Williams Progressive

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| meeting-place = [[Mission Dining Hall]]
The Williams Progressive, supported by the Center for American Progress, aims to publish a student-run progressive newspaper four times per semester. For the Fall 2006, the board is made up of [ Rachel Shalev], [ Adam Capulong], and [ Matt Piven]. Shalev and Capulong are active within the [[College Democrats]] and the [[Campus Greens]] respectively.Contributors generally belong to any number of progressive campus organizations, such as including the [[College Democrats]], and [[Campus Greens]], but also [[Students for Social Justice]], and [[Greensense]], and other organizations. Submissions with a minimum of 500 words are accepted on a topic of the writer's choosing. When issues are released, look to pick up a copy on the newsstacks at any of the following locations: [[Mission Dining Hall|Mission]], [[Dodd Dining Hall|Dodd]], [[Greylock Dining Hall|Greylock]], [[Driscoll]], [[Schow]], [[Sawyer]], [[Goodrich]], or [[Griffin]].You can [ friend The Progressive on Facebook] or [ check out The Progressive's website].