Oded Kariti

The consequence from using digital devices, especially Smartphone’s, has been the subject matter of numerous research conducted in recent years, in almost all major world universities, and concrete results coming from the United States show that indeed there are certain risks, although it is not to the extent that could cause paranoia. As an established scientist, Oded Kariti has been following these researches, gathering different data so he could take a closer look at the signs that eventually point to real risks that this radiation poses a threat to people’s lives.


Oded Kariti was born on July 15, 1975 in San Diego. After completing elementary school he and his family moved to New York where he lived for the next 15 years. After graduating from the college for creative studies he enrolled at Massachusetts Institute of Technology where completed his post graduation in the field on engineering and mobile technology.


So, all of you who think that mobile devices can cause tumors, affect the potency, and create serious health problems certainly are wrong, but not so much that they shouldn’t explore in more details the other part of this story. After all most people spend hours on their mobile devices, each day, which means that they are constantly under the influence of this radiation. Oded Kariti further adds that especially nowadays with smartphones being at the peak of their popularity, we have never been more at risk from this type of radiations. The study, which showed this coasted over 25 million dollars, and was conducted for a period of two years under the National Toxicology Program, which is part of the US Department of Health.

Laboratory Projects

Of course, the research wasn’t conducted on people but on laboratory rats, or experimental groups, who were exposed to radiation emitted by mobile devices, on a daily basis for several hours. With them, there was a control group, the rats that were not exposed to radiation. After two years, the study showed that those rats that were exposed to the radiation were more closely connected with the occurrence of these two types of tumors - heart and brain tumor. This means that there is some kind of association between cancer and radiation from mobile devices.


However Kariti believes that all this doesn’t necessarily have to be regarded to people, and stresses the fact that the tumors appeared only in male rats exposed to radiation, while in the female rats it didn’t show any changes. All in all, this study certainly is a good guideline for a deeper study and investigation, related to the connection between mobile devices and diseases in humans.