Williams Trivia All Stars

May 15, 2020

Answers for Hour Bonus 3 - Amalgamated Advertising Redux


Num Body Part Product and Character
1 Entire Head Mr. Softee ice cream man
2 Base Scrubbing Bubble, Dow Tub & Tile Cleanser
3 Glasses Mars Blackman (Spike Lee), Nike Shoes


Num Body Part Product and Character
4 Hat Quaker Oats man
5 Head Campbell's Soup kid
6 Glasses/Eyes Charlie The Tuna, StarKist
7 Upper Body/Right Arm Cap'n Crunch
8 Left Arm Frankenberry
9 Lower Body/Legs Pillsbury Doughboy
10 Boots The Jolly Green Giant


Num Body Part Product and Character
11 Ears The (silly) Trix Rabbit
12 Head Quisp (from Quisp cereal)
13 Right Arm Arm & Hammer baking soda
14 Body/Left Arm The Llap-Goch Master (Monty Python ad; Williams Trivia logo)
15 Legs/Feet Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, Cocoa Puffs


Num Body Part Product and Character
16 Hat The Frito Bandito, Frito's Corn Chips
17 Head Mr. Whipple, Charmin toilet tissue
18 Scarf Tony the Tiger, Frosted Flakes
19 Arms/Shoulders Mr. Clean
20 Torso Jim Palmer, Jockey brand underwear
21 Legs/Feet The Michelin Man


Num Body Part Product and Character
22 Umbrella The Morton Salt girl
23 Hat Fruit of the Loom apple guy
24 Head Punchy (the "How'd you like a nice Hawaiian Punch?" guy)
25 Right Arm Ronald McDonald
26 Torso/Left Arm/Cape Count Chocula
27 Lower Body/Legs/Feet Mr. Peanut, Planter's


Num Body Part Product and Character
28 Hat & Facial Hair Travelocity / The Roaming Gnome
29 Face Gerber / Gerber Baby (Bonus for "Ann Turner Cook " who was the actual baby
30 Torso Little Caesars / Little Caesar
31 Arms & Hands M&M's / Ms. Green
32 Legs & Tail Cheeto's / Chester Cheetah


Num Body Part Product and Character
33 Hair Wendy's Restaurants / Wendy (Bonus for Wendy Thomas) (Double bonus for "Melinda Lou "Wendy" Thomas-Morse")
34 Head, Torso, & Arms Lard Lad Donuts / Lard Lad (from The Simpsons)
35 Legs Bigboy Restaurants / Big Boy
36 Sword Captain Morgan Rum / Captain Morgan (Extra Credit for "Sir Henry Morgan")
37 Whatever that thing is on the top BIC Pens / The BIC boy (Not actually the founder (Marcel Bich)