Honey Bunches of Scrote

January 15-16, 2016

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Super 1 10:00 PM Star Wars! Answers
Super 2 2:00 AM Scrotal Connectivity Answers


Hour 1 10:00 PM Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz Answers
Hour 2 11:00 PM Covers Answers
Hour 3 12:00 AM Williamsiana Answers
Hour 4 1:00 AM Just a Little, Caught in the Middle Answers
Hour 5 2:00 AM Jim Henson Answers
Hour 6 3:00 AM You + Me = Sry. Math 2 Hard 4 Me Answers
Hour 7 4:00 AM I'd Like To Thank... Answers
Hour 8 5:00 AM One Away… Answers


Action 1 Murder She Scrote 10:40 PM Whodunnit? Tension builds in the room as the detective in your short film reveals who committed the crime! Film the best reveal scene from a murder mystery for us. Upload the video and put the link here! Submissions
Action 2 Private Browsing... 11:40 PM No verbal frills will make this more enticing, so let’s be straightforward. Create a short intro (and only an intro!) scene for a pornographic film. No need to remove too much clothing. ;) Send us a link to the video! Submissions
Action 3 Stay Frosty Friends 12:40 AM It’s been a very warm winter, but now there’s snow on the ground in Willytown! Build a snow sculpture that is evocative of your team name! No snow where you are? Any white snow-like objects will do (Cotton balls, powdered sugar, styrofoam, you do you). Upload the pic and send us a link! Submissions
Action 4 Fill in the Blank Space 1:40 AM I stay up too late! You do too, when you create your Taylor Swift music video, for our viewing pleasure. You don’t need to do more than 30 seconds, but we of course the more the merrier! Submissions
Action 5 Divisional Disputes 2:40 AM Vintage Action Trivia! We think you should be well-rounded. This is why you must now act out an “episode” of Div. 1 vs. Div 3 Family Feud. Post your video to the video sharing platform of your choice and submit the link. Submissions
Action 6 Donatello? More Like DiGiorno's 3:40 AM Why would you even be doing this contest without snacks? Create a sculpture using the remnants of your ravenous consumption (pizza boxes, trays, etc.) Upload a picture of your monstrosity and include the link to the picture here! Submissions
Action 7 Hi, I'm Tired. Welcome to My Crib! 4:40 AM You must be thinking about sleeping right now. Use that to your advantage and build a pillow fort, giving us a tour of the structure in the style of MTV Cribs. Be careful not to fall asleep in it! Send us a link to a video of your tour. Submissions


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