Chess Club

The Williams College Chess Club meets on Tuesday evenings from 8 to 10 PM in the Science Atrium when classes are in session.

Club activities include:

  • informal chess
  • competing with local clubs
  • competing in local USCF rated tournaments
  • hosting a USCF rated tournament in the winter
  • teaching chess at Williamstown Elementary School and at Milne Public Library
  • supporting the occasional Winter Study course on chess
  • teaching a Free University course on chess in January

The listserv for chess announcements is

Current club officers are:
President: Kevin He
Treasurer: Tanvir Hussain
Adviser: Trevor Murphy

Intercollegiate Chess Tournament 2/24/08
The Williams team won over two UConn teams and a team from UMass Amherst.
Jennifer Shahade Simul 10/22/07
Two time US Women's Chess Champion Jennifer Shahade gave a lecture on women in chess and played 18 people simultaneously. She won 16, lost to Professor Steven Gerrard, and drew to another player.
Grand Master Simul 1/13/07
Grand Master Ronen Har-Zvi won 22 games and lost none in Griffin 3 after giving a lecture analyzing two games.
Williams College Open 1/6/07
20 people played in the USCF rated 3 round game in 90 tournament. Grand Master Ronen Har-Zvi and Dallas Hull of Pittsfield were undefeated.