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A cappella

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There are seven a capella groups at Williams, which does not include other singing groups that may perform many pieces a capella. Many Williams students have been cried that this seems like many for a college of 2000, yet it is Amherst that claims the nickname of the "singing college" [1].

The seven are:

Female-only: Ephoria, Accidentals
Male-only: Octet, Springstreeters
Co-ed: Good Question, Ephlats
Special interest: Elizabethans (co-ed)



Here are some traditions of Williams a capella in general (specific group traditions are on group pages).


Because of the number of a capella groups that all wish to recruit primarily freshmen, at around the same time (at the start of the fall, starting with the Purple Key Fair), auditions for all a capella groups are usually held in two weeks. Audition times overlap, but applicants choose time slots and are given enough choices that they may try for all the groups they wish.

When applicants to groups are called back to multiple groups, they rank their order of preference of the groups they are trying for. If accepted by multiple groups, this ranking will determine which they join. It is unknown for a person to be a member of more than one a capella group concurrently.

Songs Groups Should Do

Here's what the masses are demanding from Williams a capella. Add songs it would be cool to hear. If applicable, include what group should do it, who should solo, link to an arrangement, encouraging words, etc.

Fat Bottom Girls by Queen. Springstreeters or Octet.
Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge version. Elizabethans.) [While it would be interesting if the 'Bethans did this song, it should be noted that the Ephlats performed the "Moulin Rouge" version this fall.]
My Heart Will Go On Streeters or Octet.

Songs Groups Should Never Do/Stop Doing

Yeah, maybe that five-minute guitar solo won't really sound too hot as a human voice ensemble. Here are the songs people want to warn groups away from, for whatever reasons.