Habitat for Humanity

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[[Image:HfH_House_01HfH2-1916-08.JPGjpg|thumbnail|Photo of the work site as of 12/1916/08.]]
'''Contact:''' [ Daniel Perez] (10dmp), our current head, and
'''Listserv:''' <email></email> (To join the listserv, click [ here])
'''Project:''' Habitat volunteers help build and rehabilitate houses to be sold at no profit to low-income families who otherwise would not be able to afford a home. The Williams College and [ Northern Berkshire] chapters of Habitat need can always use student volunteers at the work site from 9:00-12:00 every Saturday to construct their , where they are building a new house on Henderson Road in Williamstown.
Feel free to visit/join our new [ Facebook group] to find out when the next trip will be as well as an [ album] of photos from each trip.
Part of the [[Lehman Community Service Council]].