Latinos at Williams

Vista exists to create an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to learning about the Latino Diaspora at Williams and for those that show genuine interest in Latino culture. With this in mind, Vista is a support group that develops a sense of outreach and unity amongst its members and the larger Williams College community. Along with regular meetings and social events in Hardy House living room, Vista sponsors trips to conferences for interested students, organizes Latino Heritage Month with the help of the David Center and the Latino Studies Program and provides a connection to area resources for students.

Vista meetings: 7pm at Hardy House

Please contact the Vista board with any questions or to be added to the listserv.

Board 2013-2014

Dayana De La Torre '14 & Antonio Dominguez '14, Co-Chairs

Miguel Mendez '16, Treasurer

Abigail Sanchez '16, Secretary

Juana Manzanares-Torres '16, Historian/Alumni Relations

Gracia Manzanares-Torres '16, Fall Event Organizer

Edgar Vega '16, Spring Event Organizer

Cody Remillard '16, Community Organizer

Dani Martinez '15, Minco (Minority Coalition) Representative

Alberto Flores '17 First Year Representative

Wilmer Montedeosca '17 First Year Representative

2012-2013 Board Members


Charles Chirinos '15 Matias Crespo '15

Alumni Relations/Historian:

Ale Rosales '15


Giselle Trivino '15

Events Coordinator/Community Organizer:

Gabriela Contreras-Cisneros '15 Gracia Manzanares '15


Nancy Gonzalez '13

MinCo (Minority Coalition) Representative:

Sarai Infante '13

First Year Representatives:

Miguel Mendez '16

Janett Garcia '16

Latina/o Studies

Vista Website