Combo Za

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Combo Za presents Zalloween
[[Category: Needs organization, revision, or replacement]][[Category:Groups]] {{outdated}}Combo Za is...
== Combo Za presents Zalloween ==
'''Friday Saturday October 27th 31th 10pm at the Login an Undetermined Location'''
Hell shall be unleashed. Beer will be sold. Improv Comedy will happen. People might die.
Combo Za is currently:
(0711) Spike Friedman Julia Drake, Miles KleeJon Foster,Annie SmithChris Fox,Greta WilsonIsaac Nicholson,Drew Murray(0812) Sara Carian,Peter SchmidtNoah Schechter,Jonathan Dean Draxton(0913) Ruth AronoffRyan Pavano,Kaveh LandsverkScott Rodilitz,Zach SaffordChris Gay, (010) Jesse GordonSarah Freymiller
Combo Za has been:
(07) Spike Friedman, Miles Klee, Annie Smith, Greta Wilson
(08) Sara Carian, Peter Schmidt
(09) Ruth Aronoff, Kaveh Landsverk, Zach Safford, Rashid! and Quinn Franzen
(10) Jesse Gordon, Chris Milliken, Christina Sanders, Joe Lorenz
(06) Brendan, Lavonna, Travis, Cece, Sam, and John
(05) Colin, and Ricardo
and other people goin back to 85
It is posthumously worth noting that [[arachnobat|Colin hates]] you.