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Question: Sylvester the Cat has a son who complains a lot. In the episode when Sylvester gets stuck halfway through a wall, and the son wanders about complaining how his father's antics are embarrassing him, he asks his father to answer for the shame he has caused. What does the son say when Sylvester doesn't answer (because he's facing the wrong way)?
Answer: "Silly me, that's not the talking end."
Song: Slade, "Run Runaway"

Question: Who was the only member of Congress to vote against U.S. entrance into World War I and World War II, and what state did this person represent?
Answer: Jeanette Rankin, Montana.
Song: English Beat, "Jeannette"

Question: According to Robin in the movie "Batman," what "sits in a tree and is very dangerous"?
Answer: A sparrow with a machine gun.
Song: Fear, "Let's Have a War"

Question: In the film "Die Hard," who played Lucy McClane?
Answer: Taylor Fry.
Song: James Taylor, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"

Question: Grand Rapids was the site of an historic event in the world of dentistry in 1945. What was it?
Answer: It was the first city to flouridate its public water supply.
Song: PIL, "Rise" (Public Image Limited)

Question: What does K.I.S.S. stand for? Three-point play: at what famous auditorium did KISS perform the last show?
Answer: Knights In the Service of Satan. The Fillmore East.
Song: Circle Jerks, "American Heavy Metal Weekend"

(NOTE: The band denies the first part of this question.)

Question: Under what name did the group originally known as the Primettes break into the pop music charts?
Answer: The Supremes.
Song: Prime Movers, "Hear the Call"

Question: What British band's 1987 album featured a cover of an Iggy Pop song, a Doors cover, and a cover of a Disney tune?
Answer: Siouxsie and the Banshees ("Through the Looking Glass").
Song: Buster Poindexter and His Banshees of Blue, "Castle in Spain"

Question: Where will you find a picture of a strigiform named Whitey?
Answer: On any box of White Owl cigars.
Song: Whitesnake, "Slow and Easy"

Question: Complete the following poem from a Crown Royal ad: "Jack and Jill / went up the hill / to fetch a pail of water. / Jack fell down/ and broke his Crown Royal..."
Answer: "...and now Jill is dating some guy from L.A."
Song: X, "Los Angeles"

Question: What was the name of the girl's summer camp attended by Annette and the other Mousketeers?
Answer: Circle H.
Song: The Crykle, "Red Rubber Ball"

Question: Who met with the words, "How are you? You have been in Afghanistan, I presume?"
Answer: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.
Song: John Prine, "That's the Way That the World Goes Round"

Question: What film ends with the line, "Why, she wouldn't even hurt a fly"?
Answer: "Psycho."
Song: Van Halen, "The Full Bug"

Side B

Ten Songs in Less Than Twenty Minutes

(NOTE: Silly Me... announced that each of the songs between #14 and #23 would be of less than two minutes' duration. Speaking for my team, this concept was greeted warmly. Ten songs later, the appreciation was far more muted.)

Question: In which Nancy Drew book does Nancy learn to fly?
Answer: "Sky Phantom."
Song: Barry Dennen, "Pilate's Dream"

Question: What dictionary was pulled from Montana high school shelves in 1983 when it published one definition of "bed" as "to have sexual intercourse with"?
Answer: The American Heritage Dictionary.
Song: Country Dick Montana, "The Definitive A Cappella Led Zeppelin Medley"

Question: What's the name of the rooster on the Kellogg's Corn Flakes box?
Answer: Cornelius.
Song: Suzanne Vega, "Stay Awake"

Question: In what Dan O'Bannon-directed film does a dead person say, "Send more paramedics"?
Answer: "Return of the Living Dead."
Song: Zombies, "What More Can I Do?"

Question: What's the last line of "The Closing of the American Mind"? Hint: it's from the About The Author section.
Answer: "He lives in Chicago."
Song: Simon and Garfunkel, "Bookends"

Question: What distinguished the death of Major Henry Wirz, commandant of Andersonville?
Answer: He was the only Civil War soldier to be executed for war crimes.
Song: Slammin' Watusis, "Watusi War"

Question: Who was first offered the role of Columbo?
Answer: Bing Crosby.
Song: Rhythm Heritage, "S.W.A.T. Theme"

Question: What ship was bombed in Auckland Harbor in 1985?
Answer: The "Rainbow Warrior" (Greenpeace).
Song: The Meatmen, "French People Suck"

Question: For what was Captain Edward J. Smith famous?
Answer: He captained the "Titanic."
Song: The Smiths, "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want"

Question: What is Texan Linda Medler's connection with Williams College's Class of 1988?
Answer: She slept with the commencement speaker, Henry Cisneros.
Song: Pajama Slave Dancers, "Texas Chain Letter Massacre"

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Question: Who hosted the talk show on which Elliott Ness claimed that he preferred Kevin Costner's portrayal of himself to Robert Stack's? Three-point play: what was the title of the special?
Answer: Geraldo Rivera. "Sons of Scarface."
Song: Untouchables, "I'm Not Your Stepping Stone"

Question: Where is Buena Vista Lake?
Answer: Disneyworld.
Song: Cruzados, "I Want Your World to Turn"

Question: Why is Emo Phillips' dad going to miss him?
Answer: Emo broke the sight off his rifle.
Song: Judy Tenuta, "The Pope Song"

Question: Who ran the flying school in "Goldfinger"?
Answer: Pussy Galore.
Song: Faster Pussycat, "Bathroom Wall"

Question: What is Phoban?
Answer: An orange powder used to absorb the smell of vomit.
Song: Joe Cocker, "River's Rising"

Question: In the book "Black Sunday," where was the blimp supposed to be detonated?
Answer: The Superdome, New Orleans.
Song: Exploding White Mice, "Blaze of Glory"

Question: Who said to John Barrymore in 1932, "I want to be alone"?
Answer: Greta Garbo.
Song: The Guess Who, "Lightfoot"

Question: Everyone knows E.T.'s favorite candy was Reese's Pieces. But: what kind of bicycle did the kids ride?
Answer: Kuwaharas.
Song: Insiders, "Love Like Candy"

Question: Who, in 1986, sponsored Congressional Statute no. 2069?
Answer: Dan Quayle and Ted Kennedy.
Song: Circle Jerks, "Fortunate Son"

Side C

Question: Name the last four Playmates of the Year. (Years not req'd, but ID of answering person of each team is.)
Answer: A. 1988: India Allen; B. 1987: Donna Edmondson; C. 1986: Kathy Shower; D. 1985: Karen Velez.
Song: Jackie Lee, "P-E-R-S-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y"

Question: Where and in what capacity did Clint Eastwood serve during the Korean War?
Answer: At the Army swimming pool at Fort Ord, Cal., as a lifeguard.
Song: Blotto, "I Want to Be a Lifeguard"

Question: What is the claim to fame of Freeman Gosden and Charles J. Correll?
Answer: They played Amos 'n' Andy on the radio.
Song: Andy Taylor, "Take It Easy"

Question: In the Tarot deck, by what does the Hanged Man hang?
Answer: The left foot.
Song: The Left Banke, "Walk Away Renee"

Question: What was the score in Mudville on that fateful day?
Answer: 2 to 4.
Song: Batfish, "I'm a Cadillac"

Question: Who tried to corner the gold market in 1869?
Answer: Fisk and Gould.
Song: Shirley Bassey, "Goldfinger"

Question: What was the Man in the Iron Mask wearing?
Answer: A black velvet mask.
Song: Irish Rovers, "Black Velvet Band"

Question: Whose Student Union box at Williams bears the same number as "Dirty" Harry Callahan's badge?
Answer: Matt Esposito.
Song: Three Dog Night, "One"

Question: What kind of animal is the Flintstones' pet, Dino?
Answer: A snorkasaurus.
Song: Tyrannosaurus Rex, "Salamanda Palaganda"

Question: We all know the Williams application question. What are the Amherst personal essay questions?
Answer: (1) Describe your perfect college. (2) Describe the book or movie which influenced you most. (3) Describe one of your activities and why it's important.
Song: Pajama Slave Dancers, "College Radio"

Question: Under what circumstances would you wear either a yashmak or a paranja?
Answer: If you were a veiled Muslim woman.
Song: Warren Zevon, "Mohammed's Radio"

(NOTE: The paper copy has written on it, amid this question, "Who played Eddie & name of song-- Rocky Horror; Meatloaf-- Hot Patootie." Whether Zevon got bumped by Mr. Loaf is not known.)

Question: What was William Faulkner doing when he found out he had won the Nobel Prize for Literature?
Answer: Liming a field on his farm.
Song: Lime Spiders, "Deaf Dumb and Blind"

Question: In "Life in Hell," who is credited with the following quotation: "Love is riding across the frozen tundra in a snowmobile, which flips suddenly, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come"?
Answer: Nietzsche.
Song: Icicle Works, "Into the Mystic"

Question: According to New York state wildlife expert Richard Thomas, '700 pounds' is the answer to what marmot mystery?
Answer: "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"
Song: Chuck Berry, "Rockin' at the Philharmonic"

Side D

Question: In the movie "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," where is the gold buried?
Answer: In the grave marked "Unknown" next to Arch Stanton's grave.
Song: The Archies, "Truck Driver"

Question: Name the college that had Indiana Jones on its faculty.
Answer: Marshall College.
Song: Marshall Crenshaw, "Monday Morning Rock"

Question: Who opposed the Gibbelines in medieval Italy?
Answer: The Guelfs.
Song: Holly and the Italians, "Youth Coup"

Question: Who is Mac McGarry? Three-point play: what is his Berkshire connection?
Answer: Host of Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond's "It's Academic." 1950's DJ on Pittsfield Big Band radio station.
Song: Lee Dorsey, "Ya Ya"

Question: In the movie "The Devil in Miss Jones," which one of the following objects does Miss Jones not use to express her newfound sexuality? (a) a banana. (b) a bunch of grapes. (c) a rubber hose. (d) a snake. (e) a candle.
Answer: (e) A candle.
Song: Cucumbers, "Everything Goes"

Question: Which member of Guns N Roses fired the harpoon gun in "The Dead Pool"?
Answer: Slash.
Song: Swimming Pool Q's, "Rat Bait"

Question: What is the real name of the voice of the Grinch?
Answer: William Henry Pratt ("Boris Karloff" doesn't count).
Song: Timbuk3, "All I Want for Christmas"

Question: What is Civil War General Butterfield's claim to fame?
Answer: He wrote "Taps."
Song: Butterfield Blues Band, "Run Out of Time"

Question: With what progression of drinks does Scotty send a Kelvan under the table?
Answer: (1) Saurian Brandy; (2) something green from Ganymede; (3) very old (dusty) Scotch.
Song: Big Country, "River of Hope"

Question: According to Douglas Adams, what are all mattresses named?
Answer: Zem.
Song: Adam and the Ants, "Razor Keen"

Question: How much more black could "Smell The Glove" be, according to Nigel?
Answer: "None, none more black."
Song: Echo and the Bunnymen, "Paint It Black"

Question: What is it that is all Mike Muir wanted?
Answer: A Pepsi.
Song: Jackson 5, "The Love You Save"

Question: Who are Putu, Siku, and Kanik?
Answer: Those three whales trapped in the Arctic ice this past November, freed by joint effort of the U.S. and the Soviet Union. (These are the Eskimo names; there are different American names.)
Song: Led Zeppelin, "Moby Dick"

Question: What famous bachelor lived at Wheatland?
Answer: James Buchanan.
Song: Beat Farmers, "Bigger Stones"

Side E

Question: Everyone knows that Heisman Trophy winners Paul Hornung, Roger Staubach, and O.J. Simpson are in the Hall of Fame. But who's the only other Heisman winner enshrined at Canton?
Answer: Doak Walker.
Song: Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods, "Billy Don't Be A Hero"

Question: Under what 3 conditions does the U.S. Air Force allow its members to carry umbrellas?
Answer: (1) it is raining, (2) the umbrella is either black or dark blue, and (3) it is held in the left hand, to leave the right free for saluting.
Song: Screaming Blue Messiahs, "Wild Blue Yonder"

Question: Where can you find Berenice's hair?
Answer: In the sky. Coma Berenices is a constellation.
Song: Big Star, "September Gurls"

Question: You are listening to a speaker who has just proclaimed himself a filled pastry; whom are you listening to?
Answer: John F. Kennedy.
Song: Berlin, "The Last Metro"

(NOTE: Kennedy's famous proclamation next to the Berlin Wall, "Ich bien ein Berliener," was meant to be "I am a Berliner" to claim solidarity with the Cold War hotbed. It actually came out "I am a jelly doughnut.")

Question: What Tarot character will you find in a copy of "Led Zeppelin IV"?
Answer: The Hermit.
Song: Herman's Hermits, "Silhouettes"

Question: What is the password for "The Royal Order of Buffalos"?
Answer: "Ack-ack-a-dack."
Song: Buffalo Springfield, "Pay the Price"

Question: Who played the Buffalo newscaster in "Airplane II"?
Answer: Pat Sajak.
Song: Jefferson Airplane, "Let's Get Together"

Question: Who was Miss Hungary 1936? Three-point play: why was she forced to relinquish her title?
Answer: Zsa Zsa Gabor. She wasn't yet 16, the minimum age to enter.
Song: Badfinger, "Better Days"

Question: In Monty Python's "Crunchy Frog" sketch, Constable Clitoris pukes into his helmet. It is the longest continuous stream of vomit seen on Broadway since what?
Answer: Since John Barrymore puked over Laertes (in the second act of "Hamlet" in 1941).
Song: Prince, "Tambourine"

Question: We all know roughly where the Statue of Liberty is. Where and on what building is the Statue of Freedom?
Answer: Atop the Capitol Dome in Washington D.C.
Song: Free, "The Highway Song"

Question: Who wrote, "If two New Hampshiremen aren't a match for the Devil, we might as well give the country back to the Indians"?
Answer: Stephen Vincent Benet, "The Devil and Daniel Webster."
Song: Charlie Daniels Band, "Blind Man"

Realm: Good Stories
Subrealm: Politics
Question: When it was suggested to Richard Nixon that he choose Spiro Agnew as his running mate. Nixon said, "Who's that?" So his advisors brought Nixon a "Who's Who." What did "Who's Who" say? Three-point play: what anagram did Dick Cavett form from the name "Spiro Agnew" on "The Tonight Show"?
Answer: Nothing; Agnew wasn't listed. "Grow a penis."
Song: Leo Sayer, "Where Did We Go Wrong?"

Question: What did John Bradley, Michael Strank, Harlon Block, Franklin Sousley, Rene Gagnon, and Ira Hayes do on February 23, 1945?
Answer: Raising the flag on Iwo Jima.
Song: Black Flag, "Best One"

Side F

Question: What toons are carved on the tunnel to Toontown?
Answer: Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse.
Song: Tuesday Blue, "Tunnel Vision"

Realm: Beer
Question: The F.X. Max Brewery-- formerly the West End Brewing Co.-- rates a first in beer-making in this country. What is it?
Answer: It was the first company to obtain a permit to renew beer sales after the appeal of Prohibition. (It took 4 hours.)
Song: 45 Grave, "Partytime"

Realm: Breakfast
Question: What was the name of the cartoon toaster in Kellogg's Pop-Tarts commercials?
Answer: Milton
Song: Kix, "Kix Are For Kids"

Question: Eddie Valiant's desk has a picture of himself, his brother, and his girlfriend-- what is written on it?
Answer: Two flatfoots and a floozy go into business, 1938.
Song: Chic, "Dance Dance Dance"

Question: What one-of-a-kind museum will you find in Old Lymne, CT?
Answer: The Nut Museum.
Song: Black Sabbath, "Paranoid"

Question: In the "Underground" comics, what was the secret identity of Wonder Warthog?
Answer: Philbert Desenex.
Song: Canned Heat, "I'm a Hog for You, Babe"

Question: For what is Victorian novelist Edward George Earle Bulwer-Lytton best known?
Answer: He opened one of his novels with the phrase, "It was a dark and stormy night."
Song: White Lion, "Lonely Nights"

Question: Who coined the term "punk rock" in the 1972 comoilation "Nuggets"?
Answer: Lenny Kaye.
Song: Ted Nugent, "Don't You Want My Love"

(NOTE: Others have been credited with introducing the term, too.)

Question: Who is Mr. Mxyzptlk and where is he from? Three-point play: How does one get him to return there, if only for 90 days?
Answer: Superman's foe from the Fifth Dimension. Get him to say his name backwards.
Song: Steve Goodman, "Sdrawkcab Klat"

(NOTE: The correct pronunciation is, of course, "Mr. Mix-yez-pittle-ick.")

Question: When Calvin asks, "What does that mean-- 'Religion is the opiate of the masses'?", whose reaction is, "It means Karl Marx hadn't seen anything yet"?
Answer: The television set.
Song: Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction, "Born to Be Wild"

Question: During the filming of "Eraserhead," according to director David Lynch, five years elapsed between the filming of the main character beginning a certain action and completing it, during which time the filmmakers were out of funds. What was the action?
Answer: Walking through a doorway.
Song: Erasure, "Spiralling"

Question: What U.S. President had the most children?
Answer: John Tyler (12).
Song: Graham Parker, "Blue Highways"

Question: What is special about "Bock's Car"?
Answer: It was the name of the B-29 piloted by Major Charles Sweeney which dropped the atomic bomb on Nagasaki.
Song: The Colourfield, "Castles in the Air"

Jazz-- side G

Question: For whom was Jane Mast a pseudonym? Three-point play: for what first play?
Answer: Mae West. "Sex," 1926.
Song: JAZZ Chuck Mangione, "Feels So Good"

Question: What town in Maine attracts tourists at its annual dump festival?
Answer: Kennebunkport.
Song: JAZZ Branford Marsalis, "Scenes in the City"

Question: What Williams student's father played the coach in "Teen Wolf"?
Answer: Matt Tarses.
Song: JAZZ Freddie Hubbard, "The Return of the Prodigal Son"

Question: What is the subject of the slide show Lucy showed Charlie Brown?
Answer: His faults.
Song: JAZZ Vince Guaraldi, "Peanuts Theme"

Question: What was Gus Grissom's middle name?
Answer: Ivan.
Song: JAZZ Duke Ellington, "Moon Maiden"

Question: In Ann Arbor, Michigan, what is the penalty for possession of under 1 gram of marijuana?
Answer: Five dollars.
Song: JAZZ Dave Brubeck, "Take Five"

Question: In Tama Janowitz's "Slaves of New York," what author did the pimp read?
Answer: Immanuel Kant.
Song: JAZZ Billie Holliday, "For All We Know"

Question: In "Runaway Train," what didn't Jon Voight's companion have until they got to the depot?
Answer: Shoes.
Song: JAZZ Pat Metheny, "Last Train Home"

Side H

Question: What was the brand name tranquilizer to which Michael Landon was addicted?
Answer: Milltown's.
Song: Jane's Addiction, "Standing in the Shower Thinking"

Question: Why was the drummer for the Velvet Underground originally included in the band?
Answer: According to Lou Reed, the band needed an amp, and she (Mo Tucker) had one.
Song: Loudness, "Get Away"

Question: What, according to the 1980 census, is the second largest city in the Gem state?
Answer: Pocatello.
Song: Tom Waits, "Diamonds and Gold"

Realm: Ocean Life
Question: Who was Mera?
Answer: The wife of Aquaman.
Song: Great White, "Rock Me"

Question: What did James Madison and Zachary Taylor have in common, besides that they were both President?
Answer: They were second cousins. They had James Taylor (d. 1729) in common.
Song: Second Self, "My Hero"

Question: In the Dunkin' Donuts commercial that begins with a caveman at the dawn of time, what was made in 3,000,000 B.C.? Three-point play: what actor plays the manager who's "gotta make the donuts"?
Answer: Supermarket donuts. Michael Vale.
Song: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "Sunday's Slave"

Question: Who said, "I never shake hands with a left-handed gun"?
Answer: Sterling Hayden, a.k.a Johnny Guitar.
Song: The Clash, "Jail Guitar Doors"

Question: Who designed and built the rainspout sculptures between Chapin Hall and Bernhard Music Center?
Answer: H. Lee Hirsch and Georgia N. Glick.
Song: Rainmakers, "Big Fat Blonde"

Question: In the movie "Betrayed," what beer is Tom Berenger drinking when he meets Debra Winger?
Answer: Coors Light.
Song: Young Fresh Fellows, "Beer Money"

Question: Finish this Rudyard Kipling quotation: "When the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride, / He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside. / But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail...."
Answer: "For the female of the species is more deadly than the male."
Song: Waitresses, "I Know What Boys Like"

Question: From what island did the Stray Cats hail?
Answer: Long Island (NY).
Song: Brian Setzer, "Aztec"

Realm: The Elderly and Punk Rock
Subrealm: Women
Question: For what other product did Clara Peller leave Wendy's?
Answer: Prego.
Song: Plasmatics, "Concrete Jungle"

(NOTE: Actually, she was let go by Wendy's after doing a Prego's ad that played off her famous "Where's the beef?" spots. In the Prego's ad, Peller exulted that she'd "finally found the beef!")

Question: What was the name of secret Service Agent 3030, the lover of James Bond in "Casino Royale"?
Answer: Vesper Lynd.
Song: Agent Orange, "....So Strange"

Side I (eye)

Question: What British Invasion rock group washed up on Gilligan's Island? Three-point play: Name the members of the band.
Answer: The Mosquitoes. Bingo, Bango, Irwin.
Song: Turtles, "Glitter and Gold" (NOTE: As any true music lover knows, the far-out Mosquitoes were in fact a QUARTET, and consisted of Bingo, Bango, BONGO, and IRVING! Poor Bongo-- the George Harrison of the Mosquitoes......)

Question: What nonexistent instrument is Lou Reed listed as playing on the album "The Velvet Underground and Nico"?
Answer: The Ostrich Guitar.
Song: Animals, "Fire on the Sun"

Realm: Heaven
Subrealm: Rank What's the highest order of angels?
Answer: Seraphim.
Song: Todd Rundgren, "Something to Fall Back On"

Question: What is Dr. Mark C. Taylor's challenge to the community?
Answer: To write "IN" on the backs of all the yellow student security jackets before a big football game, so they read, "Williams Insecurity."
Song: Bachman-Turner Overdrive, "Take It Like a Man"

Question: Name the three women who played Catwoman.
Answer: Lee Meriwether, Eartha Kitt, Julie Newmar.
Song: Electric Light Orchestra, "Evil Woman"

Question: Wht is gephydrophobia?
Answer: Fear of crossing bridges.
Song: America, "Don't Cross the River"

Realm: Drinking and Driving
Subrealm: Art History
Question: What alcoholic beverage appears in "The Bar at the Folies Bergere" by Manet?
Answer: Bass Ale.
Song: Gary "U.S." Bonds, "From a Buick 6"

Question: How much can Joe Dewey mark up his textbooks?
Answer: 33% to the nearest nickel.
Song: Tommy Tutone, "Only One"

Question: Besides porn queen of the 70's, Marilyn Chambers was also which two of the following? (a) Penthouse Pet; (b) Playboy Playmate; (c) Avon Lady; (d) Operator for TIME Magazine (waiting for your call now); (e) Chanel #5 woman; (f) Ivory Soap girl.
Answer: (b) Playboy Playmate, and (f) Ivory Soap girl.
Song: Marilyn McKoo and Billy Davis, "You Don't Have to Be a Star"

Question: What lead singer for an Australian band once ran for Australian Senate on the Anti-Nuclear ticket?
Answer: Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil).
Song: Bobby and the Midnights, "Ain't That Peculiar"

Realm: Publishing
Subrealm: Nightmares Less than one week before it went to press, Margaret Mitchell changed "Gone With the Wind"s heroine's name to Scarlett. What was it before?
Answer: Pansy.
Song: Ben Vereen, "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered"

Question: Everyone knows Judy Garland wore magic ruby slippers in the movie "The Wizard of Oz." But MGM changed them from how they were in the book. What were they in the book, and why did they change?
Answer: Silver; because ruby looked better in Technicolor.

Question: Where was "The Star-Spangled Banner" written?
Answer: From aboard the Monden (observing Ft. McHenry).
Song: Starland Vocal Band, "Rear View Mirror"