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Label the Booty

Famous Booty

(identify the booty) Booty in music A couple of artists have been audacious enough to show us booty right on the cover of their album. Here's a few. Identify the artist and album.

Pirate Booty

  1. In the late 1600s, what was the difference between a pirate and a privateer?

  2. What event, in 1836, put an end to the pirate practice of plundering shipwrecked ships in the Bahamas?

  3. English pirate Edward Teach amassed tremendous amounts of booty before being vanquished in 1718. Under what name was Teach known?

  4. North African Corsairs were pirates authorized, by their governments, to prey upon the ships of what type of nations?

  5. What class of pirates got their name from the French word for barbecue?

  6. The infamous Captain Kidd took his first load of pirate booty to New York, believing he could fool people into thinking he'd stolen it from Frechmen and other pirates - but he was caught in the deception immediately, hung, and dipped in tar before being hung in the Thames river as a warning to other pirates. To whom did his booty belong?

  7. What was the standard penalty for smuggling untaxed gold to Spain in the sixteenth century?

  8. Which famous pirate is known for his first-ever attack, on the Cuban city of Puerto del Principe, in which he plundered three hundred thousand pieces of eight, plus five hundred head of cattle and many prisoners?

  9. Maritime piracy still happens today. Last November marked the first time in modern times that a navy has fired on a pirate ship. Which navy was it?

  10. In "Treasure Island", what is actually buried at the place where X marks the spot?

  11. What treasure ends up being left behind?


  1. From which country did Djibouti gain independence in 1977?

  2. Who was the leader who led Djibouti to independence and became the country's first post-colonial head of state?

  3. What's the most serious obstacle to travel in Djibouti?

  4. Djibouti sent one athlete to the Olympics in Sydney. What was the competitor's name, event and finish?

  5. What industry provides over 75% of Djibouti's income?

  6. What recent news story thrust Djibouti into America's collective (in)attention?

  7. In what statistic does Djibouti routinely set records?

  8. What drug is routinely used in public by Djiboutians?

William 'Bootsy' Collins

  1. What was the name of his first band, and why have you heard them?

  2. Why did Bootsy quit playing for James Brown?

  3. What children's album did Bootsy help record?

  4. Bootsy tells interviewers that he had three distinct stage personalities when playing for Pfunk. What are the three faces of Bootsy?

  5. What famous rapper guest stars on Bootsy's latest studio release?


  1. What are the constellation's Right Ascension and Declination?

  2. What is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation (the fourth brightest star in Earth's sky)?

  3. Bootes is most commonly known today as the Hunter or the Herdsman. What animal is he perceived to be hunting (or protecting) in the night sky?

  4. What famous source provides the first historical reference to the name "Bootes"? In the blank space provided, please draw the constellation Bootes (scored for accuracy in the placement of the stars, and for creativity in connecting the dots)


  1. In Roman society, what did the number of knots on your boot symbolize?

  2. Boots, of course, were a men's fashion in the middle ages. Henry IV had a distinctive swagger from his boots which became the height of macho fashion. What was true about his boots that led to this swagger?

  3. Rather than be supported by the faithful, these saints chose to practice the profession of shoemaking, making shoes for the poor at night, after preaching all day. The leather for their shoes was reputedly brought to them nightly by angels. Identify these brothers, whose names are mostly known because of a Shakesperean soliloquy:

  4. With what famous people are these footwear associated?

  5. Whether you prefer a high heel and pointed toes, or a lower heel and a rounder toe, these Hollywood kangaroo-skin creations are an excuse for men to share the thrill of standing on elevated footwear. What are we talking about?

  6. During the reign of Edward III, what was the difference between a gentleman's poulaine and that of a merchant? What's a poulaine anyway?

  7. The platform shoe's been around the fashion cycle a few times now. Sumptuary laws in nineteenth and early twentieth century Italy legislated against the platform shoe. Why?

Prizes and Awards

  1. What is the amount of monetary booty received by each Nobel Prize winner, in the original currency?

  2. What is the amount of monetary booty received by each Pulitzer Prize winner?

  3. Which two tennis tournaments ("Open"s) award equal monetary booty to male and female players?

  4. For what amount of monetary booty did Charles Lindbergh struggle to be the first to fly New York-Paris?

  5. When Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones circumnavigated the globe by hot air and helium balloon, what booty did they win, and from whom?

  6. Describe the X-Prize competition, and tell us what the booty is.

Random Booty

  1. Name the Booty from its description:

    1. The annual tribute paid by England for about a century to escape Viking raids.
    2. Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001: A Space Odyssey, discovered this sunken trove of silver rupees while diving off the coast of Sri Lanka.
    3. "300 heaps of gold weighing more than 600,000 Pesos, melted into bars and stamped with the royal arms," along with assorted jewels and ceremonial garments.

  2. What tongue-twister starts off a song-and-dance number in "Singin' in the Rain"?

  3. Why is Ginger Rogers often said to have been a better dancer than Fred Astaire?

  4. What's the Greek-derived word for "having beautiful buttocks"?

  5. Tito Puento said, famously, that "Salsa is a sauce." What did he consider the appropriate name for what is commonly called salsa dancing?

  6. You've seen it in the movies, you may have participated in it yourself: the lifting of a bride and groom on chairs. At what other occasion is a couple customarily lifted in a chair dance at a Jewish wedding, and what's the name of the dance in which it occurs?

  7. What Roman emperor's name actually means "booty" (lit. "little boots")?

  8. Of whom was Chris Rock speaking when he commented at the 1999 MTV music video awards that she should "Thank her ass" for her success?