Four Oreos Away from Paradise

May 10-11, 2019

Ultra Bonus Guesses

Time Team Guess
10:02 PM 10 Things I Hate About Garf The Incredibles
10:02 PM 10 Things I Hate About Garf Pixar movies
5:22 AM A Giant Novelty Pencil Ice cream flavors
1:07 AM Area 52 Paula Deen
1:13 AM Area 52 GooeyButter Cake
1:24 AM Area 52 Food Groups
2:00 AM Area 52 Destinations
4:02 AM Area 52 fruit
2:57 AM Barista Bob Holidays
2:57 AM Barista Bob Celebration
2:58 AM Barista Bob Regional Foods
2:58 AM Barista Bob Regional Desserts
5:03 AM Barista Bob oreos
10:06 PM Bender is sleepy [Sweden-> Illinois + "road trip" sign] exchange student? Semester abroad?
11:17 PM Bender is sleepy [DQ, DD, & Disney] - places Harold & Kumar have been?
11:17 PM Bender is sleepy Where Carmen Sandiego Was
12:03 AM Bender is sleepy American holidays?
1:01 AM Bender is sleepy [various foods] Things that will kill you
1:01 AM Bender is sleepy things that cause cancer - or maybe don't
2:04 AM Bender is sleepy Things China is putting a tariff on?
3:34 AM Bender is sleepy Forest Gump's walking across America trip
3:35 AM Bender is sleepy Things nobody outside America tends to eat
4:02 AM Bender is sleepy Slice of Life
5:06 AM Bender is sleepy centers
5:13 AM Bender is sleepy Illinois
5:13 AM Bender is sleepy desserts
5:13 AM Bender is sleepy Oreo cookies
5:37 AM Bender is sleepy I think this is one of the few times our post-college team has EVER figured out an Ultra and I've been playing most contests since '92
3:14 AM Blitzball Wizard Jelly Belly
3:42 AM Blitzball Wizard oreo flavors
3:42 AM Blitzball Wizard jelly bean flavors
3:42 AM Blitzball Wizard crayon colors
12:06 AM charlie American Gods characters
4:55 AM charlie Things that are sliced
10:59 PM Collective Foole Animal House
12:09 AM Cream Cowboys the muppet movie
12:59 AM Cream Cowboys all food network shows
1:20 AM Cream Cowboys whats up pussycat
1:20 AM Cream Cowboys superheroes
1:51 AM Cream Cowboys Highway 20 Ride
2:30 AM Cream Cowboys diners, drive-ins, and dive
2:40 AM Cream Cowboys we didn't start the fire lyrics
2:58 AM Cream Cowboys yugioh cards
3:20 AM Cream Cowboys owned by Berkshire Hathaway
3:20 AM Cream Cowboys magic school bus lyrics
3:48 AM Cream Cowboys things that happen seasonally
5:06 AM Cream Cowboys weird al fat lyric
5:06 AM Cream Cowboys weird al albequerque lyrics
5:15 AM Cream Cowboys weird al eat it lyrics
5:18 AM Cream Cowboys weird al songs
5:18 AM Cream Cowboys parody songs
5:20 AM Cream Cowboys weird al white and nerdy
5:24 AM Cream Cowboys desserts
5:26 AM Cream Cowboys national desserts
5:27 AM Cream Cowboys cheesy stuff
5:29 AM Cream Cowboys white people
5:29 AM Cream Cowboys thing's invented in the US
5:30 AM Cream Cowboys eminem
5:41 AM Cream Cowboys polka cake recipe
5:42 AM Cream Cowboys oreos
5:43 AM Cream Cowboys past williams trivia winners
5:45 AM Cream Cowboys sweets
5:45 AM Cream Cowboys oreo special edition
5:46 AM Cream Cowboys special edition oreos
5:46 AM Cream Cowboys SWEDISH FISH OREO
5:48 AM Cream Cowboys limited edition oreos
11:03 PM Havana Mints A Goofy Movie
1:36 AM Havana Mints A christmas carol
2:12 AM Havana Mints Mary Antoinette
5:32 AM Havana Mints The Good Place
5:57 AM Havana Mints Four Oreos Away From Paradise
11:46 PM I got this stupid trivia team Royalty
11:07 PM Jack Is da Bomb HTML tags
2:08 AM Jack Is da Bomb '80s cartoons
2:16 AM Jack Is da Bomb Strawberry Shortcake
3:01 AM Jack Is da Bomb Sweets/candy
3:01 AM Jack Is da Bomb Jelly Belly flavors
3:03 AM Jack Is da Bomb Jelly beans
3:10 AM Jack Is da Bomb Ice cream
4:06 AM Jack Is da Bomb Oreo flavors
3:47 AM Korzoff Jelly Belly flavors
10:02 PM Meme Dream Team Louisiana purchase
10:03 PM Meme Dream Team Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
10:03 PM Meme Dream Team The West
10:05 PM Meme Dream Team Places near rivers
10:08 PM Meme Dream Team Bruno Mars songs
10:08 PM Meme Dream Team Places hockey players are from
10:08 PM Meme Dream Team Borat
10:09 PM Meme Dream Team Sacha Baron Cohen
10:09 PM Meme Dream Team Leonard Cohen
10:09 PM Meme Dream Team Adam Sandler
10:09 PM Meme Dream Team Rob Schneider
10:09 PM Meme Dream Team World War II
10:10 PM Meme Dream Team Corduroy (the bear)
10:10 PM Meme Dream Team Corduroy (the pants)
10:10 PM Meme Dream Team Fortnite
10:10 PM Meme Dream Team Velcro
10:10 PM Meme Dream Team PewDiePie
10:11 PM Meme Dream Team Annoying Gen Z things
10:11 PM Meme Dream Team Audobahn
10:11 PM Meme Dream Team Streamers
10:11 PM Meme Dream Team T-Series
10:11 PM Meme Dream Team Youtubers
10:11 PM Meme Dream Team Tuskeegee Airmen
10:12 PM Meme Dream Team Affordable Care Act
10:12 PM Meme Dream Team Health care
10:12 PM Meme Dream Team The Avengers
10:12 PM Meme Dream Team Guardians of the Galaxy
10:12 PM Meme Dream Team Marvel Cinematic Universe
10:14 PM Meme Dream Team DC Cinematic Universe
10:15 PM Meme Dream Team Places being destroyed by sweden
10:15 PM Meme Dream Team Thanos did nothing wrong
10:15 PM Meme Dream Team Places being destroyed by climate change
10:15 PM Meme Dream Team Thanos
10:16 PM Meme Dream Team Viking Range
10:17 PM Meme Dream Team Thor
10:18 PM Meme Dream Team Hospice
10:18 PM Meme Dream Team Andrew Jackson
10:39 PM Meme Dream Team Lewis and Clark
11:03 PM Meme Dream Team Boston
11:04 PM Meme Dream Team Thanksgiving
11:04 PM Meme Dream Team Disney
11:04 PM Meme Dream Team Marvel
11:04 PM Meme Dream Team Left Handed Disney Villians
11:05 PM Meme Dream Team cake
11:05 PM Meme Dream Team cake (band)
11:05 PM Meme Dream Team cake (food)
11:05 PM Meme Dream Team cake (disambiguation)
11:06 PM Meme Dream Team baskin robbins
11:06 PM Meme Dream Team places people go on their birthday
11:09 PM Meme Dream Team George R.R. Martin
11:09 PM Meme Dream Team Game of Thrones
11:09 PM Meme Dream Team A Song of Ice and Fire
11:11 PM Meme Dream Team The Letter "D"
11:12 PM Meme Dream Team Berkshire Hathaway
11:13 PM Meme Dream Team Walt Disney's frozen head
11:13 PM Meme Dream Team Cryogenic suspension
11:13 PM Meme Dream Team Futurama
11:13 PM Meme Dream Team Walt Disney is still alive
11:14 PM Meme Dream Team Conspiracy theories about people who may have died
11:14 PM Meme Dream Team Elvis lives
11:14 PM Meme Dream Team 2pac is still alive
11:14 PM Meme Dream Team Paul is dead
11:15 PM Meme Dream Team urban legends
11:15 PM Meme Dream Team urban outfitters
11:15 PM Meme Dream Team ducks without borders
11:42 PM Meme Dream Team Books by Dr. Seuss
11:42 PM Meme Dream Team Books not by Dr. Seuss
11:42 PM Meme Dream Team Dr. Seuss
11:43 PM Meme Dream Team Not Dr. Seuss (this must be marked correct unless the Ultra is Dr. Seuss. Checkmate.)
11:44 PM Meme Dream Team All things that are unable to be decomposed into a linear combination of Dr. Seuss and Not Dr. Seuss
12:05 AM Meme Dream Team IKEA
12:08 AM Meme Dream Team celebrations
12:09 AM Meme Dream Team celebrate
12:09 AM Meme Dream Team come celebrate me home
12:09 AM Meme Dream Team kc and the sunshine band songs
12:15 AM Meme Dream Team
12:19 AM Meme Dream Team Leif Erikson Day
12:19 AM Meme Dream Team hinga dinga durgen
12:20 AM Meme Dream Team Songs by Billy Joel
12:21 AM Meme Dream Team Mac and Me
12:21 AM Meme Dream Team 1980's McDonald's
12:21 AM Meme Dream Team Mac Tonight
12:21 AM Meme Dream Team The Cola Wars
12:22 AM Meme Dream Team Songs by Elton John
12:23 AM Meme Dream Team Songs you thought were by Elton John
12:24 AM Meme Dream Team No that was by Phil Collins
12:34 AM Meme Dream Team
12:56 AM Meme Dream Team Detective Pikachu
12:56 AM Meme Dream Team Defective Pikachu
12:57 AM Meme Dream Team Infective Pikachu
1:03 AM Meme Dream Team swedish meatballs
1:04 AM Meme Dream Team Impossible burger
1:06 AM Meme Dream Team acronyms
1:06 AM Meme Dream Team milenials
1:17 AM Meme Dream Team seven wonders of the ancient world
1:17 AM Meme Dream Team seven wonders of the modern world
1:17 AM Meme Dream Team 7 Wonders, the board game
1:17 AM Meme Dream Team slavery
1:17 AM Meme Dream Team Passover
1:24 AM Meme Dream Team
2:03 AM Meme Dream Team Strawberry shortcake
2:04 AM Meme Dream Team Kids toys
2:04 AM Meme Dream Team swiss cheese
2:04 AM Meme Dream Team how are these things even related?
2:55 AM Meme Dream Team
3:02 AM Meme Dream Team faygo flavors
3:04 AM Meme Dream Team pumpkin spice lattes
3:04 AM Meme Dream Team white girl things
3:58 AM Meme Dream Team
3:59 AM Meme Dream Team
4:03 AM Meme Dream Team things dyslexic people can't spell
4:03 AM Meme Dream Team popsicle flavors
4:03 AM Meme Dream Team peeps
5:03 AM Meme Dream Team oreo flavors
5:03 AM Meme Dream Team oreos
5:03 AM Meme Dream Team four oreos away from paradise
5:10 AM Meme Dream Team williams trivia hosts
5:10 AM Meme Dream Team current williams trivia hosts
5:10 AM Meme Dream Team what does a mississippi flavored oreo taste like?
11:27 PM Tawny and the Ports Things to do with Windows/Microsoft?
11:16 PM The Lone Bayonette things Warren buffet owns
10:13 PM The Mayor of Popcornopolis Words with only one vowel used
1:31 AM The Mayor of Popcornopolis Bands from Iceland
1:01 AM w national lampoon
12:49 AM Warehouse Four waking up
5:08 AM Warehouse Four desserts
3:05 AM Wholesome Chingoo Time Great British Baking Show
4:18 AM Wholesome Chingoo Time candle scents
4:18 AM Wholesome Chingoo Time febreez scents
4:19 AM Wholesome Chingoo Time yankee candle scents
1:10 AM Why not? Opposites, and combining them
1:50 AM [citation needed] acronyms
2:03 AM [citation needed] american
2:23 AM [citation needed] Oreo Flavors

215 Guesses.