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Animated Robots

  1. What makes Robotechnology possible?

  2. So, what does AJAC stand for?

  3. Name the two aircraft carriers that made up the "arms" of the SDF-1.

  4. Describe what is involved in the "Daedalus Maneuver".

  5. What are "Cyclones"?

  6. What are the three configurations a VeriTech fighter can assume?

  7. Who created the Dinobots (specifically)?

  8. Where do newly created Transformers need to be taken to receive their personality?

  9. Name any 3 SUPER Go-Bots.

  10. Who designed the evil RoBeasts that fought Voltron?

  11. How many Voltrons are there in the Universe. Describe your answer IN DEPTH.

  12. Tran-Zor-Z's female counterpart, Aphrodite, had a very special weapon. What was it?

  13. Orion Quest/Johnny Bryant stole Grandizer from what race?

  14. Name the three craft that formed the Starvengers.

  15. Danguard Ace can be seen as a predecessor to the Transformers, but its conversion process had one difference. What was it?

Live Action Robots

  1. Who is Crow's evil twin brother?

  2. Name two women that Crow has fallen in love with?

  3. Maximilian was a robot on what ship?

  4. Where did Robocop pick up his "patented" gun spin?

  5. On what was the original design of the Terminator based?

  6. How does Ash finally try to kill Ripley in Alien?

  7. Steve Zodiac had a very famous co-pilot on the XL-5. Who was this robot?

  8. What was "Small Wonder"'s name?

  9. Who built the evil Bill and Ted robots?

  10. That was easy. So who built the good Bill and Ted robots?

  11. Who was Gort's master?

  12. Dr. Who's robotic dog was named?

  13. The Dr. Who mini-essay: In your opinion, how might one evade a Dalek?

  14. What is the name of the robot in Lost in Space?

Real Robots

  1. Who won the following division in RoboCup '97?

    1. Small

    2. Medium

  2. What is the Mars Pathfinder Lander's real name?

  3. What are the Mars Sojourner Rover's final commands?

  4. Which of the following are REAL NASA probes?

    1. Magellan
    2. Deep Space 4
    3. SOHO
    4. Ulysses
    5. Achilles
    6. Cassini
    7. Soyuz
    8. Perseus
    9. Cluster II
    10. BOLT
    11. MUSES
    12. Radiotron
    13. FUSE
    14. Pioneer
    15. Clementine
    16. FINE
    17. ROAD

  5. What was Robotic Operating Buddie?


  1. What company is the primary manufacturer of robots in the 21st century?

  2. What is so special about the robot Giskard?

  3. When Chetter Hummin, advisor for the emperor, finally meets Hari Seldon in Prelude to Foundation, his true identity is revealed. What is his real name?

  4. What Isaac Asimov story introduced the word "Robotics" into the English language?

  5. What is Dr. Susan Calvin's job title in I, Robot?

  6. What are the Three Laws of Robotics?

  7. What were Marvin the Paranoid Androids last words?

  8. What was Marvin originally the Prototype for?

  9. Name one of the two singles released in the UK by Marvin.

  10. What product of the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation needs special therapy, and what features caused them to need this therapy?

  11. What was extraordinary about the Krikkit robots appearance at the Cricket Grounds?

  12. What was the giant robot who crashes through Harrods Food Halls among other things in search of?