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Realm: Mysteries of the Universe
Subealm: Some questions are better left unasked.
Question: How much mail does a dead postman deilver?
Answer: A Dead Postman Doesn't Deliver Much Mail
Song: "Return to Sender" by Elvis Presley

Realm: Life Insurance.
Subealm: More interesting than it sounds.
Question: In 1957, Lloyd's of London offered insurance against "death byaccident" for a premium of $74, in case of what event?
Answer: Falling Sputnik
Song: "Theme from Mystery Science Theatre 3000" by Man or Astroman

Realm: Soccer, the World's Sport
Subealm: And we can see why
Question: According to the Mayan Bible, the Popul Vuh, the Hero Twinsplayed a game like soccer with the Lords of the Underworld. What wasunusual about it?
Answer: The ball was the severed head of one of the twins.
Song: "Wild Wild Life" by Talking Heads

Realm: Sexism
Subealm: Justifiable Sexism.
Question: Women were admitted to Russian universities for the first time in1876,but were barred from attendance again from 1881 to 1905. Why?
Answer: The Russian Czar, Alexander II, was assassinated in 1881 by a woman,Sophia Perovskaya (1854-1881).
Song: "The Look" : by Roxette

Realm: (like a zombie) Brains
Subealm: (like Fabio) I Can't Believe It's Not Brains!
Question: On January 4, 1976, Ontario doctor Adrian Upton made a startlingdiscovery. Identical activity to that of the human brain can be producedby hooking electrodes up to this substance and running a current throughit. What was it?
Answer: Jell-O (specifically lime flavored Jell-O)
Song: "Eat My Brains" by The Odds

Realm: Disney Plans that Didn't Work Out
Subealm: Besides 42nd Street
Question: The writers of "Lady and the Tramp" went through various namesfor the film's characters. Give us the three names they nearly used forTramp.
Answer: Homer, Rags, and Bozo
Song: "My Kind of Lady" by Supertramp

Realm: Mint chip
Subealm: We pledge allegiance to the dough.
Question: "In God we Trust" has been on our minted coins so long that wetake it for granted. But what was the phrase, perhaps indicative of theAmerican mentality, that was minted on the first US coin in 1787?
Answer: Mind Your Own Business
Song: "Not Your Business" by Atari Teenage Riot

Realm: Nasty Language
Subealm: The Nastiest of Nasties
Question: There are many theories as to the etymology of the famed"f-word". One interesting theory involves an edict in medieval England.When British males went off to fight the Crusades, the king passed certainrules to help the abandoned wives. This law allowed them to take temporaryhusbands until their original husbands returned. What was the arrangementcalled?
Answer: Fornication Under Consent of the King
Song: "Untouchable Face" by Ani DiFranco

Realm: The Fightin' Irish
Subealm: I know how to say "Kiss My Ass" in Gaelic.
Question: On the Irish Television Show "The Den", there is an evilcharacter named Ted. What is he, and what does he do that's so evil?
Answer: He's a stuffed panda bear who (madly hurls himself at the othercharacters and) tries to strangle them.
Song: "The Day Ted Nugent Killed All the Animals" : by Wally Pleasant

Realm: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Subealm: The Feminine Mystique
Question: Besides new adjustable seats, what two modifications were made tothe Challenger space shuttle to accommodate the first American women in space?
Answer: The installation of a shower curtain and a new shape for the vacuumtoilet
Song: "Female of the Species" by Space

Realm: History's Greatest Monsters!
Subealm: Preserved in Wax.
Question: Name the man who beat out Hitler, Qaddafi, and Jack the Ripper asthe person most hated and feared in a 1974 poll taken at Madame Tussaud'sWax Museum.
Answer: Richard Nixon
Song: "Happy Happy Joy Joy" by Wax

Realm: My Heart Will Go On
Subealm: And on and on and on and on and on and on.....
Question: Thanks to James Cameron, we all now know the Titanic had 4 smokestacks, but there was something very special about one of them. what was it?
Answer: It didn't work (it was built because it was unlucky to have only 3)
Song: "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple

Realm: Accidents
Subealm: Oh, the humanity!
Question: Durham, North Carolina, holds the unique distinction of havingthe most of these accidents in recorded history, a whopping 4. What typeof accidents are these?
Answer: Toothbrushing accidents
Song: "Dangerous" by Busta Rhymes

Realm: Great Figures of the Twentieth Century
Subealm: Great as in large
Question: The day that Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, New YorkCity Mayor John V. Lindsay walked the streets of Harlem to appeal for calm. He did not walk alone, however. Who walked with him?
Answer: Marlon Brando
Song: "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Robin S.

Realm: The Japanese
Subealm: And their wacky problems.
Question: What items were banned in Japan during the 1950's, because theycaused too many traffic accidents?
Answer: Hula-Hoops
Song: "Twiggy" by Pizzicato 5

Realm: Capitalism and Feminism
Subealm: Or, Capifeminapitalism.
Question: What three real, historical women have been portrayed on UnitedStates currency?
Answer: Susan B. Anthony, Martha Washington and Pocahontas
Song: "Three Times a Lady" by The Commodores

Realm: Secret societies
Subealm: Cecil's secrect society
Question: Cecil Rhodes, in his first 5 wills, asked for the creation of asecret society, with what as it's ultimate aim?
Answer: The ultimate recovery of the United States under British control.
Song: "Shot Heard Round the World" by Ween

Realm: Mayan Creation Myths
Subealm: Damn Yankees
Question: According to Mayan belief, in a previous attempt at Creation thegods developed a race of white people, who had one unfortunate flaw. Whatwas it?
Answer: They ate their children. (They did this so they could maintaintheir population and live forever.)
Song: "Land of Confusion" by Genesis

Realm: When you wish upon a star
Subealm: Wait a minute...that star's''s....AAAAAAAAAA!
Question: The name given to a scientific discovery can be controversial ifseveral people make the discovery simultaneously. However, this is not thecase with meteorites. Why?
Answer: Meteorites are traditionally named after the nearest post officeto the point of impact.
Song: "Jack Names the Planets" by Ash

Realm: Hat Trick
Subealm: Hat Trick of Death
Question: In Buenos Aires on October of 1988, this caused the death ofthree people -- one through head trauma, one hit by a bus, and one becauseof a heart attack. What was this deadly thing?
Answer: Cachi, a poodle. (She fell out of a 13th story window, hitting oneperson on the head. Another person jumped back to avoid the poodle and washit by the bus. A third person saw this all happen, had a heart attack,and died.)
Song: "Fallin'" by A Tribe Called Quest and Teenage Fanclub

Realm: Dwarves
Subealm: Dwarves are very upsetting
Question: In the 1970s and 80s, all the trendy astronomers were trying todiscover what made comets periodically bombard the earth. One theory saidthat far out past Pluto the sun has a dim brown dwarf that disturbed thecomets. What was the name given to this so-called dwarf star?
Answer: Nemesis
Song: "One Angry Dwarf (And 200 Solemn Faces)" by Ben Folds Five

Realm: Everybody Must Get Stoned
Subealm: Even the Pope
Question: According to the People's Almanac, the reign of Pope John theEighth came to an abrupt end in 855 when he was stoned to death. Whathappened and why has the Church suppressed this information?
Answer: The Pope was actually a woman (named Joan), who gave birth during aceremonial procession.
Song: "Baby, What a Big Surprise" by Chicago

Realm: Hail To The Chief
Subealm: Not that much.
Question: Name the US President who was quoted as saying, "I would have made agood Pope."
Answer: Richard Nixon
Song: "We're Not Going to Make It" by Presidents of the USA

Realm: Boston
Subealm: The Sweet Embrace of Death
Question: On January 15, 1919, a rather unusual catastrophe struck inBoston, killing twenty-one people and injuring over one hundred others.What was it?
Answer: A flood of molasses. (A tank broke and unleashed over 2 milliongallons of molasses. Onlookers described a "30 foot wall of goo.")
Song: "Sugar Sugar" by Mary Lou Lord and Semisonic

Realm: Pepsi will bring your ancestors back from the dead...
Subealm: Bite the Wax Tadpole
Question: It just came out on the shelves, but Beijing officials havealready stopped all sales of the Chinese language version of Windows 95,because of a rather embarrassing technical flaw. Just what is Bill Gates'latest headache?
Answer: Taiwanese programmers inserted phrases like "communistbandits" and "Taiwan independence" which pop up under certain keystrokesfrom the program's built-in dictionary.
Song: "Waiting for the Great Leap Forwards" by Billy Bragg

Realm: Isn't that illegal?
Subealm: If it isn't it should be - they're plastic and 5 inches high.
Question: Sure it was a show, comic book, and toy line for kids who stillbelieved in cooties, but there was some serious lovin' going on. Withwhich GI Joe character was Lady Jaye romantically associated?
Answer: Flint
Song: "Like A Soldier" by Johnny Cash

Realm: I hate fish
Subealm: Too bad. I still hate fish
Question: Picture a nice plate of fish. Fish, lettuce to look nice, maybesome rice for variety, and a good dose of lemon on the side of the dish.Wait a minute, why in the world would we serve lemon with fish?
Answer: It used to be believed that lemon juice dissolved fish bones. (Soif an unlucky diner were to accidentally swallow a fish bone, he could besaved by the handy lemon wedge lying nearby.)
Song: "Stove" : Lemonheads

Realm: This is my brother Daryl.
Subealm: This is my other brother Daryl.
Question: On the television show "Newhart," Larry's brothers, Daryl andDaryl, never spoke... until the last episode that is. What did theyfinally say?
Answer: They shouted "Quiet!" (at their new obnoxious wives. According toLarry, they had just never been that P.O.ed before.)
Song: "Shout at the Devil" by Motley Crue

Realm: International Cooperation
Subealm: Evidence that it doesn't work.
Question: Which two countries are the only ones to have competed in everymodern Olympiad since 1896?
Answer: Greece and Australia
Song: "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles

Realm: Modern comedy geniuses
Subealm: Denied!
Question: In 1988, Jerry Seinfeld auditioned to be in an ABC sitcom calledPast Imperfect. He did not get the part. Who did?
Answer: Howie Mandel
Song: "dumb" : by Nirvana

Subealm: Meatball, meatball in the sky
Question: The Future Museum (talk about an oxymoron) in Sweden owns a scalemodel of our solar system. The Sun is 105 meters in diameter, and theplanets are situated anywhere between 3.5mm to 6km away. Where is ProximaCentauri, the nearest star to our system, located in this model?
Answer: The Museum of Victoria, Australia
Song: "Shining Star" by INXS

Realm: Emo Phillips
Subealm: I mean, Phillips Eno
Question: William Phillips Eno quietly introduced what to society in theJanuary 20, 1900 issue of 'Rider + Driver'?
Answer: Traffic Laws
Song: "he thought of cars" : by Blur

Realm: Oh, honey, you shouldn't have!
Subealm: Things you can't buy at a gift shop
Question: For 29 years after Sir Walter Raleigh's execution, his wifecarried a souvenir of their time together in a red leather bag. What wasthis souvenir?
Answer: His head
Song: "All the Man That I Need" by Whitney Houston

Realm: Dead Postman gets its multicultural credit
Subealm: Dead Postman makes *you* get your multicultural credit
Question: The Prajna-Paramita Sutras are some of the most importantteachings in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. They focus mainly upon theperfection of wisdom, or the cultivation of the acceptance of the emptinessof all things. Some of these sutras are quite long. Some are rathershort. Recite for us in its entirety the shortest Prajna-Paramita Sutra,both the original Sanskrit and the English translation.
Answer: In Sanskrit: "Ah". In English Translation: "Not."
Song: "Ah-ah" by Moby

Realm: Dead Philosophers
Subealm: Aren't Much Fun
Question: How did Crinis, an ancient Greek philosopher of Stoicism, die?
Answer: He died of fright when a mouse squeaked at him.
Song: "Mickey" by Toni Basil

Realm: Capitalism
Subealm: Dirty Stinking Vultures
Question: Since the unfortunate and untimely death of Princess Diana, manycompanies have tried to use her image to market their products and boostsales. But Diana's estate, under the name "The Diana Fund" has beenless than eager to sell out their rights. What was the first product tobe deemed worthy of sponsorship by The Diana Fund?
Answer: Margarine
Song: "Cream" by Prince and the New Power Generation

Realm: Citizen Kane
Subealm: Of Talking Pig Pictures
Question: According to Ferdinand the duck in the movie Babe, prove thatChristmas means carnage.
Answer: Christmas means dinner. Dinner means death. Death means carnage. Christmas means carnage.
Song: "patrick swayze christmas" : by the cast of mystery science theater3000

Realm: American History
Subealm: Our Fluffiest Enemy
Question: During the Revolutionary War, the dog belonging to Britishcommander General Howe accidentally wandered into the camp of GeneralGeorge Washington. What did Washington do with the dog?
Answer: He returned it under a flag of truce.
Song: "What's My Name" by Snoop Doggy Dogg

Realm: The Truth is Out There
Subealm: Even when you're twelve.
Question: What were Fox Mulder and Samantha Mulder doing when Samantha wasabducted by "mysterious forces"?
Answer: Playing Stratego
Song: "Unmarked Helicopters" by Soul Coughing

Realm: Etymological oddities
Subealm: Never trust a landlord
Question: The story goes that in the 1791, a Dublin theater owner namedJames Daly bet another man that he could introduce a new word into theEnglish language in 24 hours. He succeeded by hiring street urchins tograffiti the word on the walls of Dublin. The citizens of the city,confused by the odd graffiti, began to use the word commonly to mean "ariddle" or "an unsolved mystery". Of course, there's absolutely no evidence to support this story. In fact, the word's first appearance wasin 1782, and it meant "an odd person". What was this word?
Answer: Quiz
Song: "96 Tears" by Question Mark and the Mysterions

Realm: Gourds
Subealm: Really Small Gourds
Question: What are you arguing for if you hold up "MINIMUM PUMPKIN" asevidence for your argument?
Answer: The inefficiency of the QWERTY keyboard. (Try it. MINIMUMPUMPKIN is typed with one hand only and almost every letter is in adifferent row than the one before it.)
Song: "Brand New Key" by Rasputina

Realm: Damn!
Subealm: Damn! Damn!
Question: In Back to the Future Two, in a bizarre twist of coincidence,Marty McFly reads a newspaper dated 1997, which now has an eerily accurate
Answer: FLORIDA WINS WORLD SERIES. (The movie was made BEFORE the FloridaMarlins even existed.)
Song: "The Way" by Fastball

Realm: Games
Subealm: Let's play global thermonuclear war.
Question: We all know that the first game of intercollegiate baseball wasplayed between Williams and Amherst in Pittsfield, Mass., in 1859. Butthere was a doubleheader that day. What other game was played?
Answer: A chess match.
Song: "No Contest" from the musical Chess

Realm: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
Subealm: Truth is stranger than Disney
Question: Wood frogs common in Maine and northern Vermont have an elegantlysimple way of surviving single digit temperatures during the winter months.What is their method?
Answer: When the temperature drops below freezing, they go with the flowand freeze solid. Come Spring, they thaw out again unharmed.
Song: "Trapped Under Ice" by Metallica

Realm: one bad mother
Subealm: shut yo' mouth.
Question: In the movie _Shaft_, private dick John Shaft displays hisextreme cool-headedness by refusing to meet with a mob boss until he'sfinished a suitably hard-core beverage. Name the beverage.
Answer: Espresso
Song: "Express Yourself" by Madonna

Realm: Great thinkers had problems too
Subealm: On today's ABC afterschool special.
Question: Moses and Aristotle, each overcame a certain physical impedimentto become great and influential men. What was this shared physical problem?
Answer: They both stuttered.
Song: "Boom, Shake the Room" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

Realm: Television history
Subealm: The most watched episode of television history
Question: Who shot J.R.?
Answer: His sister-in-law, Kristen
Song: "We're A Happy Family" by The Ramones

Realm: The History of Bellybuttons
Subealm: Erm...that is...Naval History
Question: Lord Nelson was one of Britain's greatest naval strategists inthe 19th century. Once, during an important sea battle, the commandingship raised the flag for retreat. Nelson did not respond. Eventually, thewatchman came down from the crow's nest, handed Nelson the telescope, andtold him the retreat flag was flying. Nelson looked through the telescopeand declared truthfully that he did not see the flag and would thereforenot retreat. Why did he not see the flag?
Answer: Lord Nelson was blind in one eye, the eye he held the telescope up to
Song: "Ship of Fools" by World Party

Realm: Williams CollegeSub-Realm: and it's Discriminating Tastes(Two Point Play)
Question: In 1961, Williams broke new ground by hiring for the first timeprofessors with a certain trait; that year alone, three professors withthis trait were hired. For one point, tell us what trait these professorsshared. For two points, name professors.
Answer: They were Catholics; the professors were Francis Oakley (History),Bill Fox (Geology), Dan O'Connor (Philosophy).
Song: "American Jesus" by Bad Religion

Realm: Amazing '80s Technology
Subealm: That's now a paperweight.
Question: What was Apple's first mouse-based personal computer called?
Answer: Lisa
Song: "I'm not Lisa" by Jessi Colter

Realm: The NYPD Always Gets Their Man
Subealm: Eventually
Question: On August 10, 1977, the serial killer Son of Sam was captured byNew York City police. What mistake did he make that led to his arrest?
Answer: He parked too close to a fire hydrant during a murder
Song: "Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police

Realm: Missouri
Subealm: The Show-Me State
Question: In Merryville, Missouri there is a law on the books that preventswomenfrom wearing these because "the privilege of admiring the curvaceous,unencumbered body of a young woman should not be denied to the normal,red-blooded American male." What are they?
Answer: Corsets.
Song: "Pulling Mussels (from a Shell)" by Squeeze

Realm: The French
Subealm: All Screwed UpQ: A French prison warden invented an exquisite form of torture where nakedchambermaids would bat a load of bread over a clothesline while maleinmates were chained to a wall and had to watch. When the bread wasdemolished, the crumbs were fed to the inmates. But what sport did thiswarden inadvertently invent?
Answer: Volleyball
Song: "Riot in Cell Block #9" by The Coasters

Realm: Another Jimmy Carter Question.
Subealm: Wait a second...we cut the first one.
Question: Although it is commonly known as the "Malaise" Speech, in histelevised address on July 15, 1979, President Jimmy Carter never actuallyused the word "malaise". What word did he use instead to describe thecountry's temperament?
Answer: Bummed
Song: "Panic" by Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

Realm: Prolific politicians
Subealm: Intellectually prolific politicians
Question: Benjamin Franklin was a busy man in his time. Not only did he"discover electricity," become the United States' first Postmaster General,and develop the first bifocals, he also was the first to propose what niftyidea that we all love? Well, everyone except people in Arizona.
Answer: Daylight savings time
Song: "Back In Time" by Huey Lewis and the News

Realm: Georgia
Subealm: And its discontents.
Question: Mike Cameron of Evans, Georgia, was suspended from school for oneday after he was "deliberately disruptive and rude." The Principal of theHigh School remarked "he might have costed us ten grand." (Actual quote.)What did Mike do that caused such a ruckus?
Answer: He wore a Pepsi shirt to school. (Officials from Coke werevisiting that day, judging a contest that could have gotten the school tenthousand dollars).
Song: "Move Over" by The Spice Girls

Realm: Hollywood thumbs its nose at the world.
Subealm: Take that, Wizard of Oz.
Question: You may have heard that the first sound film was "The JazzSinger" in 1927, but the first color film came earlier, in 1922. What wasits name?
Answer: "Toll of the Sea"
Song: "April Showers" by Al Jolson

Realm: Racist comments
Subealm: That's right, Brian Wecht, racist comments.
Question: Reggie White, Green Bay Packer and man of the cloth, recentlyspoke at the Washington state assembly. He stated the position that all ofthe races on earth add up to God. For instance, he said that black peopleare "gifted in worship and celebration". White people "know how to tapinto the money". Asians are inventive and "can turn a television into awatch". Native Americans have a special gift, however; a gift that haskept them from being enslaved throughout their history. What is that gift?
Answer: They know how to sneak up on people.
Song: "indian reservation (the lament of the Cherokee people)" : by TheRaiders

Realm: WAR
Subealm: What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Huh.
Question: They say music tames the savage beast; thusly, this country'snational orchestra is larger than its army. Which country are we referringto?
Answer: Monaco
Song: "Washington Post" by John Phillip Souza

Realm: Important People
Subealm: Perhaps it's better that you don't know this
Question: Who is Kate Shindle?
Answer: This year's Miss America
Song: "She's a Beauty" by the Tubes

Realm: A Whole Lot of Money
Subealm: Warren Buffett, eat your heart out.
Question: He was born in Scotland in the 1860s, started making money in aMontana copper mine, and ultimately had a fortune estimated at$1multiplijillion, 9 obsquatumatillian, 623.62. Name him.
Answer: Scrooge McDuck
Song: "Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassie

Realm: The Presidential Soul...Sub-Realm: ... of Wit
Question: Calvin Coolidge was known for his brevity. Although notnecessarily shy, 'Silent Cal' was certainly not verbose and rarely spoke atsocial gatherings. One evening at a dinner party, one senator's wife betanother that she could persuade the president to say three words over thecourse of the evening. What was Coolidge's response?
Answer: He said, "You Lose."
Song: "It's Oh So Quiet" by Bjork

Realm: Well, he stood a better chance than Geraldine Ferraro.
Subealm: Although we have to admit, he was no Admiral Stockdale.
Question: Who was the Meadow Party candidate for United StatesVice-President in both 1984 and 1988?
Answer: Penguin Opus (also acceptable is Opus the Penguin)
Song: "Earth Angel" by Penguins

Realm: Television
Subealm: The Decade that Taste Forgot
Question: Three's Company was without a doubt the best sitcom of its time.Perhaps the best sitcom of all time. Call up and sing us its theme song.You get one try. No hints.
Answer: "Come and knock on our door; We've been waiting for you; Where the kisses are hers and hers and his; Three's Company, too. Come and dance on our floor; Take a step that is new; We've a lovable space that needs your face, Three's Company too; You'll see that life is a ball again, laughter is calling for you; Down at our rendezvous; Three's Company, too."
Song: "Two Ladies" from the musical Cabaret

Realm: Live from New York
Subealm: It's election day!Q: During the 1984 Democratic Presidential Primaries, Saturday Night Liveheld a live national phone-in mock election. They included all eightDemocrats running in the New Hampshire primary, plus one extra candidate.Name the false candidate.
Answer: Z. Z. Top
Song: "Elected" by Alice Cooper

Realm: You can't trust the Swiss
Subealm: Even when you're the Vatican
Question: Who designed the uniform for the Vatican's Swiss Guard?
Answer: Michaelangelo
Song: "Happy Together" by The Turtles

Realm: Panda-monium!
Subealm: With real pandas!
Question: How often are female panda bears able to breed, and how long dosuch periods last?
Answer: Once a year, for 24-48 hours
Song: "Time of the Season" by The Zombies

Realm: Conspiracies
Subealm: Untangled by the Fresh Prince
Question: In his March 23, 1998, interview with Barbara Walters, Will Smithaccused the US government of what conspiracy?
Answer: That the AIDS virus was the product of United States germ warfaretesting.
Song: "Conspiracy Song" by The Dead Milkmen

Realm: Birds of a Feather
Subealm: Die Together.
Question: We all know that the President and the VP can't travel together.Neither can Prince Charles and Prince William. But what other two peoplecan't, lest a certain secret be lost...FOREVER?
Answer: The two men who know the secret formula for COCA-COLA.
Song: "Sodajerk" by Buffalo Tom

Realm: A Venezuelan Postman
Subealm: Delivers More Mail than a Dead One
Question: In Venezuela, what type of letter is sent for half price?
Answer: Love letters
Song: "Mr. Postman" by the Backbeat Band

Realm: I get knocked down
Subealm: But I get up again
Question: In the opening few moments of the album version of Tubthumping,by Chumbawamba, there is a sampled quotation. Whose voice is it, and whereis it from?
Answer: Pete Poselthwaite, from the film Brassed Off
Song: "Brass Monkey" by The Beastie Boys

Realm: Divorce
Subealm: It takes a village.
Question: It has historically been far more difficult for wives to divorcetheir husbands than vice versa. In some medieval villages, a certainsituation, considered legitimate grounds for divorce, had to becorroborated by the investigation of "seven honest women." What was thissituation?
Answer: The husband's impotence
Song: "Divorce Song" by Liz Phair

Realm: My name is Inigo Montoya.
Subealm: You killed my father. Prepare to die.
Question: Mandy Patinkin has made a career of singing Broadway and popmusic standards. His latest album, Mamaloshen, features songs by LeonardBernstein, Irving Berlin, and Paul Simon, among others. However, what isit that makes this album different from all of his other albums?
Answer: It is entirely in Yiddish.
Song: "Mandy" by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes

Realm: Scientists
Subealm: Pull all-nighters too
Question: When pulsars were discovered, they were interpreted as signalsfrom other worlds. Because of this interpretation the discoverers gave thema interesting designation in the stellar atlases: LGM. What does that standfor?
Answer: Little Green Men
Song: "Theme from Mars Attacks!" by Danny Elfman

Realm: Current Events in Bangladesh
Subealm: Current...get it?...Current.
Question: On Saturday, April 11, 1998, most of Dhaka, capital ofBangladesh, suddenly went without electricity. What caused the massiveblackout?
Answer: A cat entered a power station and stepped on an important wire.
Song: "Trip Though Your Wires" : by U2

Realm: Hey, Its their year
Subealm: Oh wait, no, sorry.Two-Point Play
Question: And you thought the red sox had been around since the dawn oftime. The team went through five different team names between 1902 and 1912before settling on the red sox. For one point, name two of them. For twopoints, name all five.
Answer: Americans, Puritans, Pilgrims, Plymouth Rocks, and Somersets
Song: "More Than a Feeling" by Boston

Realm: Royal GossipSub-Realm: And you thought the British were bad...
Question: In 1863, Radama the Second, king of the Merina people ofMadagascar, abolished certain public rituals. As a result of his failure toobserve one such ritual, a popular revolt arose. This revolt led togeneral chaos and, eventually, the murder of Radama the Second. What wasthe ritual whose neglect caused such uproar?
Answer: The public circumcision of the royal prince.
Song: "Oops Up Side the Head" by the Gap Band

Realm: Engineers With Too Much Free Time
Subealm: They're building your airplanes.
Question: Who performed the following characters while working as anengineer at Boeing: speedwalker, rainbow man the refrigerator magnet, theScandinavian cop, and his favorite, Captain Flanker?
Answer: Bill Nye
Song: "U-Mass" by The Pixies

Realm: Know Your Latin.
Subealm: At the age of three.
Question: Tyrannosaurus may have been Tyrant Lizard, but one of thefiercest meat eaters of all was the Allosaurus. What does the name"Allosaurus" mean?
Answer: Different Lizard.
Song: "Walk the Dinosaur" by Was not Was

Realm: John Hughes
Subealm: And his accursed brood.Two-Point Play
Question: There were six original members of the "Brat Pack", as firstdefined by New York magazine in 1986. For one point, name three. For twopoints, name all six.
Answer: Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Judd Nelson, Timothy Hutton,and Matt Dillon
Song: "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" by John Parr

Realm: The Modern University
Subealm: This is where our tuition goes?
Question: Emory University scientists, determined to test the durability ofcertain items, dipped one in liquid nitrogen, burned one with a cigarette,and boiled one in water. Still, the intrepid items refused to dissolve.What were they?
Answer: Marshmallow Peeps
Song: "Search and Destroy" by Iggy Pop

Realm: I can see the light!
Subealm: No, never mind.
Question: Many of us rely heavily on our contact lenses for day to daysurvival. We never knew how good it could be while we were still dealingwith those awful glasses. But much suffering could have been averted awhole lot sooner if we had just looked in the right place. Who was theoriginal inventor of contact lenses?
Answer: Leonardo daVinci
Song: "I See You" by Juliana Hatfield

Realm: It tastes good...
Subealm: And it's good for you too.
Question: No soybeans were harmed in the curding process. It saves theozone layer and promotes world peace. It tastes like 100% pure mulch.What is it?
Answer: Granola Cola (from the Obey Your Thirst Sprite ad campaign)
Song: "Don't Believe the Hype" by Public Enemy

Realm: Pigs in Space
Subealm: Strike out pigs and put in "dinosaurs"
Question: In the 1980s cartoon the Dinosaucers, super-intelligentdinosaurs land on Earth to do battle. Where was their home planet located?
Answer: On the exact opposite side of the sun from earth.
Song: "The Box" by Orbital

Realm: A Man Walks Into A Bar
Subealm: Doh!
Question: Believing that an earlier assassination attempt had succeeded(when in fact it had not) , this man was sitting and drinking coffee whenhis target, who was lost, happened to drive past him. Name the assassin andhis target.
Answer: Gavrilo Princip and the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Song: "Over There" by Nora Hayes and her Orchestra

Realm: Extermination
Subealm: Queen Victoria would be proud
Question: Old New England methods of getting rid of rats were prettybizarre. In facts, one method in favor during the late 1800s was to do what?
Answer: Leave the rats a letter asking them politely to leave.
Song: "Rat's Revenge" by The Rats

Realm: In The Year 2000
Subealm: Sorry, I'm allergic to Paprika
Question: Sure everyone is reserving hotels in new zealand to greet theyear millenium, but what country do you REALLY want to be in to be in thefirst country to greet the 21st century?
Answer: Tonga
Song: "Disco 2000" by Pulp

Realm: Cute facts
Subealm: Nazi Germany
Question: During an allied attack on Freiburg, Germany, the unreliable airraid sirens were shown up by another warning system. The citizens were sograteful that they erected a statue of this more effective alarm. What wasthe alarm?
Answer: A duck.
Song: "Danke Schoen" by Wayne Newton

Realm: No! No death and violence!
Subealm: Oh, in that case, all right.
Question: In paraguay, it's still legal to duel, but only under onecondition. what is it?
Answer: Both parties involved must be registered blood donors.
Song: "Positive Bleeding" by Urge Overkill

Realm: Meteorology
Subealm: Eskimo Meteorology
Question: According to an Eskimo myth, what is the aurora borealis?
Answer: The tears shed by dogs carrying human souls to heaven.
Song: "Tears on my Pillow" by Little Anthony and the Imperials

Realm: Stalinist Propaganda
Subealm: As High Art
Question: Prokofiev's score for the Eisenstein film "Alexander Nevsky"contains an odd instrument in the percussion section. What is it?
Answer: A bathtub
Song: "Let's Make Noise" by The Teen Idols

Realm: United States of America
Subealm: Let's see who's been paying attention...
Question: Describe the fifteen minutes of fame of Kimba Wood.
Answer: She was Clinton's second nominee for Attorney General, but wasrejected because she employed illegal aliens for nannies. (Nannygate)
Song: "Englishman in New York" by Sting

Realm: Welcome
Subealm: Hey, where are you going?
Question: On January 10, 1990, a San Jose library put up a banner that wassupposed to say "welcome" in 27 languages. Unfortunately, it only said"welcome" in 26 languages; what did it say in native Filipino?
Answer: Circumcision
Song: "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns n' Roses

Realm: Over one billion customers served
Subealm: In only forty-nine states
Question: What is the only state capital without a McDonalds?
Answer: Montepelier, Vermont
Song: "Fast Food" by Steven and Grdnic

Realm: History
Subealm: Our Fluffiest Heroes
Question: What is the significance of Laika, the Samoyed Husky?
Answer: She was the first dog in space (in 1957, on board Sputnik II)
Song: "Night in Tunisia" by Laika and the Cosmonauts

Realm: Fashion Faux-pasSub-Realm: That can really ruin your day
Question: In fedual japan, the samurai always wore the jacket of his gi(prounounced GHEE)a certain way: with the left side over the right side,much like a modern-day double-breasted coat. On only one occasion was he towear the jacket with the right side over the left. What was this occasion?
Answer: Before (and during) seppuku, or ritual disembowlment (in otherwords, suicide)
Song: "Sharp-Dressed Man" by ZZ Top

Realm: Famous honkies
Subealm: Animation
Question: While working on the Disney movie Snow White, animators decidedthat maybe Snow was a little too white. However, adding red paint to hercheeks looked too unrealistic. On the suggestion of one of the girls inthe studio, how did they resolve this problem?
Answer: They added actual rouge to Snow White's cheeks in every cel.
Song: "I Want to Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd

Realm: You too?
Subealm: Yup. Me too.
Question: While recording U2's album "October", Bono had his briefcasestolen from a taxi in Dublin. What was in the briefcase?
Answer: All the lyrics to "October"
Song: "You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth" by Meatloaf

Realm: Twelve Angry Men
Subealm: Who postponed until June.
Question: Why are juries composed of twelve members?
Answer: In olden days, court astrologers picked the jury and wanted thereto be one member from each astrological sign to make the decision even.
Song: "jury" : by Morphine

Realm: Political Protests in Los Angeles
Subealm: Besides the one about Tibet
Question: Earlier this year in Los Angeles, a political action group knownas the Association of Latin American Gardeners began crowding into the L.A.City Hall, marching through the streets barefoot, even threatening a hungerstrike. What were they so upset about?
Answer: The Los Angeles ban on gasoline powered leaf blowers
Song: "Taking Care of Business" by El Vez

Realm: The Mafia
Subealm: The Animated Mafia
Question: In one memorable episode of the Simpsons, Bart goes to work inthe "social club" of a gangster nicknamed Fat Tony. What was Fat Tony'sreal name?
Answer: William Williams
Song: "The Night Chicago Died" : by Paperlace

Realm: Abra, abracadabra
Subealm: I wanna reach out and grab ya
Question: What was the first colony to legalize witchcraft?
Answer: Pennsylvania
Song: "Witchcraft" by Frank Sinatra

Realm: International Incidents
Subealm: Don't get too worried.
Question: On a recent visit to America, Mrs. Dunwoody, a longtime member of the British parliament and chairman of the Transport Subcommittee, encountered 5 ex-British emigres residing in New York. She was so concerned for their welfare that she raised the issue in the house of commons of what could be done about getting them back. Who were they?
Answer: The stuffed animals that inspired the Winnie-the-Pooh stories:Pooh-bear, Piglet, Eyeore, Kanga and Tigger, on permanent display in theNew York public library. . (Rabbit and Owl were fictional, and Roo was lostin an apple orchard.)
Song: "We got to Get Out of this Place" by The Animals

Realm: American history
Subealm: Our shameful fascist past.
Question: Name the Nazi-run organization the United States joined in 1938for $1500 annual dues, and is still a member of.
Answer: Interpol
Song: "Carmen's Song" by Greg Lee

Realm: Dancing, dancing, dancing,
Subealm: Dancing machine
Question: At age 29, modern dance pioneer Martha Graham was working at theGreenwich Village Follies, in Boston. Of course, in the 1920s, there werestrict morality laws in Beantown. All of the vaudeville dancers wereforced to wear white tunics so as not to show too much flesh. However,when the Boston police came to the Follies to enforce the law, MarthaGraham was always allowed to perform without the tunic. Why?
Answer: Her dancing was considered "art", so the police didn't enforce the law
Song: "Dance MF Dance" by The Violent Femmes

Realm: Read, Brittania
Subealm: Steal this book
Question: What book holds the record for being the book most often stolenfrom British Public Libraries?
Answer: The Guinness Book of World Records
Song: "Thieves Like Us" by New Order

Realm: Guys in hockey masks
Subealm: But without chainsaws
Question: By the end of his career, 1970s Boston Bruins goalie GaryCheevers had a mask that was covered with scars. Why?
Answer: He drew a scar on every time he was hit in the face by a puck.
Song: "Gary Cheevers" by Chixdiggit

Realm: Waa Hooo!
Subealm: MC squared in the house
Question: He was one of the most brilliant men ever. He was ambitious andthorough and imaginative. But he was also stubborn as hell. During allhis years at Princeton, what article of clothing did Albert Einsteinabsolutely refuse to wear?
Answer: Socks.
Song: "Einstein's day" : by Mission of Burma

Realm: Russian tyrants
Subealm: Not the one with the horse
Question: When Peter the Great died in 1725, he included in his will a taskfor his ministers, for the good of Russia. What did Peter think was inRussia's best interest?
Answer: To remain continually at war until Russia could conquer Europe.
Song: "War is Starting Again" by Lightnin' Hopkins

Realm: Saints
Subealm: With Big Wet Noses
Question: How can St. Bernards tell if people buried underneath the snoware alive or not?
Answer: They can detect infra-red with their noses.
Song: "Roll Over Beethoven" by Chuck Berry

Realm: Time
Subealm: (a la Get Smart) Missed it by that much!
Question: The closest margin of victory in any sport in Olympic historywas set this year in the luge competition. How close was it, and why willno other Olympic sport ever break this record?
Answer: Two thousandths of a second. No other Olympic sport measures timein thousandths of a second.
Song: "Cold as Ice" by Foriegner

Realm: Even if it's sanitary...Sub-realm: Upton Sinclair would be proud
Question: What is a hekatomb? (pronounced HECK-a-toom)Again: What is a hekatomb?SONGWhat is a hekatomb?
Answer: A sacrifice of one hundred oxen (in Homeric Greece)
Song: "Killing Floor" by Electric Flag

Realm: So then I was at the mall...
Subealm: And he was like...
Question: Ever noticed how women seem to be able to talk longer and morefluidly than men? They do. They can. Why?Again: Why can women talk longer and more fluidly than men?SONGWhy can women talk longer and more fluidly than men?
Answer: Their vocal chords are shorter than men's (and therefore need lessair to carry the sound.)
Song: "talk dirty to me" : by Poison