Spring 2011 College Council Election Results

College Council Spring 2011 Election Results

College Council election results. Conducted on Bigpulse.com using Instant Run-off voting.

63.69% turnout.


These are now your representatives, but they can't represent you unless you tell them what you think. Speak out and be heard!

All Campus Positions

Co-Presidents: Francesca Barrett (fgb1) and Nick Fogel (njf1)

Treasurer: Jack Noelke (jon1)

Secretary: Krista Pickett (kmp3)

All Campus Representative with a Special Focus on Community and Diversity: Zach Evans (zre1)

Class of 2012 Representative: Amanda Weatherhead (adw1)

Class of 2013: Jay Mehta (jmm4)

Class of 2014: Teddy Onserio (too1)

Neighborhood and Dorm Representatives

Currier At-large Representative: James Elish

Dodd At-large Representative: Liz Visconti

Spencer At-large Representative: Wen Han

Wood At-large Representative: Charlie Cao

Armstrong House Representative: Anshita Khandelwal

Dennett House Representative: Robbie Feder

Mills House Representative: David Stevens

Pratt House Representative: April Jenkins

Sage Hall Representative: Dylan Dethier

Williams Hall Representative: Taylor Foehl

Class of 2013 Honorary Degrees

Class of 2013 Representatives: Will Speer and Darryl Brown