Hard classes

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Greek 101-102
===Chem 155: Concepts of Modern Chemistry===
At one point, I talked to Bingemann in office hours. Direct quote: "I would say organic chemistry is easier than 155." Nuff said.
This class is not hard at all if you take good notes. No where orgo's level!
===Organic Chemistry===
101 is kind of a nightmare, but it pretty much settles down for 102.
^I would say that if anything 102 is the harder course as in 101 you get through half of the main book, and in 102 you are expected to finish the book and THEN do Xenophon and Euripides - who, by the way, is immensely hard to translate!
===Math 324===
===Computer Science 237===
Did I mention Microcode? If you haven't heard that dreaded word, be aware of this class. People who sign up for this class should know fully well what they are getting into. You might end up with Posttraumatic Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and wake up late at night, sweating, and yelling out in assembly code.It really is the testing ground of the major. Defines the sophomore computer science experience. (If you want to prove your manlinessprowess, take it freshman fall.) Microcode really isn't that bad, as long as you work within the schedule Duane gives you and don't try to cram it all into the last few days.
===Computer Science 337T===
Thought microcode was easy? Got through it freshman fall? Then 337 is for you! The '37' ending indicates that it is the same "type" of work as found in 237. Not a joke of a class. Possibly one of the hardest electives in the CS major. Still, in what other class do you get to design a complete RISC processor schematic, ready to be painted in silicon, as your final project ?
===Russian, in general===
Savyelyev and Katya are the going of their first of dates. (Savyelyev and Katya are character in Russia video of instruction.) How must they be act? What they say? They eat of the restaurant or in coffee shop? You must write the essay with the three hundred words, or else you be of the expelled. It must very hard class. How you think?
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