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2009 Co-op room draw

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Useful info about the co-ops

Co-op facts from Campus Life

There are 7 co-ops, with a total of 100 spaces in them. Specific numbers can be found here. The linked page is outdated. The rectory is no longer a co-op. That said, here are current floor plans

Please say where you're interested in going

And please list names so people can figure out whom they might want to live with.

Everyone: Draw #'s are in, last year everyone threw up their rank, # of people in their pick group, and eventually their intentions on where to pick in. Contribute if you'd like, just edit the page and I think it should work out. Great!

# grp ! # ppl Group House choices Running total
1 2 KtB and Cat Susie 99.9% sure 2
2 9 Brian Citro Sam Jackson Matt Deady Connor Kamm Sam Blackshear Jeff Perlis Nora Mitchell Corey Watts Cullen Roberts Milham or Doughty? 11
3 7 ethan TS, alex rubin, joanna hoffman, lisa chu, lisa cucolo, christina metcalf, laura cacamo milham or doughty 18
4 12 Dave Moore, Dan Fast, Jimi Morales, Arjun Narayan, Trevor Lynch, Karen Chiu, Colette Salemi, Harsh Sodhi, Jimmy Gonzalez, Stephanie H. Kim, Peyton Newquist, Adrian Rodrigues maybe either woodbridge or split over some combination of lambert/milham/susie
5 6 ?? ??
6 10 ?? ??
7 ?? ?? ??
8 2 ?? ??
9 2 ?? ??
10 5 Deverex, Jamie, Jamie, Andrea, Peter what 11 said, but with 5
11 6 scott o, tanya zh, ash c, ralphy m, george THE ROM, alan a If 6 spaces left in one house, or single Poker suite
12 5 Abby Islan, Caitlin Eusden, Liz Kiehm, Emily Barrios, and Melissa Pun Undecided, not poker?
13 6 Katie Creel, Alex Budden, Eva Flamm, Hanna Seifert, Kristen Williams Whatever's left of the non-Poker options.
14-15 7 & 7
16 7 Christophe Dorsey, Chris Liguori, Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, Jeff Stenzel, Gilles Heno-Coe, Matt "Sko-bro" Skoryk, Josh Solis Poker or splitting