.
Song: "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes," by Bobby Vee

Realm: Movies
Question: From the movie "Casablanca" (starring Humphrey Bogart), "what watch?"
Answer: Ten watch. (Such much.)
Song: "You're Sixteen," by Johnny Burnette

Realm: TV
Question: What did Bob Cummings say at the beginning of every episode of "Love That Bob"?
Answer: "Hold it! I think you're going to like this picture."
Song: "Big Bad John," by Jimmy Dean

Realm: Sports
Question: What team cut Johnny Unitas in his rookie year?
Answer: The Pittsburgh Steelers.
Song: "Duke of Earl," by Gene Chandler

Realm: Comics
Question: We all know that in the "Pogo" comic strip, Deacon Muskrat speaks in Gothic script. What is characteristic of the speech of P.T. Bridgeport, and Sarcophagus Macabre?
Answer: P.T. Bridgeport's is Star-spangled Circus script; and Sarcophagus Macabre's is heavy undertaker (obituary) black. (A handy sketch further illustrated the answer.)
Song: "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying," by Gerry and the Pacemakers

Realm: Children's Books
Question: In Madeleine L'Engle's classic novel, "A Wrinkle in Time," what were the names of the three spirits who appeared as old women?
Answer: Mrs. Who; Mrs. Whatsit; and Mrs. Which. (They were actually stars who had given their lives to fight the black thing.)
Song: "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail," by Buck Owens and the Buckeroos

Realm: Movies
Question: How long did Mary Poppins say she would stay?
Answer: Until the wind changes.
Song: "I'll Never Find Another You," by the Seekers

Realm: Miscellaneous
Question: Who are, and have always been, the accountants for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences?
Answer: Price, Waterhouse, and Co.
Song: "Java," by Al Hirt

Realm: Advertising
Question: Sing the Chock Full O'Nuts coffee ad jingle.
Answer: "Chock Full o'Nuts is the heavenly coffee, Heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee, Chock Full o'Nuts is the heavenly coffee, Better coffee a millionaire's money can't buy."
Song: "Oh Lonesome Me," by Don Gibson

Realm: Sports
Question: What two major league baseball players began their careers in the 1930s, and finished in the 60s? That is, their playing days spanned four decades.
Answer: Ted Williams, and Stan Musial.
Song: "Heat Wave," by Martha and the Vandellas

Realm: TV
Question: Who were Hoppity Hooper's two sidekicks?
Answer: Waldo Wigglesworth, and Fillmore.
Song: "Whole Lot O' Shakin' Goin' On," by Jerry Lee Lewis

Realm: Movies
Question: What did he say, when he said (go to tape----- don't say "go to tape," asshole!)?
Answer: "Oil can." (play tape.)
Song: "Stand By Your Man," by Tammy Wynette
(Note: The above question included an audio clip of Jack Haley, from "The Wizard of Oz.")

Realm: Advertising Subrealm: The Ralph Nader Memorial Question
Question: What was the name of the spring-loaded toy car that exploded upon impact with the front bumper? (Hint: It is not a Corvair.)
Answer: The Crashmobile.
Song: "Suspicion," by Terry Stafford

Realm: Movies Subrealm: The Arnie Saknussem Memorial Question
Question: Who was Arnie Saknussem?
Answer: He was the first man to "journey" to the center of the earth, in the movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth."
Song: "Western Union," by the Five Americans

Realm: Comics
Question: What were the hometowns of Flash, Green Lantern, and Atom?
Answer: Central City; Coast City; Ivy Town. (These are in order.)
Song: "The Wah Watusi," by the Orlons

Realm: TV
Question: Who was the young Marine who won $12,000 on "Name That Tune"?
Answer: John Glenn.
Song: "Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um," by Major Lance

Realm: Movies
Question: What three animals starred in Disney's "The Incredible Journey"? And what breeds were they?
Answer: Two dogs and a cat-- labrador retriever; bull terrier; and Siamese cat.
Song: "To Know Him Is To Love Him," by the Teddy Bears

Realm: Comics
Question: What is Snuffy Smith's hometown?
Answer: Hootin' Holler.
Song: "Master Jack," by Four Jacks and a Jill

Realm: Sports
Question: Hammerin' Hank Aaron's record-busting home run soared over a billboard, and landed in the Atlanta bullpen. What was the slogan on the billboard?
Answer: "Think of it as money." (Bankamericard)
Song: "It's Just A Little Bit Too Late," by Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders

Realm: TV
Question: Sing the first verse to the theme song for "Branded."
Answer: "All but one man died, There at Bitter Creek. And they say he ran away. Branded! Scorned as the one who ran. What do you do when you're branded, And you know you're a man?"
Song: "Bobby's Girl," by Marcie Blane

Realm: TV
Question: From "Star Trek," what is corbomite?
Answer: It is the imaginary substance which Kirk claimed would insure that any attack sufficiently strong to destroy the Enterprise would result in a cataclysmic, intergalactic reaction, thereby destroying the aggressor. (The bluff worked.)
Song: "White On White," by Danny Williams

Realm: Movies
Question: What was the opening scene of the movie "Wait Until Dark"?
Answer: The cutting open of the doll, and the concealing of the heroin.
Song: "Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard," by Diane Ray

Realm: TV
Question: In "The Dick Van Dyke Show," what were the names of Sally's cat, and her boyfriend?
Answer: Mr. Henderson, and Herman Glimpscher.
Song: "Concrete and Clay," by the Unit Four Plus Two

Realm: Movies
Question: In the movie "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," every star in Hollywood was chasing after a treasure from an infamous robbery. What was the name (the case) of the robbery?
Answer: The Smiler Grogan Case. (They robbed a tuna factory.)
Song: "Society's Child (Baby I've Been Thinking)," by Janis Ian


Realm: Movies
Question: What was the last line of the movie "Frankenstein"?
Answer: "Here's to a son to the house of Frankenstein."
Song: "Twistin' the Night Away," by Sam Cooke