Students with language skills

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You don't have to be good at it. Just say what you know.
Ay shanay! Apne aap ko badein samajhte hon, kya? Apun boss hain, clear? Hamari shahar, hamari boli.
[[Rahul Shah]]
[ Thunny Khaft] learnt from his Bangla friends back in the former Soviet Union
Irtefa Binte-Farid '11
[ Son '08] knows some bad words, thanks to Jing.
Mo Zhu '11 knows a little bit from a semester in Hong Kong but woefully inadequate. Loves to use it though!
====[ Mandarin]====
Jessie Yu '07
Mo Zhu '11 native speaker
====[ Shanghainese]====
====[ Penang Hokkien]====
[ Teng Jian Khoo] '09 can speak it tolerably, but will not be understood by pretty much everyone on campus. Bar the Taiwanese.
The entire fencing team misses Teej.
Noemi Fernandez '09 can fake it pretty well while ordering you a drink at a cafe or bar, your choice.  Faust Petkovich
[ Heather Casteel] '06 (drunkenly) [ Nat Hewett] '11 -not very well, but can help you read something, maybe, if you're desparate. ===Farsi/Dari=== Samim Abedi '10 - Cannot read or write but can speak fluently. Faisal Khan '11 - Can't speak but can do a really good impression of Samim, which is like the same thing. Man gorosne hastam!! Also incredibly inadequate in my native tongue, Urdu, which I choose not to speak because of constant ridicule by the Williams South Asian community and 7-Eleven owners around the Northeast.
'''Canadian Accent'''
:[ Samantha Peterson '08] knows a funny joke that makes fun of the Canadian accent. Ask her aboot it sometime, eh?
:[ Mallory Green '09] knows that no one who is "impersonating" a Canadian accent actually sounds Canadian, no joke about a Canadian accent is funny to a Canadian, there isn't only one 'Canadian' accent and finally, you are all jealous of how cute we sound.
'''Wisconsin Accent'''
:[ Samantha Peterson '08] can't speak it that well, but she can make fun of it like no one else.
:[ Cat Vielma '09] hates it, and reminds people that Chicago is universes apart from the rest of the grand ol' Midwest
"[ Manglish]"
:Teng Jian Khoo '09 speaks this at home. Somemore now got Singaporeans here dee, can tok crap with them liao - so shiok!
'''Minnesota Accent/Just Hilarious'''
:Tim Leclair '11 only knows a few words in Minnesotese and you have to find them in his daily speech like a dwarf finds his Mythril. Ask him to say, "North Dakota."
[[Joe McDonough '06]] visited the International Esperanto Museum in Vienna, but by that time he had forgotten most of the Esperanto he had learned in a fit of boredom during Winter Study two years previously.
[ Brian Kim '09] thinks that, despite its structural flaws, Esperanto is basically the coolest concept ever. Interlingua, however, is prettier.
[[Carl Vos '09]] mom is french, and I know a lot, but havn't spoken it in a while. I can get by alright.
[[Jack Nelson '07]] took it for 9 years before getting bored. Now speaks French like a Russian or Norwegian immigrant who speaks no French at all.
[ Brian Kim '09] owes much of his sanity to the fact that dead French men write better books than most people.
[[Thomas Coleman '10]] speaks English and hates the French.
[[Christophe Dorsey '10]] speaks French and hates Tom Coleman.
Chaedria Robinson '07 has a complicated relationship with the French she refuses to speak.
[[Emilie Voight '09]] knows that you'll get mocked if you say "neanmoins" in casual conversation.
[[Meredith Sopher]] '14 finds French excellent for yelling.
[[Son Le]] '14 whistles/hums French melodies all the time because he can't remember any lyrics (well, except Aux Champs Elysées)
[[Carl Vos '09]] is taking German and will be spending the summer of 2006 in Munich and Berlin.
[[Dae Selcer]] '10 is a German major and spends her entire life reading dusty German thingymabobbers.
[[Walker Matthews '08]] knows entirely too much Greek, and for some inexplicable reason is moderately capable of reading something as complicated as Thucydides without actually being to conjugate verbs (a shortcoming he hopes to correct by the end of the year).
Robert Gearity '11 loves it when you come up to him and speak greek. Seriously, do it.
[ Daniel Gross '07]
[[Melanie Idler '14]]
[[Jason Leith]] rejects the notion that a velar trill is impossible. It is, however, so ugly a sound that not even languages like Dutch and Danish have adopted it. He uses IPA when indicating pronunciation in his music.
[[Zac Whitney '12]] has been learned them IPA symbols.
[[Chaedria Robinson '07]] Is morally opposed to speaking Italian without a glass of Chianti.
[[Rob Buesing '09]] si gli piacerebbe se fosse piu italiano che 103, ma nonostante cerca a di parlare italiano a qualsiasi punto con qualunque persona vuoi sentirlosentirla.
[[Sam Doyon '05]] took Japanese for 3 1/2 years at Williams, lived in Tokyo for two months before he forgot every word of Japanese.
[ Brian Kim '09] took this in high school but now retains little more than the ability to pretend he 's Japanese is speaking Japanese by inserting whatever he wants to say in English between "watashi wa" and "desufading fast."
[ Alex Ratte '09] knows how to talk like a middle-aged woman from Tokyo because that's what his mom is.
[ Tom Derbish '08] has stumbled through four years of Japanese at Williams and is going to stumble through years more of it in Japan.
[[Zac Whitney '12]] has taken Japanese for some time, and has been demolished by it.
sunmi yang '08
As of now, [ Brian Delmolino '09] can say the following: "I am American. I cannot speak Korean. Where is the bathroom?"
[[Meredith Sopher]] '14 can read and write, and speaks a little. She knows most of Big Bang's "Lies" by heart and will take Korean during the 2011-2012 school year.
[[Walker Matthews '08]] has studied Latin for seven years, which implies (but does not guarantee) that he knows what he's talking about.
[ Brian Kim '09] is at once terrified of this language and somehow strangely attracted to it.
===Love, the Language of===
[ Bolor Turmunkh] '10
Jeannette Rivera 12' Ya'teheh
Rob Adelmanlaai nepali bhaasaa bolna aauchaa
[[Jack Nelson '07]] speaks relatively fluently, especially when inebriated on some good ol' Mack Øl�l, due to an exchange year there before Williams. Continues to delight in the fact that Norwegian includes the words fart, snart, fred and slut which means things entirely different.
[[Jono Dowse '06]] knows how to pronounce written Polish and has quite a few audio samples of Polish phrases on his iTunes account courtesy of [ Peter Ladefoged].
[ Brian Kim '09] used to speak this quite well over actually thinks Polish orthography makes a few glasses lot of Tyskie or Żywiec (but never Lech); alas, język rosyjski wszystko zepsułsense. Obviously this makes him crazy. Sto lat.
[[Mike Nguyen '10]] Mówię trochę po zdrowie!
Chaedria Robinson '07: Sim, eu falo um pequeno do Portugues.
Douglas Washington '08: Eu tambam falo um poucinho. Ficava em Belem do Para para uma semestre. Foi bem legal e quero voltar no futuro. ===RumanianRomanian===
[[Laurie Brink]] knows just enough to sing the entirety of "Dragostea din Tei" (a.k.a. the Numa Numa song).
[[Andana Streng]] Born in Romania but speaking a funky kind of Romanian called "ardeleneste" which I mix with English when I'm really tired. And no, I don't like "Dragostea din tei".
[[Andrei Baiu]] Born in Bucharest, Romania. I still speak it home. I also hate it when I see "Romanian" spelled "Rumanian"..... I have nothing against O-zone. Especially Numai Tu, another great song.
[ Brian Kim '09] used to beg his Russian teacher for borscht in the middle of the night. It was delicious, by the way.
[ Nina Ivanova '09] рулез?????!
[ Son '08] knows one phrase: "ну Заяц погоди?? ???? ??????!"
[[Andrew Triska '10]] makes baby Jesus cry with his Russian obscenities.
Sebastion Shterental '08
Rahul Shah '09 learnt enough Russian in 101 to pick up a girl in a party, make naughty talk, and purchase the services of a Russian prostitute. Needless to say, he failed to do any of those.
[[Miju Han '10]]
[ Monsie Muñoz /09hek_2 Henry "Ted" Kernan '09] was born in Ecuador, grew up in Ecuador, lives in Ecuador, and speaks Mexican Ecuadorian Spanish- is slowly adopting a chilanga accent...that hasn't stopped his Berkshire County friend insisting he's from Mexico.
[ Alejandro Rodríguez-Prieto /09mm_2 Monsie Muñoz '09] also speaks Mexican Spanish- but can speak an even more special subversion- the Chihuahuan is slowly adopting a chilanga accent
[ Luz M. Gómez /09adr Alejandro Rodríguez-Prieto '0809] also speaks paisa Mexican Spanish, - but can speak "proper spanish" when needed and can do a messed up chilanga accent---an even more special subversion-oh, and a beatiful Xicana the Chihuahuan accent
[ Pablita Santos /08lmg Luz M. Gómez '0708] speaks paisa Mexican Spanish , can speak "proper spanish" when needed and can do a messed up chilanga accent----oh, and has a beatiful Chicana Xicana accent when slightly intoxicated
[ Pablita Santos '07] speaks Mexican Spanish and has a beatiful Chicana accent when slightly intoxicated [ David Rodríguez] speaks Dominican Spanish to his fellow Dominicans and a more comprehensible Latin American Spanish to others, but often swears like a Spaniard for no good reason.
[[Jonathan Landsman|Jonathan Landsman '05]] (budding bachatero)
All these students are fluent in written and spoken Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. Urdu is a unique language adapted from Persian and written in Arabic text, though it sounds identical to Hindi, the national language of India, which is written in Sanskrit Devanagari script. (It's Devanagari script not Sanskrit)
Aatif Abbas
[ Son '08] what does "phuc" mean? - It's pronounced different than what you think; but it means "happiness" (kinda make sense ;-))
[[Son Le]] '14 Purely Vietnamese in mind and body, yet he appreciates how his sino-romanized mother language helps him enjoy both romance languages and Eastern Asian languages.
Tosin Adeyanju