Vidal self nom

My name is Carmen Vidal and I am interested in being the First-Year House Representative for Mills in the spring semester. I am a freshman from New York living in the Mills 3 entry and, in all probability, will declare a history major.

I have previously been involved in student government, serving on my high school’s student council for three years and culminating as Freshmen Director in the third year. As Freshmen Director, I was responsible for all freshmen related activities, including but not limited to facilitating tours, freshmen involvement in extracurriculars, and transitional programs to aid in the adjustment to high school. In my first semester at Williams I have been actively involved in the College as a staff writer for The Record and would like to continue that involvement by serving on College Council as the First-Year House Representative for Mills. I believe that I can both earnestly and enthusiastically fulfill the obligations required of the position of First-Year House Representative because of my prior experience in student government and, more importantly, because of my overwhelming desire play a greater role at the College and affect the decisions being made on your behalf.

As the First-Year House Representative for Mills, I will “advocate on behalf” of our dorm as well as our entire class. Although my previous experience in student government was more focused on directorial duties, all of my decisions were directly influenced by the wants and needs of the freshmen class. The same will hold true here. I will always be readily available and willing to listen to suggestions, no matter how minute or contradictory to my own beliefs they might be. I am not running for this position on College Council with an agenda and consider that to be a strength; it is indicative of my openness to all possibilities and willingness to learn. I am fully committed to representing Mills house to the best of my (capable) capabilities and hope that you will agree.