Evans self nom

Greetings fellow Ephs! My name is Zach Evans and I am running to be your College Council Secretary. As a first-year, I would bring a much needed diversity of perspective to the College Council leadership which is primarily composed of upperclassmen. I believe my insight would be beneficial in discussions involving the “high school to college” transition and issues of communication with those new to campus. Moreover, it is the job of the Secretary to not only to record meeting minutes, but to create a dialogue between the student body and their CC. As secretary, I would reinstitute the publication of the CC minutes in the Daily Advisor, a newsletter that reports important events and information. The Daily Advisor would be placed on the tables of all the dining halls and would provide an opportunity for the student body to learn what issues their CC is discussing.

In my time as Dennett House Representative I have served on the Facilities Committee, the Sophomore Orientation Committee and as liaison to Mass Moca. I have served as secretary for the newly formed facilities committee whose purpose is to better inform the student body to sustainability issues and maintenance decisions affecting the lives of students. As liaison to Mass Moca, I would like to better the connection between the museum and Williams. If elected secretary, I would make it a primary goal to increase student access and transportation to Mass Moca events such as exhibit openings, films, and performances.

I hope that you consider my experience on the College Council and my dedication to improving communication between students and the CC and Williams and the outside community in your decision. Vote Zach Evans for College Council Secretary!