FourOreos Away from Paradise

May 10-11, 2019

On-Air Questions and Songs

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Number 1
Realm Television
Subrealm Mother Forking Shirt Balls
Question The NBC comedy The Good Place revolves around a quirky view of the afterlife. During the first season our heroes Eleanor, Chidi, Jason, and Tahani, find themselves dead, and living now in a beautiful neighborhood with many frozen yogurt shops. They believe they are in "The Good Place," only to find out, at the end of the season, that no, they are actually being tortured in The Bad Place. (The frozen yogurt was a clue.) Since then, they have been pinballing around all over the cosmos, trying to get into the real Good Place. At one point this year they got as close as the Good Place's mail room, where only a two-inch thick door stood between them and eternal happiness. How did Eleanor poetically describe their position?
Answer Four Oreos Away from Paradise
Song Spirit in the Sky
Artist Norman Greenbaum
Hint T: An oreo is, indeed, about half an inch thick.
Number 2
Realm Star Trek
Subrealm Old Friends
Question In the 1967 Star Trek episode Space Seed, we learn that Kirk's future nemesis is named Khan Noonien Singh. Later, in the 1987 episode Datalore, we learn that Data's creator was named Noonian Soong. Why did Gene Roddenberry make the two names so similar?
Answer Roddenberry had an old friend named Noonien Wang, with whom he had lost touch. He gave the name to Khan in hopes of hearing from his friend, and when that didn't work in the 60s, he tried again in the 80s. But to no avail.
Song Bilbo Baggins
Artist Leonard Nimoy
Hint T: The two characters are not related by blood.
Note Noonien Wang was a pilot with Roddenberry in World War II.
Number 3
Realm Alcohol
Subrealm Potatoes
Question In the 1950s, most vodka was made from potatoes, which gave it a somewhat oily texture. How did that cement itself into pop culture?
Answer James Bond's imperative that his martinis be "shaken, not stirred".
Song Shake It
Artist Metro Station
Hint T: Vodka is now made from grain. Pure grain.
Note Shaking a martini spreads the oil around, making the drink less unpleasant. Most vodka is now made from grain, so shaking is obsolete.
Number 4
Realm Law Enforcement
Subrealm Precedent
Question On a particular night in 1872, police officer William West observed a horse-drawn carriage speeding through the streets of his city. When stopped, the driver promised it would not happen again, and he was let off with a warning. However, the very next day Officer West observed the same carriage speeding again, and this time the driver was arrested. Why are we talking about this incident 147 years later?
Answer The driver was president Ulysses S. Grant, and a precedent was set that yes, a president can be arrested when he commits a crime.
Song The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down
Artist The Band
Hint T:The driver had a reputation for drinking whiskey as well as driving fast.
Number 5
Realm Literature
Subrealm Choices
Question Who said this, and what was the question to which it was an answer? "The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense."
Answer Douglas Adams' answer to the question "Why did you make 42 the answer to life, the universe, and everything?"
Song Vote Beeblebrox
Artist The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Movie
Hint The question is harder to find than the answer.
Number 6
Realm Mysteries
Subrealm French Mysteries
Question A thirty-year mystery in Northern France was recently solved when an environmental activist got a tip that a broken shipping container was wedged deep inside a cave on the Brittany Coast. What had been gradually leaking out of the container since the mid-1980s?
Answer Parts of Garfield telephones. They are yellow and shaped like Garfield the cat. The container apparently fell off a ship in about 1985, and hundreds of parts are still being found on the beaches each year.
Song Telephone
Artist Lady GaGa feat. Beyoncé
Hint The item is obsolete now, but its inspiration lives on.
Number 7
Realm Movies
Subrealm Mad Skillz
Question The producers of "The 40-year-old Virgin" hired an actress for a bit part in the movie based on a skill she put on her resume. It turned out that she wasn't very good at it, though, and Steve Carell paid the price. What was the skill she didn't quite have?
Answer Body waxing. The scene where Steve Carell has his chest waxed was real, and very painful.
Song Heat of the Moment
Artist Asia
Hint This practice is estimated to have originated in 1150 BC Egypt.
Note If you watch closely, you can see the other actors in the scene cracking up, and you can also see some blood seeping from Carell's chest wound.
Number 8
Realm News
Subrealm Unsolved Thievery
Question A jewlery store owner was surprised to find a number of valuable earings missing from his shop this past year, yet upon reviewing the security cameras decided NOT to prosecute, and was in fact thankful. Who took the treasure, and why is this a good thing?
Answer Because the earings were stolen by a rat, which the man believes to be a reincarnation of the goddess Parvati. The man was honored to be chosen, and if found will bring the earings to the temple.
Song Round and Round
Artist Ratt
Number 9
Realm Things that don't float
Subrealm Churches
Question In light of the recent Notre Dame fire, some are theorizing that an unlikely, yet painstaking two year recreation of the cathedral may be used as a reference for rebuilding the real thing. Where is that recreation from?
Answer Assassin's Creed: Unity
Song Everybody's Got the Right
Artist Stephen Sondheim
Hint T: Arno Dorian is the main character in this recreation.
Number 10
Realm Music
Subrealm How the magic is made
Question What do the hits Candy Man by Sammie Davis Jr., Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys, I Was Made To Love Her by Stevie Wonder and The World We Knew by Frank SInatra all have in common?
Answer Carol Kaye, widely considered to be one of the best record bassists in the world, played on all of their studio recordings.
Song Feelin' Alright
Artist Joe Cocker
Hint Listen to the bass.
Number 11
Realm Movies
Subrealm That we never got to see
Question In 1974, the cult movie director Alejandro Jodorowsky was set to produce a Dune movie with an all-star, occasionally surprising, cast. Unfortunately the movie never went forward because no studio would produce it with Jodorowsky at the helm. Who had agreed to play Feyd-Rautha?
Answer Mick Jagger
Song Moves Like Jagger
Artist Maroon 5
Hint Sting was definitely a downgrade when the actual film came around a decade later
Number 12
Realm Baseball
Subrealm If you watch it long enough, you‚€™ll see everything
Question Tigers at White Sox, April 26, 2019, bottom of the 7th, runners on 1st and 3rd. Batter Jose Abreu hits the ball over the outfield wall. The two lead runners score. But after umpire review, Abreu is out and his hit is ruled a single. What happened?
Answer As Abreu ran, he was watching the ball go out, and didn‚€™t notice that the runner on first had waited at the base in case the ball was caught, and Abreu ran past him. Passing a preceding runner is against the rules, and the batter is called out if he does it.
Song Don't Run Too Far
Artist Golden Earring
Number 13
Realm Animals
Subrealm Tracking
Question What do cow noses, mouse ears, and zebra stripes all have in common?
Answer They all contain unique patterns (like fingerprints) that can be used to identify individuals.
Song The Myth of Fingerprints
Artist Paul Simon
Number 14
Realm Cold War Relics
Subrealm From Russia without Love
Question In 2001, a group of investors flew to Russia in an attempt to purchase ICBMs, but they were rebuffed and even spat on. No, they weren't North Koreans. What was born of the failed purchase?
Answer SpaceX. The lead investor was Elon Musk, and he realized he could make rockets cheaper than buying them.
Song Rocket 88
Artist Ike Turner / Jackie Brenston
Number 15
Realm Music
Subrealm In Stereo
Question Neil Young once took Graham Nash out in a boat onto a lake in order to listen to Young's new album. Young's house and barn were both next to the lake, and when they got to the middle the music started, with the left channel blasting from a huge speaker in the house and the right channel blasting from a huge speaker in the barn. Afterward, Young's producer came to the shore and asked how it sounded, and Young yelled... What?
Answer "More Barn!" (He said it sounded a little "House heavy.")
Song Harvest
Artist Neil Young
Number 16
Realm Trivia
Subrealm Music
Question This is a THREE POINT PLAY. Over the last 27 Williams Trivia contests, there have been 11 artists whose songs have been played 10 or more times on the air. For one point, name 5 of them, and for 2 points, name all 11.
Answer David Bowie, Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Who, REM, Weird Al Yankovic, Queen, The Beatles
Song Bohemian Polka
Artist Weird Al Yankovic
Note And the winner is.. The Beatles, played 39 times, way out in front of Queen's 21, in second place. (For the MUSIC: Accept Bohemian Rhapsody as an answer, since the lyrics are identical.)
Number 17
Realm Television
Subrealm Cooking
Question In the premier episode of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg make fried chicken that may or may not have marijuana in it. And over dinner Martha reveals that something has happened to her three times in her life. What is it?
Answer She has been struck by lightning three times.
Song This Is What You Came For
Artist Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna
Hint lightning strikes every time she moves
Number 18
Realm Politics
Subrealm Heroes
Question Whose face does Trump associate Roger Stone have tattooed on his back?
Answer Richard Nixon
Song Dickie's Such An Asshole
Artist Frank Zappa
Hint This person made a cameo on the comedy show, "Laugh In"
Note ‚€œWomen love it,‚€Ě according to Stone.
Number 19
Realm Television
Subrealm Theme Songs
Question The moment has arrived! Very shortly, your host will be posting a phone number into your chat room. We would like you to use that to call up and sing us one or more television theme songs. Here are your choices: Sponge Bob Squarepants, Hannah Montana, Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, Jimmy Neutron, Phinean & Ferb, The Addams Family, The Flintstones, or Red Dwarf. This is a THREE-POINT PLAY. One point for one song, two points for two songs. Applause for more than two songs.
Answer Be Generous!
Song Paradise by the Dashboard Light
Artist Meatloaf
Note At least 5 members of Four Oreos treated everyone to their rendition of the Sponge Bob theme song after the question was over.
Number 20
Realm Go big or go home
Subrealm Can you really see it from space?
Question What supersize celebrity's TV appearances include an ad for the reality show Bringing Up Bates, Jimmy Kimmel Live, an ad featuring the Seattle Children's Hospital and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and an episode of Big Bang Theory?
Answer The giant 93" Costco teddy bear
Song Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear
Artist Elvis Presley
Note The bear is manufactured by Hugfun International and sold primarily in Costco stores.
Number 21
Realm Space
Subrealm Food
Question Before the Gemini 3 launch on March 23, 1965 Astronaut Wally Schirra purchased something for fellow astronaut John Young to take into space. What was it?
Answer A Corned Beef Sandwich
Song Fly Me To The Moon
Artist Frank Sinatra
Note Command pilot Gus Grissoolm said later, "After the flight our superiors at NASA let us know in no uncertain terms that non-man-rated corned beef sandwiches were out for future space missions. But John's deadpan offer of this strictly non-regulation goodie remains one of the highlights of our flight for me."
Number 22
Realm Food
Subrealm Art!
Question In October of 2016, as part of the 100-year anniversary celebration of the Bodo Glimt football club, Norwegian chefs broke the world record for the largest mosaic of its kind with 20,647 individual "tiles." What were the tiles?
Answer Pieces of sushi
Song Turning Japanese
Artist The Vapors
Note The count of 20,647 was actually from an earlier record set 2 years before. The Norwegian mosaic was 56.50 square meters in area, and included 800 kg salmon, 400 kg rice, 200 l rice vinegar, 480 kg cucumber and 10 kg chives.
Number 23
Realm Food
Subrealm For the elite
Question What tasty but not particularly elitist treat costs more per ounce than filet mignon?
Answer Movie theatre popcorn
Song Popcorn
Artist Gershon Kingsley
Number 24
Realm Public service
Subrealm Celebrity edition
Question Angelina Jolie, Steven Spielberg, Bob Hope, Bill & Melinda Gates, George H.W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Rudy Giuliani, Walter Annenberg, Billy Graham, and James Watson all have something in common besides being notable Americans. It's something they share with not many other Americans. What is it?
Answer They have all been granted honorary Knighthoods/Damehoods of the British Empire
Song London Calling
Artist The Clash
Number 25
Realm Politicians
Subrealm Claims to fame
Question What politician, who was a former fugitive, kept a wanted poster with his name on it in his office?
Answer Winston Churchill
Song Rule Brittania!
Artist James Thomson
Note Winston Churchill was a prisoner of war in South Africa when he was a young man. He escaped, and was hunted as a fugitive until he managed to get out of the country.
Number 26
Realm Celebrities
Subrealm Awards
Question What honor was bestowed upon Josh Hutcherson, Johnny Depp, Ashley Judd, Elvis Presley, Barry Manilow, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Muhammad Ali for their noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to the community, state, or the nation.
Answer The lifelong title of Kentucky Colonel.
Song If You're Ever Gonna Love Me
Artist The New Kentucky Colonels
Number 27
Realm American History
Subrealm Food
Question Whom do Americans have to thank for introduing the nation to mac and cheese, ice cream, and french fries?
Answer Thomas Jefferson
Song What'd I Miss
Artist Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton)
Number 28
Realm Brains
Subrealm Brains
Question You just found out about x, but now x is here, and x is there and x is everywhere and you can't stop seeing x... What is the name of this effect?
Answer Baader-Meinhoff Effect
Song Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
Artist Elton John
Hint T: This question brought to you by the Rote Armee Fraktion
Note The version of the song played was a remix created by Four Oreos' own Jacob Moga.
Number 29
Realm Sports
Subrealm Kentucky Derby
Question Many are calling the 145th Kentucky Derby the most controversial in the histroy of the event, what is the source of the controversy?
Answer Maximum Security, the horse that took first place, was disqualified for interfering with the other horses by drifting into their paths.
Song Sabotage
Artist Beastie Boys
Number 30
Realm Movies
Subrealm Marvel Movies
Question According to Infinity War director Joe Russo, "He got snapped in the middle of a game. He was seconds away from his all-time high score... He's gone." What character from the first Avengers movie suffered this horrible fate?
Answer "Galaga Guy", the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent whom Tony Stark caught playing Galaga on the bridge of the aircraft carrier.
Song Popcorn
Artist Hot Butter
Number 31
Realm Historical Pursuits
Subrealm Archaeology
Question In April, 2014, archaeologists began digging at a site near Alamagordo, New Mexico, and uncovered thousands of artifacts. What did they find?
Answer Thousands of cartridges from Atari games dumped when the company was struggling to stay in business. Most especially the E.T. video game, which was legendarily bad and didn't sell at all.
Song Surfin' Bird (aka Bird is the Word)
Artist The Trashmen
Hint Phone home
Number 32
Realm Sports
Subrealm College Sports
Question This is the only currently played co-ed college sport where you can score the most goals and still lose.
Answer Quidditch
Song Do You Believe in Magic
Artist The Lovin' Spoonful
Hint T: This sport is a *clean* version of rugby
Number 33
Realm Literature
Subrealm Tolkien
Question Some people think that Gandalf should have come up with a better plan for the Fellowship of the Ring than just walking all the way to Mordor. And some people find an answer to that riddle in Gandalf's final words to his companions as he falls into the pit with the balrog. What did he say, and how could the company have taken the hint and been more efficient?
Answer "Fly, you fools!" Some people think Gandalf's plan all along was for the Fellowship to make contact with the Eagles on the other side of the mountains, and be flown to Mt. Doom.
Song Don't Bring Me Down
Artist ELO
Hint S: This song is from the album "Discovery"
Number 34
Realm The Frozen Tundra
Subrealm Good for some things, apparently
Question The name ‚€œGreen Bay, Wisconsin‚€Ě calls to mind images of deep snowdrifts and burly men dressed in green and yellow. However, the city is also known as the capital of the world for another commodity. What is it?
Answer Toilet paper
Song My Paper Heart
Artist All American Rejects
Hint When a person says "paper," the host can say "more specific than that."
Number 35
Realm Big jobs
Subrealm Even bigger when done right
Question Painting this Michigan landmark normally takes about seven years, however the current project, begun in 1999, is only now nearing completion, due to the need to remove every flake of the old lead-based paint and dispose of it in landfills approved for hazardous materials. Name this landmark.
Answer Mackinac Bridge
Song London Bridge
Artist Fergie
Number 36
Realm Theater
Subrealm Shakespeare
Question How did theater techs at Shakespeare's Globe Theater simulate the sound of thunder?
Answer They rolled cannonballs across the floor above the stage.
Song Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Artist Cannonball Adderley Quintet
Number 37
Realm Our Food Supply
Subrealm Shrimp
Question On May 1st, 2019, a study was published showing that 100% of samples of freshwater shrimp caught in Sufflok, UK contained what?
Answer Cocaine, among other things. (But make them say cocaine.)
Song Can't Feel My Face
Artist The Weeknd
Note Many pharmaceuticals wer found in addition to the illicit drugs. None were in large enough quantities to be harmful.
Number 38
Realm Candy
Subrealm German
Question Which nostaligic candy gets its name from the German word for peppermint?
Answer Pez
Song Rock Me Amadeus
Artist Falco
Note PfeffErminZ
Number 39
Realm Sea Travel
Subrealm Jewelry
Question Sailors and pirates wore silver or gold hoop earrings to indicate that they had previously crossed the equator on a voyage. What was the reason for using precious metals to commemorate this accomplishment?
Answer Silver or gold earrings were valuable enough that they could be used to pay for a deceased sailor or pirate's funeral if their body washed up on shore.
Song Dead!
Artist My Chemical Romance
Number 40
Realm American Culture
Subrealm Jewelry
Question When ear piercings gained popularity again in the late 1950s and early 1960s, many teenage girls held ear piercing parties in which they would pierce each others' ears because at the time there weren't many places to get the procedure done professionally . Which movie that is set in 1959 depicts one of these gatherings?
Answer Grease
Song Physical
Artist Olivia Newton-John
Hint T: The movie was released in 1978
Number 41
Realm State History
Subrealm Iowa
Question At one point in its history, Iowa had 23 different combinations of dates to designate what?
Answer The beginning and end of Daylight Saving Time.
Song Daylight
Artist Matt and Kim
Number 42
Realm TV
Subrealm Netflix
Question Netflix reportedly sent an email in December of 2017 to check in on a user after they watched the entirety of which TV series in a span of ten days?
Answer The Office (US Version)
Song My Strange Addiction
Artist Billie Eilish
Hint the song contains clips from the show
Number 43
Realm Death
Subrealm It helps to have friends
Question When cancer overtook famous rock star Lemmy Kilmister and he was confined to his room as he died, what strange act of gratitude was undertaken by the owner of the Rainbow Bar & Grill which Lemmy was a daily fixture at during the last few decades of his life?
Answer He brought the video arcade poker machine to Lemmys house where he was under medical care and unable to leave, so that he could continue to play it until he died.
Song Ace of Spades
Artist Motörhead
Hint T: What fixture of the bar was Lemmy a fixture at? A: What band was Lemmy Kilmister in?
Number 44
Realm History
Subrealm The Royals
Question Who is the first person born into the British Royal Family that is acknowledged to be of African descent.
Answer Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's baby boy, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.
Song Let's Go Crazy
Artist Prince
Hint T: Also the youngest person in the British Royal Family
Note The baby was only given the name Archie Harrison on the day of the contest.
Number 45
Realm Fantasy
Subrealm Or maybe just delusion.
Question What fantasy series, published in the late 1970s, chronicles the adventures of a man suffering from leprosy in a fantasy realm in which he is cured, and which he (mostly) does not believe exists outside his own delusions?
Answer The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever. ("Lord Foul's Bane", "The Illearth War", "The Power That Preserves")
Song City of Delusion
Artist Muse
Number 46
Realm Fantasy
Subrealm Sci-fi?
Question In David Brin's "Uplift War" and related books, one recurring charactor is an Earthling named Fiben Bolger. What might a present day earthling reading the books find significant about this charactor?
Answer Fiben is a neochimpanzee
Song Hey Hey we're the monkees
Artist The Monkees
Number 47
Realm Current Sports Events
Subrealm Terrible People
Question Australian rugby player Israel Folau may have his contract terminated soon due to an Instagram post claiming that homosexuals, liars, and drunks have Hell awaiting them, which is a breach of his contract. The head coach of which nation's rugby team has unfortunately offered to take him in if his contract is terminated?
Answer Tonga
Song Raining Men
Artist The Weather Girls
Number 48
Realm Politics
Subrealm Election intrigue
Question What happened during Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign that caused accusations of abuse of executive power, but only when it was revealed decades later?
Answer LBJ ordered the CIA to spy on the Goldwater campaign and steal speech talking points so as to preempt them in his own campaign events.
Song crushcrushcrush
Artist Paramore
Number 49
Realm Literature
Subrealm Business is Business
Question In the novel Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, Milo Minderbender runs a business syndicate from the airbase that he serves at in the US Army Air Corps during WWII. What does he do out of desperation when he is running out of clients and needs to keep his underlings paid?
Answer He accepts a cash offer from the Germans to bomb and machine gun his own airfield with his own aircraft, and then land at the same airfield when finished.
Song Aeroplane
Artist Red Hot Chili Peppers
Hint You might wonder what happened to the underlings.
Number 50
Realm Television
Subrealm Science Fiction
Question Captain Ed Mercer of the starship Orville always has two things on his desk. What are they?
Answer A model of the Wright Brothers' plane, and Kermit the Frog
Song Rainbow Connection
Artist Weezer (feat. Hayley Williams)
Number 51
Realm Pop Culture
Subrealm Songs and Superheroes
Question Which Marvel superhero gets namedropped as a lyric in a 1968 Beatles tune?
Answer Captain Marvel. The entire line is "So Captain Marvel zapped him right between the eyes" from The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill.
Song Come As You Are
Artist Nirvana
Hint The character's entrance into the Marvel CInematic Universe was highly anticipated.
Note The is part of the sound track in Captain Marvel.
Number 52
Realm Pokemon
Subrealm Origins
Question This is a three-point play! What is the first Pokemon? There are 4 possible answers: the first Pokemon drawn, the first in the Pokedex, the creator of the Pokemon universe, and the progenitor of all Pokemon. Answer two of these for one point, and all four for two points.
Answer Rhydon was the first drawn, Bulbasaur is the first in the Pokedex, Arceus is the creator of the universe, and Mew is the ancestor of all Pokemon.
Song Pokemon Theme Song (Gotta Catch 'em All)
Artist Pokémon, Ben Dixon, John Loeffler & John Siegler
Number 53
Realm Economics
Subrealm Commodities
Question What commodity caused a stock market bubble and crash in 1637?
Answer Tulip bulbs
Song Tip-Toe Thru' the Tulips
Artist Tiny Tim
Hint Might be the most beautiful way to crash a stock market.
Note There was a tulip mania in Amsterdam at the time.
Number 54
Realm Food
Subrealm Or is it a fashion statement?
Question Nowadays, you can buy one for a few dollars in nearly any grocery store. But in eighteenth century England, they were so expensive that you could rent one by the hour to show off at parties. What are we talking about?
Answer Pineapple
Song I Know You Know (the theme from Psych)
Artist The friendly indians
Hint T: James Roday famously improvised a joke using this item in the TV show Psych A: the name of this band runs in direct contention with an old childrens game
Number 55
Realm Origin Stories
Subrealm The Internet
Question What incident in early 2004 made Jawed Karim think that there really ought to be a central repository for internet videos, leading to the creation of YouTube?
Answer Janet Jackson's warbrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl
Song Dirty Diana
Artist Michael Jackson
Hint The person responsible starred in the sitcom Good Times for two seasons.
Note Karim had a hard time finding a video of the incident online, so he found a solution.
Number 56
Realm Economics
Subrealm In unusual places
Question In 2001, an economist named Edward Castronova published a paper claiming that a particular city with less than a million inhabitants had a currency stronger than the Japanese Yen. Where is the city?
Answer The city is Norrath, in the online game Everquest
Song Games Without Frontiers
Artist Peter Gabriel
Hint It wasn't World of Warcraft related.
Number 57
Realm Space
Subrealm Where it pays to be prepared
Question In the mid 1970s the Soviet Union launched three Almaz space stations. As far as we know they are the only real manned spacecraft to have what in common with nearly every fictional manned spacecraft?
Answer They were armed, with a 23mm Rapid-fire cannon
Song Sapphire Bullets
Artist They Might Be Giants
Hint There are questions as to how effective this would actually be in space.
Note Yes, you can fire guns in space, and they did actually fire one of the space station guns. They had to re-orient the whole station to do it.
Number 58
Realm Language
Subrealm Sometimes contagious
Question In his book The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins coined what term for a unit of cultural transmission?
Answer meme
Song Invasion of the Gabber Robots
Artist The Laziest Men On Mars
Hint You've probably seen at least three today.
Number 59
Realm Medicine
Subrealm In the 19th century
Question Surgeon Robert Liston was known for his speed, which was a valuable thing in the days before anesthesia. Before befinning an operation he would say to the spectators, "Time me gentlemen, time me." But on one occasion he managed to have the highest mortality rate for any surgery on record. What happened?
Answer He swung his knife so fast that he cut off the fingers of his assistant, and then on the backswing he caught the coattails of another man who died of fright. Both the assistant and the patient died, making the mortality rate 300%.
Song Butcher Pete
Artist Roy Brown
Hint S: The first word of this song, and the last name of the artist make an alliteration
Number 60
Realm Toys
Subrealm Classics
Question To the delight of children and cats everywhere, what unusual object was added to the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2005 alongside other classic favorites the Candy Land and Jack-In-The-Box.
Answer The Cardboard Box
Song Heart Shaped Box
Artist Nirvana
Hint This and some imagination are all Spongebob needs.
Number 61
Realm Industry
Subrealm Secondary Industry
Question What product and household brand was started by Henry Ford as an easy way to dispose of extra wood from the manufacture of the Model T automobile?
Answer Kingsford Charcoal Briquets
Song We Didn't Start The Fire
Artist Billy Joel
Hint T: Hank Hill despises this product
Number 62
Realm The Internet
Subrealm TLD(R)s
Question What seeminlgy normal top-level domain name, similar to .org, .net and .com, has hit snags following objections by several countries over the conflict between the online world and the real world, and what was was the objection?
Answer .amazon - It was applied for by Amazon the company, but Brazil and Peru and objected to on the grounds that Amazon the company would not allow for use of the domains in the public interest and related to the protection and promotion of the region.
Song Welcome to the Jungle
Artist Guns N' Roses
Hint Bring bugspray.
Number 63
Realm Names
Subrealm Names That Begin With F
Question F. Scott Fitzgerald was named after a famous relative. Who was that relative and what, therefore, was his full name?
Answer Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was named after Francis Scott Key, the author of the Star Spangled Banner
Song Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Any More
Artist John Prine
Hint T: D#, C, G#
Number 64
Realm Names
Subrealm Bestowed posthumously
Question According to Mel Brooks, what was Hitler's middle name?
Answer Elizabeth
Song Springtime for Hitler
Artist Mel Brooks
Hint Mel Brooks wasn't just an actor. He also produced.
Note This is from The Producers.
Number 65
Realm The News
Subrealm What's In It
Question What was distinctive about the BBC's evening news bulletin on April 18, 1930?
Answer They told the listeners that there was no news, and played piano music for 15 minutes instead.
Song Piano Fighter
Artist Warren Zevon
Number 66
Realm Military
Subrealm Women In
Question Who was the first African-American woman to serve in the US military?
Answer Cathay Williams enlisted in 1866. At the time, women were not allowed to serve, so she disguised herself as a man and called herself William Cathay.
Song Lola
Artist The Kinks
Number 67
Realm Authors
Subrealm Issues
Question Patricia Highsmith, author of psychological thrillers such as The Talented Mr Ripley, was what some people might call a quirky person. What unusual pets did she once bring to a cocktail party?
Answer She brought a gigantic handbag containing a head of lettuce and one hundred snails that she had bred herself.
Song My Funny Valentine
Artist Matt Damon
Hint T: Except in exceptionally rare cases, these animals are "right-handed", but all of them have only one foot.
Number 68
Realm Ancient Rome
Subrealm Those Crazy Romans
Question What civilizational amenity that we usually think of as modern did the ancient Romans in Pompeii also make use of?
Answer Takeout restaurants
Song Take Me Out
Artist Franz Ferdinand
Number 69
Realm Australia
Subrealm Pets
Question Australia has a big invasive animals problem. As a result, what unusual pet licensing policy does Queensland maintain?
Answer You may only keep a rabbit if you use it for stage magic or other forms of public entertainment.
Song Percussion Gun
Artist White Rabbits
Number 70
Realm Household Tools
Subrealm In Awkward Places
Question Why did the British Library iron all their newspapers?
Answer To ensure a clear image when they scanned them to microfilm
Song I Can See Clearly Now
Artist Johnny Nash
Hint S: Rhyming considered, a ring of fire...
Number 71
Realm Wood
Subrealm But Not That Kind
Question When Melbourne introduced an email-a-tree service, things didn't quite go as planned. What happened?
Answer The trees received love letters instead of problem reports.
Song I And Love And You
Artist Avett Brothers
Hint Are you looking for sexy singles in your area?
Number 72
Realm Presidents
Subrealm Dead Presidents
Question Shortly after he retired from the presidency, George Washington ended up in an unexpected business venture. What was it?
Answer He owned America's largest whiskey distillery at the time.
Song Nancy Whiskey
Artist Gaelic Storm
Hint Try a few drops of water in your answer.
Number 73
Realm Smells In The Morning
Subrealm Not Napalm
Question Why does freshly cut grass smell so nice?
Answer The grass is releasing chemical distress signals.
Song Help (The Beatles Cover)
Artist Silverstein
Hint Should vegans feel bad?
Number 74
Realm Death by 1000 Cuts
Subrealm Telemarketers
Question One UK man was so desperately sick of telemarketers that he changed his name to something he thought should deter them on sight. What did he change his name to?
Answer Tim Price changed his name to Tim Pppppppppprice (pronounced Per-per-per-per-per-per-per-per-per-per-rice), or Tim '10p' Price for short.
Song The Price is Right (a cappella)
Artist John McMahon and The Barkers
Hint S: Who did Adam Sandler punch in Happy Gilmore?
Note The title is enough for the music
Number 75
Realm The Wonders of Nature
Subrealm Horror Edition
Question Besides the fact that it looks like the glacier is bleeding, what is remarkable, and scientifically significant, about Antarctica's Blood Falls, a waterfall that is bright red due to iron oxides in the water?
Answer The water is full of extremophile bacteria found nowhere else on Earth. (This is because the source pool has been sealed in ice for about two million years.)
Song River of Dreams
Artist Billy Joel
Number 76
Realm One Hit Wonders
Subrealm Not Even
Question Before Dan Brown published his novel Angels & Demons, he produced another creative work called Angels & Demons. What was it?
Answer A musical album of his songs. (They were not good.)
Song Believer
Artist Imagine Dragons
Hint T: It had absolutely nothing to do with the novel in form or theme.
Note Four Oreos tried very hard to play a cut from that album with this question. But it is nowhere to be found.
Number 77
Realm Movies and TV
Subrealm Box Office Flops
Question The Office star Rainn Wilson also played which superhero in a 2010 comedy drama about a depressed fry cook?
Answer Crimson Bolt, the movie was called Super and was a box office flop
Song Crimson and Clover
Artist Tommy James & The Shondells
Hint T: The movie was directed by James Gunn.
Number 78
Realm Literature
Subrealm Nicknames
Question Eric Blair, an English writer who was active in the mid-20th century, is well-known for his commentary on social injustices. What pseduonym did he publish his works under?
Answer George Orwell. Most notably he wrote Animal Farm and 1984.
Song Holidays in the Sun
Artist Sex Pistols
Note The Sex Pistols also played under a pseudonym for a while because many venues in the UK banned them for playing due to their innappropriate name.
Number 79
Realm Theater
Subrealm Superstitions
Question What is the origin of the tradition that it's bad luck to whistle in a theater?
Answer Before modern communications, techs used coded whistles to communicate cues to each other. An innocent whistle could cause a tech to do something like change the lighting or lower a curtain at the wrong time.
Song Whistling in the Dark
Artist They Might Be Giants
Hint I'd rather not give mixed messages about the trivia.
Number 80
Realm History
Subrealm Construction
Question In the construction of structures like the Baths of Caracalla, Pont du Gard, and the Pantheon, the Romans pioneered which technology that is still widely used today?
Answer Concrete
Song Breezeblocks
Artist Alt-J
Hint T: What did Fred Flintstone accidentally create in the 1994 movie, The Flintstones?
Number 81
Realm Shopping
Subrealm International
Question Which American retail chain shares its name and logo with a similar chain in Australia, despite being entirely separate companies?
Answer Target
Song Beautiful World
Artist Devo
Hint Don't get cocky, now let's blow this thing and get out of here.
Number 82
Realm History
Subrealm Candy
Question What sweet treat that orginated in the Middle Ages and then was remade in the early twentieth century was named after a racehorse?
Answer Lollipops
Song Sucker
Artist Jonas Brothers
Hint The term lollipop may have derived from terms for "tongue" (lolly) and "slap" (pop).
Number 83
Realm History
Subrealm Revolutionary War
Question During the Revolutionary War, the demand for coffee rose so much that dealers had to hoard their supplies and dramatically-increase prices as a result of what event?
Answer After the Boston Tea Party there was reduced availability of tea and many American were also trying to avoid drinking tea.
Song Sweet Caroline
Artist Neil Diamond
Number 84
Realm Current Events
Subrealm The Royals
Question A 30-year-old oil industry professional and mother, recently underwent six hours of surgery getting eight different procedures, including liposuction under her chin and on her tummy, hips and lower back; a Brazilian butt lift; and cheek contouring and filler to look like which 37 year-old former actress?
Answer Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle
Song Wrap Me in Plastic
Number 85
Realm Current Events
Subrealm Lawsuits
Question An Indiana man recently made headlines after filing a lawsuit against his parents. His father claims he was doing his son a favor by destroying his collection of what, which was valued at $28,940.72?
Answer Porn
Song Violent Pornography
Artist System of a Down
Hint T: It's what the internet is for.
Note Is this song too swear-heavy for trivia?
Number 86
Realm Music
Subrealm Kpop
Question BTS is a Korean pop group that has quickly entered the Western pop scene and is led by a member named Kim Namjoon. Kim Namjoon taught himself how to speak English by watching which American sitcom?
Answer Friends
Song Blood Sweat & Tears
Artist BTS
Hint for the song: if you work really hard on something, it is said that you put this into your work
Number 87
Realm American Culture
Subrealm Holidays
Question Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog that makes the predictions on Groundhog's Day, has been making these predictions since 1886. Consuming what has allowed Phil to live this long when the average lifespan of a groundhog is six years?
Answer Punxsutawney Phil has been sustained by drinking "groundhog punch" and "elixir of life".
Song Gooey
Artist Glass Animals
Number 88
Realm Films
Subrealm Films That Kinda Suck
Question In 2017, Netflix made a rather pointed statement about their userbase, claiming they'd consumed .5 billion hours of whose movies?
Answer Adam Sandler
Song Werewolves of London
Artist Adam Sandler
Hint T:You're not going to be happy about this one. Phone, Wallet, Keys
Number 89
Realm Current Events
Subrealm Lawsuits
Question A man in India recently made headlines after filing a lawsuit against his parents. The lawsuit claims that his parents did not first seek his consent before doing what?
Answer Giving birth to him.
Song Meant to Live
Artist Switchfoot
Hint It would have been very difficult.
Number 90
Realm Language
Subrealm Origins
Question What language did the phrase "throw the baby out with the bath water" originate in?
Answer German
Song Stolen Dance
Artist Milky Chance
Hint Milky Chance is a German group
Note "das Kind mit dem Bade aussch√ľtten"
Number 91
Realm Brotherhoods
Subrealm In space
Question What did the members of the Apollo 15 crew all have in common?
Answer They all attended the University of Michigan
Song Rocket Man
Artist Elton John
Hint T: Hopi Maize
Number 92
Realm Entertainment
Subrealm TV
Question With the recent college admissions scandal, we learned that actress Lori Loughlin will go to great lengths to try and advance the future of her child. What are the names of the actors who played her sons in the hit TV show Full House in which she played Becky Katsopolis?
Answer Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit played the twins Nicky and Alex Katsopolis.
Song We Are Family
Artist Sister Sledge
Number 93
Realm Sports
Subrealm Soccer
Question Manuel Estiarte, a retired Spanish athlete who was voted "World's Best Water Polo Player" for seven consecutive years, is now a member of the staff for which football club in the Premier League?
Answer Manchester City. He is one of manager Pep Guardiola's closest confidants and best friends.
Song I Hope, I Think, I Know
Artist Oasis
Hint The band originates from the same city that the club is based in.
Number 94
Realm Buildings
Subrealm Fancy Buildings
Question What do the White House, Buckingham Palace, the Bolshoi Theater, and the New York Stock Exchange all have in common?
Answer Their paint is all made by the same manufacturer, the German company Keim.
Song Paint It Black
Artist Inkubus Sukkubus
Hint S: It ain't about color.
Number 95
Realm History
Subrealm Food
Question Sylvester Graham was a Presbyterian minister, inventor of the Graham cracker, and co-founder of the American Vegetarian Society. His followers, who were devoted to vegetarianism, temperance, abstinence, and frequent bathing were called..... what?
Answer Grahamites
Song Alexander Graham Bell
Artist Sweet
Hint What's in a name?

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