Knock-You-Naked bar

Known generally as "Knock-You-Nakeds." Probably the single best creation of Williams College Dining Services. A gooey, chocolate, caramel concoction with far more power and appeal than a "Knock-Your-Socks-Off Bar" but less liability than a "Death-By-Chocolate-and-Caramel Bar."

A note to the nervous or paranoidally modest: eating one of these will not actually knock you naked.

The Recipe

Ingredients: 1pkg.(18 1/2 oz) German Chocolate Cake mix 1 cup chopped nuts 1/3 cup + 1/2 cup evaporated milk-divided 1/2 (or 3/4) cup melted butter really, one stick is plenty! 60 vanilla caramels, unwrapped (one 14 oz pkg) 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

In a large mixing bowl, combine dry cake mix, nuts, 1/3 cup evaporated milk and melted butter. Press half of the batter into the bottom of a greased 13x9x2 inch glass baking dish. It's really stiff batter, so I put waxed paper over it and really smushed it out. Don't worry - it will rise some in the oven. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for eight minutes.

In the microwave or top of a double boiler melt caramels with remaining 1/2 cup evaporated milk. When caramel mixture is well mixed, pour over baked layer. Cover with chocolate chips. Pour remaining batter on top of morsels. Return to oven and bake 18 minutes (or less for gooier brownies). Let cool before cutting.

Events relating to Knock-You-Nakeds

  • It has been rumored that there have been informal Knock-You-Naked eating contests. Contestants must have extreme endurance. In a non-contest setting, it is extremely rare to see a person try to eat more than one of these dense desserts.
  • In the 2004-2005 academic year, Lisetta Shah '06 et al managed to smuggle a large number of Knock-You-Nakeds out of Greylock Dining Hall by lowering them out the window in a tupperware container, using a large number of napkins all tied together for a rope.
  • As of 2018, "Knock Knock Bars" have been introduced. They are a similar concoction, but instead of caramel filling, they are made with cream cheese/cake-y filling. It's arguably better. Steal them in high quantities when you can.

A Word to the Wise

Knock-You-Nakeds are almost always served at big events (read: reunions, barbecues, presidential picnics, and the like). Take. Them.

The Ultimate Knock-You-Naked

Microwave a Knock-You-Naked for 20 seconds, or if it's cold, 30-40 seconds. Eat with fork. Caution: It's hot. It's also mighty tasty.

For extra deliciousness, microwave the Knock-You-Naked as directed, and add a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream on top.