2010 Co-op Room Draw

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Content stolen from 2009 page

Useful info about the co-ops

Co-op facts from Campus Life

There are 7 co-ops, with a total of 101 spaces in them (36 in Poker leaves 65 in other houses). Specific numbers can be found here. That said, here are current floor plans

Please say where you're interested in going

And please list names so people can figure out whom they might want to live with.

Everyone: Draw #'s are in, last year everyone threw up their rank, # of people in their pick group, and eventually their intentions on where to pick in. Contribute if you'd like, just edit the page and I think it should work out. Great!

# grp # ppl Group House choices Running total
1 7 Nick Arnosti, Aaron Bauer, Abby Martin, Jake Levinson, Casey Lyons, Ellen Stuart, Liz Zhu Milham! 7
2 3 Will Harron, Meghan Rose Donnelly, and Will Slack 100% sure Susie - 201, 202, 207 10
3 10 Mopati Morake, Felix O., Stevie Luther, Aras Holden, Matthew Everhart, Corey Benson, Dean Weesner, May Hislop, Robby Finley, Zebulon Levine Doughty. 20
4 11 Steve Rubin, Julian Suhr, Marissa Pilger, Dan Waters, David Roth, Camille Chicklis, Lisa Holub, Noelia Guzman, Peter Gottlieb, Emily Studenmund, and Jess Harris Chadbourne or Woodbridge 31
5 5 Cara Sipprelle, Annie Coe, Erin Mandigo, Becca Sullivan, Haley Steggall Lambert 36
6 10 [In the spirit of full disclosure] The Crew Team: Jack Wadden, Nathaniel "The Assassin" Lim, Leland "the Bruce" Brewster, Jared Nourse, Dan "Natural Selection" Kenefick, Dan Costanza, Mike "Sillypants" Abrams, Joey "What Party?" Kiernan, Ken "SluisBox" Sluis, Shawn "All-American Everything" Curley Chadbourne 46
7 12 Asad, Diego, Chris Brauchli, Kimi, Faisal, Ayyaz, Ville, Ayesha, Irtefa, Mike Dinku, Elisa, Burge Bryant. We'll give Susie to group 20. Either that, or: 6 to Susie, 3 to Lambert, 2 to Milham, and 1 to Doughty. 58
8 4 If Moyukh Jamal Cint Anywhere but po po po po po po po po poker ker ker flats 62
9 7 Meghan Shea, Geoff Rodriguez, Heath Pruitt, Don Fronck, Will Palmer, Brian Cole, Tina Meade Poker 69
10 4 Cordelia, Lissy, Carla, Annelise ??? 73
11 10 Carol Tsoi, Liz Kalb, Sophie Robinson, Jen Rowe, Clair Embry, David Phillips, Leigh Davis, Meredith Annex, Mara Shapero, Will Lee 8 to Poker, 2 to room draw 83
12 7 Leslie Capulong, Samwise Gamgee, Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Johannes Wilson, Joshua Wilson, Jesse Youngmann Mordor 90
13 5 Hope Asher, Alysha McElroy, Roger Alvarez, Dan Canina, Ben Halbower In a trailer behind Meadow? 95
14 4 Sab, Chessie Jackson, Lexy Coleman, Ryann Tookes Uh, Poker I guess... 99
15 4 Laura Corona, Marijke DeVos, Trillia Fidei-Bagwell, Janna Gordon ???????????????? 103
16 2 ??? ??? 105
17 8 Brian Borah, Mike Geary, Andrew Gaidus, Kirsten Johnson, Dale Markey, Amy Nolan, Jeff Putnam, Alex Reeves ??? 113
18 5 Chris Fox, Maddie Jacobs, Clare Quinlan, Caroline Chiappetti, Michelle Noyer-Granacki ??? 118
19 4 Sara Turner, Julia Cohan, Rachel Teitelbaum, Danielle Diuguid ??? 122
20 9 Nat Hewett, Robby Cuthbert, Keith Kantack, Evan Dethier, Dave Hansen, Caleb Lucy, Matt Cranshaw, Mark Johnson Susie Hopkins, 100% sure 131
21 4 Becca Tyson, Ellen Ramsey, Caroline O'Connell, Julia van Hoogstraten ??? 135
23 1 Rob Kalb Is this a serious question?
42 6 Laura Huang, Lisa Li, Vicki Sheng, JJ Augenbraun, Santiago Sanchez, Antonio Lorenzo LOL too many
44 8 Prim Songkaeo, Tomomi Kikuchi, Adam Stoner, Leanne Lin, Becky Wagner, Emily Yu, Josh Zhang, Yue-yi Hwa unnecessary.. again, TOO MANY
50 8 Stefan Ward-Wheten, Kevin Wandrei, Kathie Nyholm, Helen Cha, Matt Farley, Smriti Khanal, Dan Walsh, Lisa Merkhofer Can't win 'em all. ...
52 9 Kim Bui, Hilary Dolstad, Mary Freeman, Cindy La Rosa, Kavitha Mannava, Laura Murphy, Laura Pickel, Jen Potvin, Nikki Reich Group 7 will adopt Cindy La Rosa, as our Mexican maid. And Nikki can come eat our food and be all around entertaining when she's drunk. Thousands