FourOreos Away from Paradise

May 10-11, 2019

Action Trivia Submissions

Highest-scoring submissions are shown in boldface

Note: in-person performances and those submitted via email might not appear on this page.

Action #1: Grit in your teeth

With Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog getting gritty reboots, what old favorite would you like to see get some grit? Show us the preview!

Action #2: Craigslist

Create a craigslist style want-ad for your team, picture and all.

Action #3: Recreate your favorite Vine

Redo one of your favorite vines. (The 6-second videos, we mean, not the jungle foliage!)

Action #4: Tourism...

You've been hired by the Alpha Centauri Board of Tourism to get people excited about visiting your system. Produce a pamphlet, sign, radio or television ad for your home system and/or planet.

Action #5: Human tricks

What novel skills does your team have? show us your hand stands, juggling, knot tying, or whatever.

Action #6: Serfdom Daytime Television

Show us your sitcom from the 1500's.

Action #7: Re-create a nursery rhyme

Re-create a nursery rhyme of your choice in a specific style (broadway, pop, classical, r&b, etc.)