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Have an unsolicited feature request? This is the place! Also perhaps a good place to discuss how changes should be implemented and whether they are a good idea.
# Google-esque theme changes on holidays?
# WSO Hot Or Not?
#*Unlikely that we would be allowed to run an objectifying site feature.
# Add a Daily Advisor feed.
# Fix Add the facebook so it'll ability to search by parts of names rather than whole/beginning of names#* Search by male/femaleto the facebook
# Fix the Daily Messages feed.
# In the wiki login, put the "Log In" button on the same line as the dropdown menu, so that when you tab from one to the next you get to select WSO or Unix before you press the Login button, thereby not getting an error message.
# The WSO Student Homepages link is buggy on both IE and Mozilla Firefox. It repeats people several hundred times.
#* Not only that, the data is terrible. People were entering in their favorite web sites, instead of their personal web sites. The replacement is [[Students with web presences]].
# Fix the facebook
#* WSO rolled out a beta version of a new AJAX based facebook at the end of Winter Study 2007. New features will be added throughout the term.
#*Um, no.
#*but this is actually an easy fix...
#*Not gonna happen.