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Here are settings for checking the passwords of different types of users. Ideally, you can authenticate more than one type, but that will depend what kind of support your software has. Of course, if you are a true [[students with computer skills|badass]], you shouldn't be afraid to write your own extension to handle multiple LDAP settings. In all cases, you need to somehow substitute $USER with the name of the user that's logging in.
===Anyone with an OIT login===
Bind domain:uid=$USER,ou=people,o=williams
SSL: no
===Williams Students===
These include some students and some alumni.
Server: ursulawanda Bind domain: uid=$USER,cn=users,dc=williamsursula,dc=edulocal
SSL: yes
Bind domain: uid=$USER,ou=alumni,o=williams
SSL: no(?)
==Info from LDAP==
In addition to the servers above, you can query for general directory info. (No SSL)
==Fun with LDAP==
If you want to query an LDAP server directly, there's a program called "ldapsearch" available for [[Mac OS X]] and [[Linux]] that you can use to query these servers.