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The Woody Allen Hour Bonus

  1. Woody Allen has been transformed into a rabbi on no fewer than three occasions. Name the three films, and describe the circumstances.

  2. What was the name of the off-Broadway play written by Woody that was produced in 1980 or so?

  3. Which of Woody's films had the original title "Andehonia"-- the clinical inability to experience pleasure-- until the studio forced him to change it?

  4. Strangely, "What's Up Tiger Lily" and "The Care Bear Movie" have TWO things in common, the first being dubbed voices. What's the second, musical connection?

  5. Woody meets his wife-to-be sketching in the park, in "Take The Money and Run." What happens to him after 15 minutes, and after half an hour?

  6. When Woody does some time on a chain gang in "Take The Money and Run," the narrator notes that the shackled men only get one hot meal a day. What meal is that?

  7. According to "Sleeper," how did World War 3 start?

  8. When Woody is unfrozen in "Sleeper," how long has it been since he last had sex?

  9. In "Love and Death," Woody tries to make his move on his new bride, in their bed, alone, on their honeymoon night. What does she say?

  10. What TV show does Woody write for in "Manhattan"?

  11. In "Stardust Memories," Woody is a director who makes a depressing film with a gloomy ending. His studio reshoots that ending behind his back, to make it more upbeat. Describe Sandy Bates' (Woody's) origianl ending, and the artificially cheerful one tacked on by the studio.

  12. Name at least three of the Zelig-related songs in "Zelig."

  13. What is Zelig's one regret in life?

  14. From "The Purple Rose of Cairo," what's the reason that adventurer-explorer Tom Baxter never got to meet his dad?

  15. One of Tom Baxter's most vibrant experiences in our world is getting the chance to make love without doing this. What?

  16. What's the title of Woody's chapter in "New York Stories"?

  17. From "Crimes and Misdemeanors," what was the last time that Woody was inside a woman?

  18. The last time that Woody and his estranged wife made love was on April 20th of the previous year. What enables Woody to recall the exact date?

  19. What are TV super-producer Lester's two rules of comedy, governing what is funny, and what is NOT funny?

  20. When Woody makes his unflattering documentary about Lester, which two characters/personalities does he compare him to?

  21. What is the five-word suicide note left by Professor Levy?

  22. And finally from "Crimes and Misdemeanors," Woody writes his only love letter, but admits that he stole all the good parts from James Joyce. What was he worried about that might give him away?

  23. Woody's chain gang humor isn't limited to "Take the Money and Run." In his nightclub standup act, he tells the story of how his kidnapers were brought to justice, and chained at the ankles. How do his abductors later manage to escape?

  24. From the nightclub act, how does Woody refer to his first marriage?

  25. According to Woody's books, the Russian Revolution finally erupted when the serfs realized that..... what?

  26. From his Speech to the Graduates, Woody says that "at no ther time in history has man been so afraid to cut into his veal cutlet for fear that....." What?

  27. "Thought: Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food...." What else?

  28. "If only God would give me some clear sign! Like...." What?

  29. Lastly, what is Woody Allen's one regret in life?